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11-20-16 #ONOSAI #LeVaiasoAtoa

Hey Fam!! 

So sorry to hear about state. Take state for rugby though cause rugby's a better sport anyways(; And props to Keato for playing like a champ! Love you bros!!

Well, I'm going to try and answer as many questions as I can because we weren't able to proselyte a single day this week...the doc said stay off my foot, but it's just about better and it's looking like Wednesday we'll be back at full throttle! 
Yes, there's no rules on climbing niu's. Just don't go too high, and don't be an idiot.
Well, food is not very different from American Samoa, but it's not nearly as fatty as it is from Tuts! WE get heaps of kalo, and lu'au which is the taro leaf with pe'epe'e in the middle stuck in the umu! It's my favorite!! Then we get chicken on the daily because chickens are EVERYWHERE over here! It's like the Merrill farm times 10 was let loose in Samoa! 
No, I don't remember the last time I had milk to be completely honest... it's super expensive over here cause it's shipped from NZ and Aus. The water... you just have to get used to it, but I'm used to it from Tuts so I don't  get sick anymore...
Cool experience of service from 2 weeks ago We sat down in front of this other church, loku tahiki, with all these older ladies and we started weeding this massive rocky erea with them and we were just crackin jokes and stuff with them. It was so fun! Then we got three of them to get a return date to go visit there families so we're going to hit those this week! Very excited! But it literally just started cause we sat down and started weeded! Haha they really didn't want us to at the beginning, but we just sat down anyways and started weeding! It was awesome! 

One thing that I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE about the Samoan people is that literally EVERYWHERE you go, you can joke around with complete strangers like you've known them your whole life! They're always laughing at each other with jokes, its just the funniest ever! They're just really open people and just the best to be around! 

Well, this week, I've gotten back into Jesus the Christ, and YES!! This is like the sweetest book ever! Christmas is next month, but speaking of the birth of the Savior, throughout the Bible and the Book of Mormon, a "son of David", is prophecied to the people on the eastern and western continents, that shall "be called Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins". I also know thanksgiving is this week, so lets just combine it! Let us have gratitude and love towards one another, looking to the perfect Atonement of Jesus Christ... and to look to serve! I said this quite a while ago, but I'm going to say it again...I'm had quite a bit of time to think this week as I reflected it again, but to me, the beginning of any sin, any bad thought, or action, begins because one is being selfish. Selfishness, I've come to realized is at the heart of just about any sinful conduct. Therefore, if Selfishness is at the heart of sin, then selfishness is a defining characteristic of Satan. Which illuminates the reigning characteristic of the Savior, the Unselfish, "Pure Love" to one another, or in other words the Pure Love of Christ, CHARITY. So just a little challenge for everyone! This week, we should be grateful for everything, any little thing, because God has given us all, even His Only Begotten, so let us SHOW our gratitude by SERVING OTHERS! Just a little pep talk for this week, but I'm going to apply it as well so I'll be with you all in it! Love YOU!!!

And props to everyone on the sports! Wish I was out there with you, but I'm there in spirit! Love you all and hope all is going well! And safe trip to Utah! Hope the roads are safe for you there and back! LOVE YOU ALL AND HAVE A BOMB AS WEEK!!!!

Elda Laason xoxo(;
After my return from the hospital. They dug out the infection...OUCH...and wrapped them up!

This is the result of  the coconut tree climb. I started with a 105 temperature on Monday...received a beautiful blessing...and a few days later...my feet began to swell and nasty oozing sores appear...yum!

Caught Elder R. Napping!

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