Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/4/16 HahahaahChiiiuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hows the fam doing?!?! Whats the haps in the 208!?? There's a letter on it's way, I just need to get it to the ZL's!! Hows school homies!??!

Well, I haven't spoken, let alone typed in English for a while so please bear with me!! Wow. This area is the bomb!! I LOVE IT!! The people are awesome!! And just the BEST!!! It's not as confusing as Tafuna was, it's literally just one road that goes around the island, and then a bunch of little roads going na iuka...inland! The families are the best, living conditions so humble, its the BEST!!!! And they don't eat heaps of oily foods!! It's literally all of the land, besides the chicken, but even then, they're running around on land so, yeah, all our feeds are off the land!! IT'S THE BEST!! Some families live in a pretty decent house, and some live in fale oo or fale Samoa! Its the COOLEST!! And there's hardly any mosquites (sp?) over here!! Haha really quick, so on Sunday, each  ward gave me a little bit of time like 3 minutes to share my name and where I'm from in Sacrament meeting! Well, I kind of whacked out during the 1st ward, shared my name and where I'm from, how long I've been serving, where, and then said faafetai.....haha completely forgot to close in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!! So everyone in first ward knows me as the missionary who doesn't know how to close in sacrament meeting! But all is good! Then on Saturday morning, the stake relief society had a faafiafiaga, no idea what that is in English, a really big get together?? Hahah anyways, they did siva Samoa and siva palagi, and holy smokes it was the BEST!! HEELARIOUS!!!!! Don't know if you remember right before I came out... and we met that Tongan guy at the Salt Lake Temple?? And one thing he said that I'll never forget, is that polynesian people "live life to it's fullest" and yes they do!! Haha especially in there dancing!!!! Samoan and palagi!! Well, we're also meeting with Pres and the APs this week as a Zone on Wed so another big meeting! It'll be in Salelologa, which is basically the capital of Savaii cause that's where the wharf is...anyways, it'll be there with the zone! Loving it here! So far so good! Haha, not necessarily losing weight, but it's changing to better weight cause we're eating heaps better!! I pretty sure we've had kalo (taro root) every night since I've been here for feed! 
Spiritual Fun Fact:
I'm pretty sure you probably all know this, but I've been reading in Jesus the Christ, and I didn't know this till now, but the whole story of Jonah and the Whale.....during Christ's ministry, he tell's many scribes and Pharisees that "a wicked generation looketh after signs" and that the only sign that he was going to give to them that he is the Son of God, who should come, was "that of Jonah". 3 days in the tomb, after he is crucified will he rise again, resurrected and CONTINUE to preach, just as Jonah did. And how much greater is Christ, the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of the World??

Love you all and hope you have a BOMB as week!!!!

Elder Laason xoxo
The District! Just 2 of us from the USA in Savaii...so fun!

INTAKE!! (The Elders I served with in the MTC.) Met up with Elder RT!!! Haven't seen this guy in ages!! It was awesome cause we're both in the same zone!!!!

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