Tuesday, November 1, 2016

10-23-16 #FaamuamuaLeAtua

Hows the FAM!!??!?

Figured you are busy, maybe at Audrey and Ikes farewell, no worries!! This week I just wanted to give you an update on each investigator so you can be in the loop!!!

Pili Paepae- she's married, no kids, done with lessons, but she keeps pushing her baptism saying there will be a time...we just gave her a BoM yesterday and wrote our testimonies in it testifying that if she has any problems or concerns in life, any question she has, she will find the answer combined with prayer, in studying the BoM!!
"If you want to talk to God, Pray. If you want God to talk to you, Study the Scriptures(BoM)"

Saini- an older lady with kids that are married and grown up, but only her and with her daughter and her daughters husband, with the 2 little guys. Her daughter and son in law are members, a little less active, but trying to reactivate as well as teaching Saini. We're doing a FHE on Wed night with them and going to there maumaga to help with the povi(cows).

Pene-he's in Apia right now with his wife. She's about ready to have their 2nd, so when she is born, then they'll come back and we'll finish his lessons!

Sivao- she's a matai in Faala, very strong in the lotu pope, but we're really hoping to change that! There are so many others Mareko and Luisa(I'll talk about later) that want to be Mormon. Even her husband wants to be Mormon, but the culture is just so stinkin strong with some families that they take the culutre over the church teachings, any church teachings. But she really likes having us over and hopfully through fasting and praying, the Lord will soften their heart!
 Now I would that ye should understand that the word of God was liberal unto all, that none were deprived of the privilege of assembling themselves together to hear the word of God.
 Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that  they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God.
Mareko/Luisa- Elder Holt, intake, who left not too long ago who served her asked about Luisa and the fam which was very cool, because along the lines of my last comp and his other comp, they stopped visiting which really hurt the family, but we found them again and they really want to be members of the church, the only thing is Sivao, but again, fasting and prayer! 

So there are a few more, but these are the main, progressing ones! We've got lots of referals to contact this week, and excited, because the APs are going to be with us tonight and tomorrow, so reunion with E Tuimauga!!!! Loves you all hope the week is going great, and can't wait to see you
in just  a few short months!!
Elder Larson xoxox(;

Pics;;;;A split in Vaitoomuli with our taitai misiona, Iafeta. #InaDrSuessstory

And the last one is the smallest bananas ever...and they're stuck together.

Walking over shrapnel on our way to a referral.

Just walking through our area. Isn't it beautiful? VERY HOT!!!

Smallest bananas ever... stuck together!

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