Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12-18-16 How's the 208?!?! Miss you all like crazy but I get to see you on Christmas! SO STOKED!!

Hello Family!!

Well, this week went by very slow, but so full of wonderful miracles... it was the BEST!!!!! So first, a miracle that happened this week! We went to Vaitoomuli to go recontact a lady named Pili who we hadn't seen in a while because we've been working in Faala a lot and because of my feet... a while back! So we went to go see her and her husband on Wednesday! So this is how is has been...she's been being taught for the past 2 years, and has been going to church every Sunday, but has continually said that there will be a time for her to be baptized, but she kept saying now is not the time. So we've been fasting, praying, hoping something will spark her desire to be baptized! Well, this Wednesday, we went and we sat down with the husband, Paepae, and we just started talking and he went into a HUGE explanation into how we as members of the church should never force anyone to come into the gospel otherwise, it will fall on us later if they fall away from the church. And then Pili came in and sat down with a HUGE smile on her face! Haha then Paepae, the husband went again into how the bishop was trying to force Pili to get baptized for some time now, and then said there will be a time for Pili to be baptized! And then Pili butted in and said, Hey, enough of talking like that! And then Paepae laughed, and explained that they were really glad we could make it today, because and his words were, "we are excited to let you two know that Pili now has the spirit and desire to be baptized." And then she just beamed again! I was speechless. This daughter of God, since I got here in August, and has been going to church the past 3-4 years, more often than some members, and since we had fasted and prayed, it just came out of no where! She then explained that she wanted this to be her gift to the Savior, the sacred Infant this time of year, as we remember him and what he did for us! And I could not have said it better! What a fantastic gift to give to the Savoir than to enter into the waters of baptism and covenant to take upon his name and follow him!!! And she said she wanted to get baptized this Saturday, and we got everything together somehow, made it work, and she was baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday!! It was amazing!!

And then the day before, we went to visit Tanielu who really wants to be baptized, but hasn't been able to because his wife's divorce hadn't been finalized...but miracle number 2 for the week, we go to visit cause we had just gotten back from the bishops the day before and he told us that Tanielu wanted to be visited again! We hadn't visited in quite a while cause we could do nothing but wait for them to finalize it and every time we went over... before they would continually say that they couldn't get married, cause the wife's divorce wasn't closed completely, and so he couldn't be baptized. But low and behold, we went this Tuesday, and we start talking with his wife and asked again, if the divorce was completely closed. She said quite confidently, that's why we wanted you to come, because the case is completely closed so we can get married and Tanielu can get baptized! Holy miracle!! Same thing with Tanielu, its been like this, couldn't get married til this week, 2 has seemed like eternal investigators, both made it to the waters of baptism this week!! So Pili, Tanielu, and Fuaiupu all got baptized this week!! It was a crazy day, but with such a  spirit that only miracles can provide!! It was FANTASTIC!!! 

I testify that Christ lives. He was born and performed the Atonement for each and every one of us if we come to him with a broken heart and contrite spirit! He is eager to reach out to us, and as we come closer to him, he will raise us and we will have strength to overcome anything with his help! 

Love you all!!!
Elder Larson

Hey, so Pili's baptism, my Christmas tree, and my MTC mate!!!!! Back at it again!! He's my new ZL!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

12- 11-16 Hey hey hey to the fam in the 208!!

How are you all doing?!?!? Sorry about last week, the ZL's needed to email so they came to email over here, which didn't leave us a whole lot of time, just to read emails, but not send any):

Anyway, sounds like everyone is having a total blast!! Through sports, service, and coming closer to the Savior!! LOVE IT!! Yeah... got the Halloween package last week!! Thank you so much for it!! It was fantastic to see the chocolate!! Haha Haven't had chocolate in a while! Real chocolate! Lucky ducks, be grateful for the cold. It's flaming coconut trees over here! Yeah... there was a tsunami watch ,but from what we heard it hit Solomon islands, and wasn't supposed to come this way...not sure... we just heard it on the radio at our feed the other night! 

This week was crazy!! Crazy amazing!!! So on Tuesday we had a Christmas devotional with Pres, his wife, and the APs!! And it was ABSOLUTLEY FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVED IT!! Lots of thing happened, but I want to share an experience that totally changed me, changed my outlook on the priesthood, service, my Savior!! So we went caroling and we went to the hospital in Tuasivi, which I've been so familiar with the past month(;, but we went to each of the wards in the hospital and sang to everyone! And then in the biggest ward, where people were in each of their own rooms, and family members were around, and then President said something that immediately came to my mind... The work of our Lord and Savior with his apostles was on the earth back then. And the Savior to his 12 special witnesses,   "...began to send them forth by two and two; and gave them power over unclean spirits; 
And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey. And he said unto them, In what place soever ye enter into an house, there abide till ye depart from that place....
 And they went out, and preached that men should repent. And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.
And thats what we did in the hospital. Anyone who would desire a blessing, not known to us if they were even members or not, we asked and explained that we held the Power of God, just as Christ and his apostles in Christs time, to be able to heal them, according to their faith! And then we continued singing and then this was the best...we all had finished singing, and everyone was dispersing to the vans, but I had followed Pres Hannemann when he was shaking hands with a few different people, and he finished at a young couple, with a sick little boy, about 2 years old, sitting near the doors. Pres turned to me and said, "You stay here" and then my companion wasn't too far behind me, and we were the only two left in the hospital area, and Pres told us to give the blessing to the little boy. Then he left to take care of the other missionaries. So that left my comp and I the only two missionaries left in the hospital, with heaps of people staring. But at that point, it seemed as though it was just us, the couple, and the sick little boy. We explained what we were going to do and how the blessing was going to go, and then I thought we were just going to perform it while the mom held the little guy, but my comp asked to hold him while I did the annointing. It was the most spiritual experience I have had giving blessings. Because as I held the little boys quite warm head in my hands, it was only after the annointing that he had stopped fussing and fell asleep peacefully. Then my comp gave him to me to hold as he did the blessing. And wow. Power. As my companion gave the blessing, I just thought immediately to Christ, when he said bring all the children unto me and I will bless them. And as I stood there in that hospital holding that sick little boy and everyone staring at us, I just felt the Power of God rest upon this little guy and his parents, just a power of peace. It was amazing! We finished and gave the little guy back to his mom, and it was just amazing! She was beeming as we handed her son back, they weren't members but hopefully they felt the same power and peace at that time in the hospital as I did. Words can't describe my feelings at that point. Heavenly. That's the only one that can even come close. The priesthood has been restored upon this earth, and I, to all priesthood holders, please stay worthy of the Power of God that you hold. It will bless you and your family. I testify of these things, in the name of our Savior, he who died and shed his blood for his to use His Atonement and become like him, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
 Well, that was just one of the powers this week! We're finding people through the roof over here and we can feel the Spirit of God working through these people! We'll have 2 baptisms this week, Fuaiupu and Tanielu, and then next week hopefully 3!! Bringing people to this gospel is the BEST GIFT anyone could give them this Christmas season! Share your testimony, share a Book of Mormon, invite a nonmember to church, I promise you will feel the Christmas spirit more that you have ever in your life if you take this commitment!! Love you and hope you have a bomb as week!!!
Love you all,
Elder Larson(;
Our feed with a wonderful family! And the Christmas program we did on Tuesday. Just pondering the Love of God and the beautiful world He created!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11-27-16 Back at it!

Fam...What is up!!!

How's everyone going!?!? Whats in the news!?!? Your trip to Utah sounded sooo fun! I wish I could've been there with you all!! Tell Grandmama and Buddy, Sonia, Gina, Dee and the boys hello from me and I love you ALL!! I'll write to them next week. Tell EVERYONE I love them!!!
I am sooo grateful Grandmama is okay...prayers answered! 
I wish I could have been there for the snow. I wish it would snow here, but that's so far from possible! Haha it did hail, don't know if I told you that... probably 2 months ago! First time ever in Samoa! 

Well, this week, started slow, the doc said stay off til I felt 100% just cause the weather can just mess it up again, but thanks for the prayers cause I'm back!! The feet are all healed up just not looking as pretty anymore haha! So this week, has been kind of an internal struggle, cause my new comp is quite different from ALL my other comps up until now! Really the only thing that's keeping me sane is looking at the example of my Savior Jesus Christ. He is the Perfect example and we had quite the conversation in Sunday school yesterday and one lady in the ward brought up, with all the bad things going on today, how are we to judge what is good and bad anymore?? I didn't get the chance to share, but I wanted to explain how Christ has said, Follow me, and do the things which ye hath seen me do. It was a really a simple question, but it really got everyone thinking, going back to the basics. What would Christ do?! This past week, the quote that keeps going through my head is from our Prophet, President Monson...May we ever choose the harder right, than the easier wrong. It's applied quite a few times this week and every time I do take the right, even though its harder, and Satan tries to manipulate saying to not, every time I do I witness blessings from above and I see settling upon my life!

So, this week on Sunday we had a miracle happen!! We've been working with these three and they all showed up to church!! We've been really trying to get these particular investigators to church, but it seems like every Sunday, everything just falls through and they can't make it...but yesterday was a miracle! Fuaiupu, Uelese, and Fono all came to church and we're really hoping to set dates with Fuaiupu and Uelese on Tuesday! Looking for the 10th for both of them!! And particularly, one miracle, Fuaiupu. She is the 15 yr old that has wanted to become a member and be baptized but her dad has been denying her to even go to church, even though everyone else in the family; the mom, her 3 sisters and older brother are all baptized. But the past 2 Sundays she's come to church, BY HERSELF! We're really trying to strengthen the rest of the fam cause they'll come once in a while, but we're hoping the fam will reactivate! That, and our 2nd ward is just the awesome!! They go and do visits to our investigators on certain Sundays, to see if they need anything, and to strengthen them back in the gospel( because all our investigators live at partial member houses)! Its incredible and we're seeing the effects!! This gospel is TRUE!!!!!

Just recap, and some thoughts, we're all going to go through ups and downs in our lives here on earth, yet there is one person, 3 particular events we can look to for grace, peace, and joy and the solution to literally everything; our Savior and his Atonement in Gethsemane, on the Cross in Calvary, and in the Garden Tomb. He is literally our everything as we look to eternal happiness and joy! Whether burden with sin, struggle with life's trials, or even in times of bliss; we can look to Christ and his infinite sacrifice for each of us individually. He knows us each by name, he suffered for us, he's with us in struggling times, in times of rejoicing, EACH and EVERY DAY. Through one of his teachings, Christ explains to us the Love of his Father and our Father, his God and our God, in saying, " nevertheless, I will be merciful unto them, saith the Lord God, if they will repent and come unto me; for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long."
I just Love this gospel! LOVE IT!!! 

Love you all, and hope your having a safe trip back home!!
Elder Larson

Beautiful...behind the fence!!

It doesn't get any more beautiful than this!! HEAVEN!!!

Well...this is what healed looks like. I don't think they will ever be the same...but we're working that's awesome!

Last trip to the hospital for my feet!!! YAY! We are all so happy to be done!

Last trip to the hospital!! And my feet!

11-13-16 - #MakuaLeaga #La'uVae

I apologize! These last two letters are out of order. No pictures on 11-20-16. The pictures on that post are for this sorry!

Hey hey hey!! Well, this week was one for the books....sort of haha! 

Monday night I got very sick with a fever and didn't know what it was from. It was very was pretty bearable, and then it hit hard later that night.  I asked for a blessing! E Rarotoga went to get the 1st counselor, Fuiava Neti that lives behind us, and they both knelt and said a prayer. It was the absolute...words can't describe it....I just started too cry and my body just felt hands were like ice, but my body and head was like fire....and they hadn't even given the blessing yet. They then closed, gave the blessing, and then I fell asleep not too long after. When I woke up, the fever was just about completely gone...I know that the Lord was looking after me that night. His love for each of us is incomprehensible!!!! 

So Thursday, after our district meeting, we get a call from theZL's that my comp is getting transferred to Upolu tomorrow! We didn't even have time to say goodbye and it was a huge bummer ! I stayed with the Elders in McKay, which is a little ways over from our area. Then the ZL's picked me up in the morning to get my comp, E Fesolai, from Faleasi'u, Upolu. He finishes his mission next month right after Christmas... which is crazy! Shortly after we arrived home,  I started getting these fuafua (puffy bumps) on the top of my right foot, and I didn't think too much of it and it started getting a little swollen, but we went and tala'i anyway. That night my foot started to hurt really bad, and the fuafua (bumps) turned into these nasty pus filled bumps.  So we went to the doctor...oh man, third world hospitals, it's like I'm in a Bourne movie!! It's crazy!! Anyways, they wrapped it up and fixed it up a bit, we went back this morning to check it and re-wrap get this, it's a hole now. Wish I took a pic before she re-wrapped it, but she put this creme on it that she said will help seal it up from the bottom. So that's us, we were trapped at home for the next couple days, but all is well,. Just found out my new comp served with E Lamoreaux!!!! I haven't seen him since he left Tuts...sidenote! 

Anyways, we're just reading every book we can find in the house, scriptures, samoan, english, some tongan haha! But, my foot should ke'a in a couple days, and we'll be back at it! One of the many things I like about E Fesolai is that he really wants to finish his mission on a high note, and he's ready to work, so I'm stoked for when we can get back at  it! Love you all! You are probably at church I think, but anyway, have a bomb as week to yous!! 

Elda Laason xoxo(;

11-20-16 #ONOSAI #LeVaiasoAtoa

Hey Fam!! 

So sorry to hear about state. Take state for rugby though cause rugby's a better sport anyways(; And props to Keato for playing like a champ! Love you bros!!

Well, I'm going to try and answer as many questions as I can because we weren't able to proselyte a single day this week...the doc said stay off my foot, but it's just about better and it's looking like Wednesday we'll be back at full throttle! 
Yes, there's no rules on climbing niu's. Just don't go too high, and don't be an idiot.
Well, food is not very different from American Samoa, but it's not nearly as fatty as it is from Tuts! WE get heaps of kalo, and lu'au which is the taro leaf with pe'epe'e in the middle stuck in the umu! It's my favorite!! Then we get chicken on the daily because chickens are EVERYWHERE over here! It's like the Merrill farm times 10 was let loose in Samoa! 
No, I don't remember the last time I had milk to be completely honest... it's super expensive over here cause it's shipped from NZ and Aus. The water... you just have to get used to it, but I'm used to it from Tuts so I don't  get sick anymore...
Cool experience of service from 2 weeks ago We sat down in front of this other church, loku tahiki, with all these older ladies and we started weeding this massive rocky erea with them and we were just crackin jokes and stuff with them. It was so fun! Then we got three of them to get a return date to go visit there families so we're going to hit those this week! Very excited! But it literally just started cause we sat down and started weeded! Haha they really didn't want us to at the beginning, but we just sat down anyways and started weeding! It was awesome! 

One thing that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE about the Samoan people is that literally EVERYWHERE you go, you can joke around with complete strangers like you've known them your whole life! They're always laughing at each other with jokes, its just the funniest ever! They're just really open people and just the best to be around! 

Well, this week, I've gotten back into Jesus the Christ, and YES!! This is like the sweetest book ever! Christmas is next month, but speaking of the birth of the Savior, throughout the Bible and the Book of Mormon, a "son of David", is prophecied to the people on the eastern and western continents, that shall "be called Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins". I also know thanksgiving is this week, so lets just combine it! Let us have gratitude and love towards one another, looking to the perfect Atonement of Jesus Christ... and to look to serve! I said this quite a while ago, but I'm going to say it again...I'm had quite a bit of time to think this week as I reflected it again, but to me, the beginning of any sin, any bad thought, or action, begins because one is being selfish. Selfishness, I've come to realized is at the heart of just about any sinful conduct. Therefore, if Selfishness is at the heart of sin, then selfishness is a defining characteristic of Satan. Which illuminates the reigning characteristic of the Savior, the Unselfish, "Pure Love" to one another, or in other words the Pure Love of Christ, CHARITY. So just a little challenge for everyone! This week, we should be grateful for everything, any little thing, because God has given us all, even His Only Begotten, so let us SHOW our gratitude by SERVING OTHERS! Just a little pep talk for this week, but I'm going to apply it as well so I'll be with you all in it! Love YOU!!!

And props to everyone on the sports! Wish I was out there with you, but I'm there in spirit! Love you all and hope all is going well! And safe trip to Utah! Hope the roads are safe for you there and back! LOVE YOU ALL AND HAVE A BOMB AS WEEK!!!!

Elda Laason xoxo(;
After my return from the hospital. They dug out the infection...OUCH...and wrapped them up!

This is the result of  the coconut tree climb. I started with a 105 temperature on Monday...received a beautiful blessing...and a few days feet began to swell and nasty oozing sores appear...yum!

Caught Elder R. Napping!

Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey hey hey!!!

How goes it?!?! Whats the haps?!? 

What's happening with everyone?? Congrats on the wins!! Sorry this is a very late email, we went to Salelologa and got back, comp emailed and then I just got on...

This week was quite wonderous!! Sale, Willie, and Viliamu were baptism 2 days ago, and we are working with the dad tonight at FHE and the whole fam! Mom is a member, less active, and the dad's not a member, so we're praying that tonight goes well! We have a couple fun games to play with them and we're excited to teach this great family! We're going to focus on forever families and the BoM and just pray that the Spirit is very strong with us! The dad wasn't able to attend the baptism, but the mom did, and was crying afterwards, and thanked us... so we're really hoping and praying for tonight!! Honestly, these kids are awesome and we love em!! Haha and the little sister, Rina, (5) funny! She's such a crack up! We play all these hand shakes, games, you name it with these guys, we've known them for a week, but it feels like we've know them for AGES!!This gospel is true. It doesn't get more simple than that! 

On another note, we are having so much fun just talking with people on the road, visits. We had one night where we were just singing songs with the kids in front of an abandoned store, just sitting on the benches, it was awesome!! Absultuely loving it here! It's going to hurt when I leave this erea. We've gotten really close with quite a few people!! Love em all! 

Played rugby for the first time in a while! Well, my comp played and I watched cause I'm still waiting for my feet to get better haha! But it looked very fun! We play in front of Sale and his bros house! 

We'll I've been getting B_U_R_N_E_D this past week, and finally peeling, but it's all good! People ask about my face in just about every visit ..."What happened?" haha! Apparently red isn't a very common color for a person's face! I look like a raccoon!! 

Praying for you everyday! Not a day goes by when I don't think about you all! Keep up the amazing... everything!! Can't say much more than that!
Shasta down in 5 seconds flat!

This great family was baptized last week!

I LOVE this gospel!
!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Love you all!!
Elder Larson (; God bless!! xoxox

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hey to the 208!!!
Looks like I caught you at a good time!! How's everyone doing?!?! Got the email... loved it!! Glad you guys are killing it on the field! Heard what went down!!

Well, first off.....Monday, sa ou pe'a se niu...haha ma makuai leaga a'u vae le vaiaso akoa! Ae, aua ke popole leai se isi mea ua faalekogu!! Kalai malosi, ai malosi, moe vaivai!! se'i vagaga e iai se faafekauli haha! 

Yeah, I climbed a Niu (a mountain) on Monday and almost Kuli-ed a niu! Messed up my feet really bad though so we were off and on throughout the week, but all is well, because we found these 3 youth that want to and are getting baptized this week!! Their whole fam is inactive, but we're doing a FHE tonight because the parents want them all to be baptized, because they love the teachings of the church for the kids! Lessons too! So yeah!! Tonight we're gonna do some magic and card tricks and talk about how the Book of Mormon can show us the mysteries of life if we pray and ask in faith! The dad isn't a member, but the mom is and we're hoping to bring them all back to the church!! 

Nothing much else happened, we were home hit for a couple days cause of my feet and everyone is calling me Kolipoki (Elder Groberg's Other Side of Heaven movie) now haha! It's a crack up, but we're loving the members and we're getting referals like crazy! It's so exciting and this week we're going to contact and hopefully be getting more into this amazing gospel!! 

I just want to bear my testimony, because it's the only way to faamautinoa....not sure the exact English translation...'make firm' my testimony! Besides studying and such!
I know this church is true with every fiber of my being. I KNOW, because of wonderous experiences I've had in my life, not just my mission. I've felt the love of God at times when I've been at my lowest. And I know the Lord knows us PERFECTLY!! He knows us better than anyone, especially ourselves!! As much as I miss you, I know this is where I need to be!! It brings me so much joy and happiness to see the joy and happiness in others!! Making them smile, laugh, come into this beautifully perfect gospel!! I LOVE IT!! Bros!! You HAVE to serve missions!! If I were to even attempt to sum up a mission in a few would have to be ETERNALLY CHANGED!! Why? Because serving a mission puts you in a different state of mind! All your life you've had school, sports, friends, homework, T.V., phones, etc. Kind of blocking your progression. BUT, for 2 years, you put EVERYTHING aside and 24/7, you are learning more about the love of Christ, Christ himself, and helping others gain testimonies of their own in Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon! It's Eternally Changing!! And one more thing...on your mission, I'm going to tell you right now, at least once on your mission you will feel hopeless, helpless, lost and alone...but at this point in time, there is only one who you can turn to...and that is our Heavenly Father. He IS the ONLY one you can turn to! He, through the Spirit, will soften and strengthen your heart and testimony! I promise, because it's happened to me!! I know that He lives. I know that He's there. I know He sends the Spirit to soften and strength our hearts in Him and His Only Begotten Son!! Missions are WONDERFUL!!! You gotta GO!!!

Haha so funny for the week, I was talking in my sleep and then I woke my comp at like 3am while talking, he replied cause he thought I was awake, and then which kind of woke me up halfway, then we just completely woke up and talked for like an  hr and a half then went back to bed haha! My comp says Iv'e been talking in Samoan in my sleep which he thinks is a crack up! 

But anyways, that's us for the week! Not much, but so much at the same time! Love you all and hope it's all going well in the 208! (208 is Boise area code.)
Love Elder Larson xoxo(;

Ps. Don't worry about any packages really!!! Don't worry about any Christmas stuff or Birthday!! Really I don't want anything else!! Thanks so much for the rugby ball!!! 

I just love this pic!! No idea where my comp got it, but he said he got it from the states! 
A little "Kolipoki" moment from climbing a mountain!
Guess who I met in Savaii? Elder Reece a GREAT missionary & new friend of mine from back home!
(Elder Reece is my cousin Collin's good friend from Meridian, Idaho...SMALL WORLD!!!)

10-23-16 #FaamuamuaLeAtua

Hows the FAM!!??!?

Figured you are busy, maybe at Audrey and Ikes farewell, no worries!! This week I just wanted to give you an update on each investigator so you can be in the loop!!!

Pili Paepae- she's married, no kids, done with lessons, but she keeps pushing her baptism saying there will be a time...we just gave her a BoM yesterday and wrote our testimonies in it testifying that if she has any problems or concerns in life, any question she has, she will find the answer combined with prayer, in studying the BoM!!
"If you want to talk to God, Pray. If you want God to talk to you, Study the Scriptures(BoM)"

Saini- an older lady with kids that are married and grown up, but only her and with her daughter and her daughters husband, with the 2 little guys. Her daughter and son in law are members, a little less active, but trying to reactivate as well as teaching Saini. We're doing a FHE on Wed night with them and going to there maumaga to help with the povi(cows).

Pene-he's in Apia right now with his wife. She's about ready to have their 2nd, so when she is born, then they'll come back and we'll finish his lessons!

Sivao- she's a matai in Faala, very strong in the lotu pope, but we're really hoping to change that! There are so many others Mareko and Luisa(I'll talk about later) that want to be Mormon. Even her husband wants to be Mormon, but the culture is just so stinkin strong with some families that they take the culutre over the church teachings, any church teachings. But she really likes having us over and hopfully through fasting and praying, the Lord will soften their heart!
 Now I would that ye should understand that the word of God was liberal unto all, that none were deprived of the privilege of assembling themselves together to hear the word of God.
 Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that  they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.
Mareko/Luisa- Elder Holt, intake, who left not too long ago who served her asked about Luisa and the fam which was very cool, because along the lines of my last comp and his other comp, they stopped visiting which really hurt the family, but we found them again and they really want to be members of the church, the only thing is Sivao, but again, fasting and prayer! 

So there are a few more, but these are the main, progressing ones! We've got lots of referals to contact this week, and excited, because the APs are going to be with us tonight and tomorrow, so reunion with E Tuimauga!!!! Loves you all hope the week is going great, and can't wait to see you
in just  a few short months!!
Elder Larson xoxox(;

Pics;;;;A split in Vaitoomuli with our taitai misiona, Iafeta. #InaDrSuessstory

And the last one is the smallest bananas ever...and they're stuck together.

Walking over shrapnel on our way to a referral.

Just walking through our area. Isn't it beautiful? VERY HOT!!!

Smallest bananas ever... stuck together!


Hey super sorry this is late! Our meeting went late and our president said we could take the rest of the day to pday so that's why this is late (1:30 AM our time :))! Super sorry it's late and super short! But one of the infinite things that I learned at the conference with Elder Neilsen today(btdub, Elder S. Gifford Neilsen is his whole name and he played in the NFL for the Houston Oilers as QB!! He's in the college hall of fame!! Such a legend and spiritual GIANT!!) Anyway, one of the many things I learned was incredible and changed my prospect as a missionary!!!
First my question...who were the first companionship to preach about the restored gospel here on this earth?? 

When E Neilsen said it, it was so profound and simple, BUT SO POWERFUL!! He said," Think First was our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, preaching to Joseph Smith, the prophet whom Jesus Christ called to restore his church upon the earth in the last days!! It was just such a powerful conference spiritually and just absolutely AMAZING!!! I LOVED IT ALL! I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE!! He and his wife are just powerhouses and just all around BEST people!! They met at age 11!!(; We had a very cool experience with them too!! The day before, we had a member that lives next to the falesa ask us if we could ask E Neilsen at the stake conference if he could give a blessing to her husband who had 2 strokes in the last 8 years...she's a convert and her husband has been a strong member all his life! So we had the opportunity to go with E Neilsen, he so graciously accepted and I know the couple will NEVER forget what happened yesterday, that particular sabbath day...we all went the 4 of us, E Neilsen, his comp E Peteru from Australia, my comp, and me! We got there and the wife explained the situation, because the man can't speak very well because of the stroke. Anyway, E Neilsen had some words and then we gave the blessing to him. Actually, E Neilsen gave it, and let me tell you....It was so powerful!!!! He's in the first quorum of the 70, so he's literally one of the top 100 most spiritual giants of today with the quorum of the 12 and the first presidency!! Then the wife started to cry, and so E Neilsen asked if she wanted a blessing of comfort, so E Peteru WAS going to do it, but then E Neilsen turned to the man we just gave the blessing to, Malu, and asked if he would be willing to do it( been through the temple with his wife, powerhouse of a man), and his speech wasn't super clear, you could just make out the words he was uttering during the blessing, but it was one of the most powerful blessings I've ever heard...he could barely stand, holding onto E Neilsen as he gave the blessing, but WOW... and E Neilsen brought up the experience during the conference earlier today, and it was just an experience I'll never forget!!!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!

Fam, sounds like yous had a great week, love you and may the Lord bless you in school, sports, callings, family, everything!! I love you to pieces!
Good luck Grandmama and Buddy! I'm praying for you! 
And good luck Audge and Ike when you travel to the MTC! Praying for you too!!One companion you will have YOUR ENTIRE MISSION...your whole life... is the HOLY GHOST!!! 
And this goes for EVERYBODY.... the first thing when we can no longer stand, no longer bear the burdens of life, no longer take another step, one word, five letters, KNEEL. The most powerful help, guidance, love, blessing, will be through pray and on occasions, combined with fasting. 

I love you all and hope you all have a bomb as week!!!
Mom, just the one rugby ball would be great... thank you so much! Sorry I couldn't email you earlier, but love you all and hope all goes well through the week!! 

Elda Laason(; #Penukoko (My new pig name...haha!)(; xoxoxo 

pic1   #faalaboys

pic2 #reunited14monthslater
Elder Rarotoga and Elder Larson...working hard!

Elder Bickmore and Elder Larson reunited from the MTC!!! They were companions and ZL's together!!
SOOOOO wonderful to see this guy! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


E muamua ona sii le viiga ma le faafetai i le tatou Tama o i le Lagi mo lenei taeao ia fai la'u imaili mo outou! Ou te momoli atu le agaga faaaloalo ia outou ma le isi vaega te fia faamalulu atu lo'u sasi le vaiaso la na te'a...e pisi tele ma'ua i le faamavae a la'u soa ma isi aiga e auai i le ekalesia moni! Ae mea sili a le ua fetaia'i i le aso nei ma tuuina atu se tama'i tala a mea ua tupu i le vaiaso ua te'a!!!!

HEY FAM!! How goes it this beautiful Monday morning!?!?! 
Well, transfers were last week, sorry I didn't get a chance to email, he didn't want to email and we were all over the eria faamavaeing with families! But all is well! 

This week, my comp got transfered and guess who my new comp is.....
ELDER RAROTOGA!!! INTAKE... THROW IT UP SON!!!!!! (An intake is one of the group of Elders that served in the MTC together.) 
Haha sorry just really excited!!! He's been in Fusi, around the corner in Savaii! But goodness, I do want to talk a bit about what I learned from E Taulolo..
CULTURE! He got me really into the culture with the langauge, fe'au, families, and I'm grateful, very grateful!! One thing that I always go to when I start getting frustrated with someone, I think of Pres Uchtdorf's talk, I believe last conference...speaking of marriages, but this applies great for missionaries too....

 “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” It fits nicely with its scriptural companion: “Seek, and ye shall find.”
If we look for imperfections in our companion or in our companionship, we will certainly find them, because everyone has some. On the other hand, if we look for the good, we will surely find it, because everyone has many good qualities too.
It's been kind of a roller coaster, but heaps of things to learn to say the least! Humbling!
I'm with E Rarotoga now though, and it's so nice to go back to putting in work! It was difficult to get E Taulolo going just cause he's finishing in January and didn't quite have the drive anymore! But it's all good, I learned a lot! We went to Vaitoomuli, because we wanted to get a baptism there before the end of the month, the only thing is that there hasn't been one there the entire year, since about this time last year. But we found almost 10 new people to teach in 2 days we were over and possibly a baptism with Pili, an investigator we found, she finished her lessons ages ago, but she needed to get married, got married a little bit ago, and comes to church quite often! Husband is a member, but not very active, but we're hoping this will get him back to activity!! Loving the work! Families are great over here and the Lord has been blessing us with the language!! Next Monday we have a conference with a seventy that is coming so I don't know if we'll be able to email next week, so just a heads up! Loving the work, the families, my comp, the Lord, its just awesome! Anyways, just a short update for the week! 
Love you all and hope that you had a bomb week! Glad to hear there's a new fridge! More room for the Samoan food I want to bring home!!(; Oh and with the package, yeah I've heard from missionaries to just send it to American Samoa and then the ZL's from there will bring it over to Apia when they have a conference at the MLC, and then other missionaries, usually transfers with bring over the mail or package to Savaii! And no worries, the rugby ball isn't forbidden!! Thank you so much for sending that!! And it's cheaper to send to American Samoa than to Apia, cause then it will be very expensive!! 
Anyway, love you all and hope all goes well this week! 

Love Elder Larson!!!(; xoxoxox
Look what you can do with candy sticks!!

This was a while ago, but baby pigs are the cutest! I got one named after me...Penukoko!!!!

And I'm back with INTAKE!!!!! He's from West Valley, Utah. (Intake means they served in the MTC together. Love this guy!)

                               Elder RT and I at a ward youth activity in Vaitoomuli last night!

Monday, October 10, 2016

09-25-16 How's the 208???!!!

How's the 208!?!?

Sounds like you had a crazy week! Man, things are moving over here!! Congrats to the bros for all they're doing in sports!! Sounds like you guys are killing it!! I miss yous like crazy!!

Sorry, I don't have nearly as much time to email, 1. Not in Tafuna anymore, and my comp doesn't like emailing so I try and get the best email out I can! 

Well, this week was also a blur! It feels like it was just Monday, fell, asleep, and then woke up to Monday again! 

Oh really quick!!!!


Well, we finally got a hold of the other stake president in the other area... so he might be able to come over and do the marriages for 2 couples who are both waiting to get married, one spouse baptized, and then a year from now, go to the temple!! We've got our fingers crossed! 

So I've kind of begun and deep doctrine journal or an attempt, but this is one of my entries that has been asked during my mission and hopefully, those of you preparing can use it if it comes up!!!

So the question so commonly asked, that you may get,

"Why did Christ tell to the malefactor at his side that he would be together in Paradise if Christ went to preach to those in spirit prison?"
To some, they believe that baptism is a requirement for spirit paradise. But we see from the words of Alma that this is not true..."And then shall it come to pass that the spirits of those who are righteous, are received into a STATE of happiness"(Alma 40:11-13). The only requirement to say as to whether we will be received in paradise or prison, will be our works here on earth. If they be good, repentant, faithful; then paradise. But if they be wicked, evil, rebellious; then prison. And when one of the 2 malefactors crucified next to Jesus tempted, "If thou be Christ save thyself and us." But the other rebuked, "Dost thou not fear God?...And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this man hath done nothing amiss" And the other, being repentant and truly penitent, having faith, cried to his Redeemer, "Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom." And Christ, came he into the world to save sinners, on conditions of their repentance, from death, the same sayeth unto the penitent malefactor, to comfort his soul, "Today thou shalt be with me in paradise." Therefore confirming, that the waiting period before the resurrection and judgement, be ONE place, but to him who doeth good, repenting, being received in peace and rest, and the other, being unrepentant and wicked, go being received in darkness and fear. For we see that ALL those who come unto Christ, penitent and repentant, receive a place with their Lord in a state of happiness, until he comes again!

Thank you for sending stamps! I have no idea, probably a month or a month and a half for packages! Oh please Oh please could you send a rugby ball!?!?! I've got a pump, but I'm dying to play! 

So glad to hear everyone's doing great!! Keep up the great work homies! Kyle had some questions about his patriarchal blessing I think from last week! I've got a thing for him, but I forgot it at the house so I've had to send it next week! Just heard from Tal! He just got the little package I sent him with an ie! Said he's doing great, but he misses Ghana! I'm still emailing him though! 

Love Yous all and I hope all is going well in the 208!! Love yous!!!

Elda Laason xoxoxo(;

Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/18/16 Hello from the other side!!

Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Haha I don't know how many times people play that here!!! Haha except they play a reggae version.....all day every day!! Hhaah!\\ Out on the street!

How's the fam doing!?!? I sent a letter last week, but I have NO idea when it will get to you...they don't have stamps over here so that is a serious problem..which by the way, is it alright in you next letter you put in heaps of stamps please?? 

Glad to hear everyone is just killing it on the fields home bros!! Keep killing it!!! And congrats Kyle on your patriarchal blessing!! You may have gotten it by now and it's all a blur, but as soon as you get the actual blessing, do what mom and dad did with mine and make a small copy, laminate it(sp?) then you can have it in your scriptures wherever you go!! Then once you get that, then let me know!

This week has been a blur as well!! haha It feels like I just sent you an email! Well, went to do the marriage for Kuinise and Pano on whole story. The marriage was supposed to be at 6 on Saturday, so we went to confirm with bishop, bishop called stake pres, stake pres said that we could do it earlier at 11 because there was another marriage he was finishing up in Papa, a couple villages over. So we hurried over to Pano and Kuinise to let them and the fam know, they got ready and headed over and we hit a couple more visits and then we went over to the fale sa. Well, we all got there at 11.....except for the stake pres. So bishop started calling him, his failaukusi...can't remember what that is in english...couldn't get a hold of him. So we're closing in on 12:30 as we've all been waiting for an hour and a half, finally get a hold of the failaukusi around 12:45ish, and he tells us that pres doesn't have all the papers to do the marriage and is going to we had to back and apologize to Kuinise and Pano about everything, it didn't hurt any of us, we were just worried about Pano, who just lost her baby. So Sunday comes around and the entire family doesn't show up to church. We went over yesterday night, and the dad, (the whole family are member converts form "09) and explained to us why none of them went to church. He was quite mad at the stake pres because he first, pushed the time forward within like an hour of the time he set to do the marriage, second, we all waited there for 2 hours for him to come, third, we couldn't get a hold of him because he shut his phone off, (we found out later). So we explained our end of the story, and we all got on the same page, but he was right, everything that I just explained about the stake pres happened. It was way sad because they were both so eager to get married and start fresh, but was completely shut down because of the miscommunication from the stake pres! Bishop was quite furious too but we'll have to see how things go in the next few weeks. The stake pres is getting released next month at stake conference so I think we're going to wait til then to do it, because of the riff that he has caused. But we're on good terms with the family still, they knew we and the bishop did our part and duty so were having FHE with them tonight and were super excited!! 

Well, spiritual thought for the week, I've gotten quite deep into my studies since reading Jesus the Christ, and a lot more things and doctrine make sense I was near the end of Jesus the Christ, and reading as well in the BoM, and I just got the 3 Nephi 11-27 again, where the Savior appears and teaches the Nephites. And I came to the conclusion, that
"Any sin, no matter how far you trace it back, with almost 100% of the time, begin with Selfishness...this is why we put so much emphasis on the Pure Love of Christ, or Charity. When we are continually thinking of others and the goodness and well being of them, we begin to find that our lives become fuller with joy and happiness and we see and partake together of the happiness and joy of those around us" Which also goes to the first and second GREAT commandments....Love thy God with all thine heart, might, mind and strength and Love they neighbor, like unto thyself...I think I messed up the wording but yous remember!! Challenge to do the LITTLE THINGS to help someone matter what it is, it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE and JOY to the person you'll help!!!

Love yous all and have a bomb as week!!!
Elder Larson (;

PS. For reals, don't worry about a package!! All I really want is letters! Really the only thing I need is stamps!! And I can get by with everything else!! LOVE YOUS!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

09/11/16 WHAT'S UP MY FAM?!?!

What's the haps going down in the 208!?!? 
I miss you all sooooo much!! Letters are getting sent, just trying to get envelopes from the store first! 

How's the week been!?!? School?! Sports?!?

Well, another week in Savaii for the books!! I absolutely love it here! I clicked with a few families now so I don't feel like such a foreigner even though, I'll always feel that way because I'm white but whats new?! Well, all is good with investigators, the only problem with ALL of them is that they're all living with their partners and not we've got lots of marriages to set up! We're like marriage councilors and hooking up the marriages instead of people haha! We've got a marriage this week with Togise and his partner, Pano. Pano just had a baby pass away, only 5 months old (along... we think) and born premature. So the Plan of Salvation right now is what she's clinging to! It happened like right before I got here...but they keep coming to church and are doing great now!! Not really anyone else is moving, like I said last week, I'm trying to keep my comp from going trunky cause he's only 4 months left, but there's stuff I need to work on so I'm working too haha! 

Spiritual thought...I'm almost done with Jesus the Christ, and it has been so amazing to read because it's going so much into the Saviors life and teachings that the bible could never give you all of it!! James E Talmage did an AMAZING work in putting it all together! It's testifies so powerfully of the Savior and his ministry here and earth and after! And this one goes out to anyone preparing for missions....ALMA 17-19!!! I want yous to first begin with a prayer and then STUDY YOUR TESTIMONY OUT OF IT!!!! And instead of reading Ammon, put your name Elder...or Sister...and I promise and more importantly the LORD promises that its is an INCREDIBLE tool to help prepare for yous missions!!

Love You all and hope you are having a bomb as week!!!

Elder Larson (;

So this is literally me turning and taking a pic next to the side of the road!!! It feels like I'm in a Doctor Seuss book!!! 
Its soo cool!!!!(;

Thought I'd send some throwbacks...cause I don't have any good pics from this week!!

The Crew!! Elders and members going on splits!

9/4/16 HahahaahChiiiuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hows the fam doing?!?! Whats the haps in the 208!?? There's a letter on it's way, I just need to get it to the ZL's!! Hows school homies!??!

Well, I haven't spoken, let alone typed in English for a while so please bear with me!! Wow. This area is the bomb!! I LOVE IT!! The people are awesome!! And just the BEST!!! It's not as confusing as Tafuna was, it's literally just one road that goes around the island, and then a bunch of little roads going na iuka...inland! The families are the best, living conditions so humble, its the BEST!!!! And they don't eat heaps of oily foods!! It's literally all of the land, besides the chicken, but even then, they're running around on land so, yeah, all our feeds are off the land!! IT'S THE BEST!! Some families live in a pretty decent house, and some live in fale oo or fale Samoa! Its the COOLEST!! And there's hardly any mosquites (sp?) over here!! Haha really quick, so on Sunday, each  ward gave me a little bit of time like 3 minutes to share my name and where I'm from in Sacrament meeting! Well, I kind of whacked out during the 1st ward, shared my name and where I'm from, how long I've been serving, where, and then said faafetai.....haha completely forgot to close in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!! So everyone in first ward knows me as the missionary who doesn't know how to close in sacrament meeting! But all is good! Then on Saturday morning, the stake relief society had a faafiafiaga, no idea what that is in English, a really big get together?? Hahah anyways, they did siva Samoa and siva palagi, and holy smokes it was the BEST!! HEELARIOUS!!!!! Don't know if you remember right before I came out... and we met that Tongan guy at the Salt Lake Temple?? And one thing he said that I'll never forget, is that polynesian people "live life to it's fullest" and yes they do!! Haha especially in there dancing!!!! Samoan and palagi!! Well, we're also meeting with Pres and the APs this week as a Zone on Wed so another big meeting! It'll be in Salelologa, which is basically the capital of Savaii cause that's where the wharf is...anyways, it'll be there with the zone! Loving it here! So far so good! Haha, not necessarily losing weight, but it's changing to better weight cause we're eating heaps better!! I pretty sure we've had kalo (taro root) every night since I've been here for feed! 
Spiritual Fun Fact:
I'm pretty sure you probably all know this, but I've been reading in Jesus the Christ, and I didn't know this till now, but the whole story of Jonah and the Whale.....during Christ's ministry, he tell's many scribes and Pharisees that "a wicked generation looketh after signs" and that the only sign that he was going to give to them that he is the Son of God, who should come, was "that of Jonah". 3 days in the tomb, after he is crucified will he rise again, resurrected and CONTINUE to preach, just as Jonah did. And how much greater is Christ, the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the World??

Love you all and hope you have a BOMB as week!!!!

Elder Laason xoxo
The District! Just 2 of us from the USA in fun!

INTAKE!! (The Elders I served with in the MTC.) Met up with Elder RT!!! Haven't seen this guy in ages!! It was awesome cause we're both in the same zone!!!!

8/28/16 Se Tama Samoa

Sorry this is going to be super short, I don't have a lot of time, but I just wanted to let everyone know we made it safe over here! Haha no sickness, no nothing! I thank my Father in Heaven for keeping us safe! I had such a blast in Tafuna and I already miss the peeps like crazy!!!! It was like I was leaving for my mission again, we had such a close bond with members, investigators, and recent converts it was hard to leave! But, the Lord calls and you gotta go! Nough said...So far, I've spoken to 2 people who know English, and everyone's Samoan here is like 3x faster than ANYONE spoke in Tutuila!!! Its nuts!! My comp doesn't speak English either so I'm speaking Samoan 24/7...literally!! My comp, Elder Taulolo said the first night I was speaking Samoan so that's a start I guess! haha We cover 3 wards over here again!!! Faala 1st, 2nd, and Vaitoomuli!! So far so good! Faamasani with families and the bishopric! So far so good! Patience is a virtue! Especially with yourself! And Prayers are being said constantly for help!! If you think you can do missionary work by yourself, learn the language by yourself.....your dead wrong!! We always need God, no matter what circumstance, good or bad, we need never to forget Him and His infinite love for each and every one of us!! Love you all and hope you all have a bomb as week!!!


Elda Laason!!!(;

This little guys name is's a family that lives right behind our house.

This was at the airport, I'm going to miss this guy like crazy!!! He was like another little brother! My luggage was too heavy, so I gave him some of my stuff...Capital Football shorts!

This is my study desk....LOVE IT!!

We got to eat fish and noodles with this family... Isn't he fun?

This is the court outside of the church building...second story. Beautiful, huh?

8/22/16 Hey Hey Hey from the 684! ( My area code)

Hey hey hey!!! Sorry this weeks is gonna be kind of short cause there's heaps of things happening!! 

It was a crazy week!! This week Saturday we had our ward cricket game and primary slip n slide and it was such a bomb as turn out!!!!!! Heaps of less actives and ward members came! We had a few investigators turn up and they said they really enjoyed it!!! Hopefully we can get them started down a good path for the other elders!! Fetu is getting baptized later at the beginning of next month in September cause he couldn't get leave off for Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully at the beginning of the month next month!! Chris... we're still pushing him, he's getting better but we'll see where he goes! We're hoping we can push Esau to continue to help him to quit smoking! Holy do you remember when I said a couple months ago that probably the coolest transfer would be to get called to Savaii with a native and where no one speaks english.....well, the transfer calls came last night.....and my comp and I are both getting transferred! E Faalogo is going to Lauli'i in Upolu with E Shwenke from my intake and I'm going to Faala in Savaii with E Taulolo, where E Faalogo's dad is from!! We're both stoked but at the same time we're both going to really miss this area! I'm going to miss the members, the investigators, and especially those who we were able to help bring into the gospel!!! George Tanoa, the family of 6, Keetch, Matt, Ray, Lilio!! They're all the BOMB and I'm going to miss them like crazy!!!! Tafuna is honestly might be my favorite erea of all time!! I've learned lessons here from comps, members, investigators, blessings, that I will NEVER trade for ANYTHING EVER!! It's helped me become a better person and come closer to my Savior and I will never forget those I met here!! I feel like I'm leaving home again cause I've been here so long, but it'll be for the better and the Lord needs me elsewhere. My work here in this erea is done. But hopefully my influence stays, but most importantly, all I really wish and pray is that all those I came in contact with and met stay true to the gospel and stay strong with the Lord!!

Anyways, sorry it's super short, theres quite a few things we need to get ready for when we leave but I love You and hope You have a bomb as week!!!(;

Love Elder Larson xoxo

No pictures this week. He forgot his camera...:(