Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 - QUE PASA CALABASA!!!!(;

Thought I'd just mix things up a bit! Boom! My Samoan is picking up a little more, it's all I can ask! This week we're in a three some still with Elder Bybee, Elder Lamoreaux and I so it's really hard to cover both our areas seeing as our areas combined is about a 1/4 of the island...but we've somehow worked it out!! The only problem is that this week went at about a snails pace but we're trying! Some weeks just don't fly like others do..the work some weeks doesn't fly like others do..but you learn quickly, you only get what you put in! Something real quick I've learned is now that my training is almost over, I'm kind of leaving the Honeymoon faze as well and you realize really quickly, not everyone comes out for the same reason. Some go through the motions, some come out cause they're parents wanted them to, etc. Yet the mission changes people more than you could ever imagine! I've come to see the change in myself, looking back on me before my mission, I wasn't the greatest at charity or loving others as best I could. With Samoans, they'll give you the shirt off there back if you compliment it while they're wearing it! Literally, you kind of have to be careful with that! But I'm trying my best, I've gotten heaps better but I've got a long ways to go!!

Sounds like it's quite cold over in Boise!! Haha oh please could you send some cold, it would be greatly appreciated!! It's the beginning of summer over here and it's hotter than Zeus' lightning bolt! Haha and Cade, I would like to give you a word of counsel when going to a scout camp....Be Prepared. Haha just kidding, I'm not like that, you'll have campouts like that trust me! Our klondike kind of ended up like that, but it sounds like you toughed it out a lot better than I did! Haha and keep having fun feeding the animals!! Honestly you have no idea what I'd give for under 80 degree weather! Goood to hear the fam is doing great!!! Haha sorry I didn't eat a ton at thanksgiving, I promise I'm getting my fair share over here...every night! Yesterday after church we ate possibly the best BBQ I have ever eaten...Samoan or American!!! Barbequed chicken lathered in homemade sauce, taro in pe'epe'e and turkey rump (all it is is fat)! Come what may and love it! Anyways! This week during my personal study, I'm finishing up Helaman, but when I was in Helaman 5, I just had read the first 3 words of verse 9 that say, "O remember, remember" Being the natural man, I tend to forget the power and influence I have on others, whether it be good or bad! And as a representative of Jesus Christ, I should not be doing anything contrary to what He would do. Also this is why we need to read, pray, and walk by faith EVERY DAY!! It's not a matter of dang it, just to do it, but doing it to come closer to Christ! That is when I have found most peace and joy coming closer to my Savior! 

With investigators this week, we are trying our best with Lui and his word of wisdom problem, but he's come a long ways and has improved immensley! He's cut back from coffee and smoking heaps, only 1 cigarette a day and he's trying to drink cocoa instead of coffee which is an awesome substitute!! The only thing is we can't get him to church and that is probably whats most frustrating, but we keep trying! We'll have a baptism service this week with Mindy, her testimony is solid and she's been bringing her husband back to church which is awesome because he hasn' t been to church in quite a while!! We haven't been able to go to Amanave unfortunationly because our area is so big but we're doing our best until transfers which will split Elder Lamoreaux's and I's area apart so we'll see where we go on Dec 1

That pretty much sums up the week, we're staying alive and doing well! Haha had some cereal this week and it brought back memories with the bros sitting in front of the tv, Saturday morning watching cartoons like That's So Raven, the Replacements, Arthur, it was like when I was 7!! Haha makes me appreciate the times more!! 

Hopefully the bros, yous all got my letters!! If not, hopefully in a couple days! Oh, and for christmas, could I get just a small speaker with an aux plug in, and a container for concecrated oil?? I've seem to have misplaced it in moving houses...OH!! And something really fun that you would all like!! I'm running out of ties because as soon as they get wet, they seem to get alittle moldy and there's nothing to save them, so Elder Bybee's fam did this, is each member of the family picks a tie from D.I. or Goodwill to send, so he has a tie from each family member and it makes thing fun!! 

Loves Yous all and have an awesmoe week!!! I'll be chattin with Ya as much as I can!!!
Elder Colbz Larson

This is their album cover--LOL! Elder Lamoreaux, Elder Bybee, and Colbs!

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/15 - Hey hey hey to the Fam, it's Monday Monday Monday!!!!! I LOVE YOUS ALL!!!

Hey hey hey to the Fam, it's Monday Monday Monday!!!!! I LOVE YOUS ALL!!!

So I just wanted to answer some of Mom's questions to begin!! No more dog bites this week, but a sly little group of war ants, found their way into my bed last night (I don't actually know what they're called, but when they bite, they leave like a little poison thing so it itches and burns kind of like a fire ant)! I'll be ok without a dog whistle, Elder Lamoreaux and I just make it a game now! If you stand still and don't back down, they usually won't get any closer but there are still some who are out for blood. The whole picking up rocks thing doesn't really work with certain dogs so it's always a little on the sketchy side when they come snarling up to you, but so far so good! My comps doing great!! We're both a little stressed this week because there have just been a lot of random meetings and song practices for a Christmas program we're putting on, so that's been that! We didn't get to meet with Taua or Ma'i this week, right now we're on an exchange with Elder Bybee because Elder Reid got put in Manu'a for a week with an AP, because they're opening up some new islands for the work to get sparked back up again! So we're covering about a 1/4 of the island now as we also have the Leone 1st and 2nd wards to visit, but we're making it work!! OH! And some celebrate Thanksgiving here, but we''re just doing a Thanksgiving dinner as an island with the other missionaries so we'll see what we get!! 

This week!!
We met with Rosa, one of Elder Bybee and Reid's investigators, and we taught her the first lesson, and I invited her to be baptized in Samoan, and she accepted! It kind of freaked me out though because she had nodded and I was still trying to finish the question, but it all worked out!! It's way cool to see these people accept to make these covenants with our Heavenly Father and take that step through the doorway!! Now it's just up to them to continue on the straight and narrow path towards Him!!! We also met with another family, Aiga Masoe, who the dad is the only non member, and the wife and 3 kids are all baptized, he just hasn't been ready to accept the lessons because he feels inadequate because he still has a problem with the Word of Wisdom. The entire time as we taught him O le Togiola o Iesu Keriso, the Atonement of Jesus Christ, all I could think about was that through this atonement, that is when he will feel adequate! I think that's one thing not being a convert, I have taken for granted, which I strive never to do again! Like I said in my farewell talk, not repenting and moving closer to the Savior through Him, is like going to an all you can eat place and ordering ramen!! The Savior's love for us, we can't even imagine, and I loved a picture I got from Bryan and Jessica this week of the Savior hugging a guy, that from the back looked a lot like me, and the smile on the Savior's face is just beaming and on the back, it just has a little phrase, I don't remember exactly, but it's called "Home"! 
"Picture the day we will see the Savior again. What will it be like? Think of the embrace that He will take you in and the love that you have never felt before. As you both laugh, smile, and cry together, He turns to you and says, "Well done faithful servant. You have ruled over a few things, and because of your faith, I will make you a ruler of many things." That's not exactly but it's close! The dad at the end of the lesson accepted the invitation to take lessons which was amazing and we just faamasani (got to know) with the family and that is how I hope to feel once my Samoan is up to par to joke around with the people! That's when they open they're hearts to you and the Spirit is able to do his work by testifying of our message, and everything goes so amazingly it's incredible!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!! 

Haha so actually Elder Lamo has cut my hair the past couple times and done a really good job (not like your haircuts though Mom, no one comes close!) I emailed Tal, Grandmama and Buddy, and I sent a letter to Grammy a while ago, did she happen to get it?? If not, whats her email?? And thank you so much from the insights from Tad Callister and MOM!!! That's one thing that I'm trying to work on as a missionary to be really good at teaching is the atonement, because in my patriarchal blessing, it states that I will have the opportunity to be a testifier of the Savior and be anxious to testify of Him!! My Samoan isn't quite to full swing, but it's only been 3 months, so I'm learning patience as well!! 

I got sick a little bit cause it monsooned on Saturday and we tala'i (preached) in flips and rolled up our pants and we were soaking wet head to toe! But it was so much fun! 
Haha this week too I also just sat down one night, and just missed You bros like crazy!!! Know that I miss you guys immensely!

I loves YOUS ALL and hope all goes well this week!!
ALofa atu outou!!
Elder Larson
He loves the sunsets in Samoa.
On the beach the day a monsoon hit.

Monday, November 9, 2015


Just thought I'd send some English your way!!! How's the American life?? THankyou for the pics, haha I loved em! But mom, where was you at?? Haha still working my flowers off as they say, and yes my comp is athletic. He did gymnastics and football before he came out so we're both on working out terms. Taua and Ma'i we haven't been able to meet with this week, cause being Matai's and everything, they're way busy so we weren't able to contact them this week but we're going to try and get them this week!!! This week we set goals to put more effort into FINDING people! We don't have a ton of SOLID progressing investigators and so it's been a little harder these past couple weeks, but we're working hard!

And I want to send just kind of like a spiritual thought, spiritual, testimony grower, that sounded really weird in English, I'm sorry, my English is kind of going down the dirt. anyways,
Saturday night, my comp and I went down to Poloa i lalo (Poloa down below) to visit 2 investigators, Alafua and Pacifika! Alafua is really interested, really loves conversin with us about our message, but doesn't want to change churches. So we testified to him of how there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, (Ephesians 5:4 or 4:5 I can't actually remember, I get a little confuzzled) and either The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church, or it's the church he attends. he's going to pray this week about it and we're going to keep up with him reading the Book of Mormon as well!! And then after, Pacifika kind of bailed on us cause he was with a bunch of buds and they were only on their first beer but he politely asked to reschedule because he didn't want to say anything disrespectful while we were there so we're meeting with him tomorrow.....hopefully(: So afterwards, one thing in Samoa is that it gets way dark around 7:30ish, and it was about that time when we were walking back up to Poloa i luga (Poloa above) and we just kind of sat down in the middle of the road halfway up, we didn't have any appts to go to for the night and we were way tired so we stopped for a bit on the mountain, and just looked up at the beautiful sky and stars and peaceful night...that sounds way cheesy but that's how it was!! And we just got to talking about blessings, (sorry tangent real quick, I've made it a goal to learn a Chirstlike attribute from each of my comps and with Elder Lamoreaux, it's been patience. Not because he bugs me or anything, he just likes to sit and think some times and honestly, with me before the mish, I would have bumped some music while sitting there, but the spirit has able to hit me more because I don't have that, and so I'm grateful for it cause honestly, while we sat there, it was like the Lord was there just looking over us, giving us a thumbs up and a pat on the back for the week saying, "Great job this week my sons". It was honestly like a Alma the missionary moment with the Lord, I'm not trying to sound sacreligous or anything, it was so spiritual and testimony builder!!! I LOVED IT!!!!

I loves Yous all and thankyou for the updates!! I'm finishing your little packages I'm going to try and send tomorrow! it's nothing huge, I just wanted to send you some fun things from Samoa!!


Elder Larson
Posing while his comp is grabbing a baby coconut on the beach that has naturally carbonated water in it.


Found some popsicles that melt faster than they can eat them.


Monday, November 2, 2015



How's Ya'lls week!!!??? I LOVED THE PACKAGE and so did my comp!!! Not gonna lie though, I did cry a little bit, but my comp was in the bathroom so that's alright! I want to send some small packages to You guys, so I'm gonna try and work that out cause I have extra money from the money we got reimbursed from the plane ride over here!

So honestly, my comp and I did not have a very good week, it was a struggle. but first I'll hit Ya with some funnies...sorta!
I got bit again by a stupid dog around my calf
We got a ride home from a drunk guy, we didn't die though thankfully
We had to break into our own house cause we left our key inside
And the dog by our house that we've fed a couple times, (we call him Stupid Disgusting cause the poor guy is flea ridden and just hair is falling out all over), BUT...these two other dogs we have to pass to get to our fale(house) attacked us, and he came riding so valiantly around the corner and took out both dogs and bit one of em on the neck and so they took off and he rode behind us til we hit the main road and then trotted back so valiantly to our house, so we now call him Valiant, or Stupid Disgusting the Valiant!

But for the week, we could'nt get into any house hardly, almost all our appts fell through for the week, everyone was drunk Saturday for Halloween so it was way sketch. But we did have Pilikaki's and Chris's baptisms on Saturday which helped the whole week get better! They we so excited and you could totally tell after they came out of the water they just seemed so peaceful and clean!!! I had the priviledge to baptize them but I want to get something straight that I don't really like that most missionaries say, is that "I got MY first two baptisms" or "I have 56 baptisms so far!" you don't. The Lord has chosen us as missionaries to go out and find the people HE has prepared for US to find! Now I understand missionaries have a big impact on the converts, but they're not converting to US, they're converting to HIM! I'm hope I don't sound like some preacher, because I'm not trying to sound like that, it's just I've made it my own thing not to say that they're MY baptisms cause they're not. Pilikaki's family has been trying to get him baptized for 10 YEARS we found out after the baptism! We were just the missionaries who had the priviledge to finish off what other missionaries had planted and the Lord led us to them. This is the Lord's work, not ours! Let's do it His way cause He does it BEST!!!!!! 

Sorry if I sounded like a ranting preacher, I didn't mean to be, it's just something that stuck out to me when people asked me if I got my first two baptisms. No but I had the priviledge to baptize 2 children of God, so they can fulfill their coventants with the Father! Anyways, Sorry for ranting, I just want to get that out there! 

It's kind of a wierd week, but I LOVED THE PICS Ya just sent!!! 

Elder Polbin Jacob Larson

Ps.THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!! Even though I cried a little bit, it was so awesome to get that package!!! LOVED IT ALL!!! Especially the little cards from all the fam and the awesome quote from Elder Bednar!!! it's the centerpiece for my desk....or what is like our desk!!
Colby with Pilikaki and Chris on their baptism day - Oct 31, 2015

Colby and Elder Lamoreaux taking a pic while emailing on p-day