Tuesday, November 29, 2016

11-13-16 - #MakuaLeaga #La'uVae

I apologize! These last two letters are out of order. No pictures on 11-20-16. The pictures on that post are for this week...11-13-16...so sorry!

Hey hey hey!! Well, this week was one for the books....sort of haha! 

Monday night I got very sick with a fever and didn't know what it was from. It was very weird...it was pretty bearable, and then it hit hard later that night.  I asked for a blessing! E Rarotoga went to get the 1st counselor, Fuiava Neti that lives behind us, and they both knelt and said a prayer. It was the absolute...words can't describe it....I just started too cry and my body just felt peace....my hands were like ice, but my body and head was like fire....and they hadn't even given the blessing yet. They then closed, gave the blessing, and then I fell asleep not too long after. When I woke up, the fever was just about completely gone...I know that the Lord was looking after me that night. His love for each of us is incomprehensible!!!! 

So Thursday, after our district meeting, we get a call from theZL's that my comp is getting transferred to Upolu tomorrow! We didn't even have time to say goodbye and it was a huge bummer ! I stayed with the Elders in McKay, which is a little ways over from our area. Then the ZL's picked me up in the morning to get my comp, E Fesolai, from Faleasi'u, Upolu. He finishes his mission next month right after Christmas... which is crazy! Shortly after we arrived home,  I started getting these fuafua (puffy bumps) on the top of my right foot, and I didn't think too much of it and it started getting a little swollen, but we went and tala'i anyway. That night my foot started to hurt really bad, and the fuafua (bumps) turned into these nasty pus filled bumps.  So we went to the doctor...oh man, third world hospitals, it's like I'm in a Bourne movie!! It's crazy!! Anyways, they wrapped it up and fixed it up a bit, we went back this morning to check it and re-wrap it...so get this, it's a hole now. Wish I took a pic before she re-wrapped it, but she put this creme on it that she said will help seal it up from the bottom. So that's us, we were trapped at home for the next couple days, but all is well,. Just found out my new comp served with E Lamoreaux!!!! I haven't seen him since he left Tuts...sidenote! 

Anyways, we're just reading every book we can find in the house, scriptures, samoan, english, some tongan haha! But, my foot should ke'a in a couple days, and we'll be back at it! One of the many things I like about E Fesolai is that he really wants to finish his mission on a high note, and he's ready to work, so I'm stoked for when we can get back at  it! Love you all! You are probably at church I think, but anyway, have a bomb as week to yous!! 

Elda Laason xoxo(;

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