Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/18/16 Hello from the other side!!

Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Haha I don't know how many times people play that here!!! Haha except they play a reggae version.....all day every day!! Hhaah!\\ Out on the street!

How's the fam doing!?!? I sent a letter last week, but I have NO idea when it will get to you...they don't have stamps over here so that is a serious problem..which by the way, is it alright in you next letter you put in heaps of stamps please?? 

Glad to hear everyone is just killing it on the fields home bros!! Keep killing it!!! And congrats Kyle on your patriarchal blessing!! You may have gotten it by now and it's all a blur, but as soon as you get the actual blessing, do what mom and dad did with mine and make a small copy, laminate it(sp?) then you can have it in your scriptures wherever you go!! Then once you get that, then let me know!

This week has been a blur as well!! haha It feels like I just sent you an email! Well, went to do the marriage for Kuinise and Pano on whole story. The marriage was supposed to be at 6 on Saturday, so we went to confirm with bishop, bishop called stake pres, stake pres said that we could do it earlier at 11 because there was another marriage he was finishing up in Papa, a couple villages over. So we hurried over to Pano and Kuinise to let them and the fam know, they got ready and headed over and we hit a couple more visits and then we went over to the fale sa. Well, we all got there at 11.....except for the stake pres. So bishop started calling him, his failaukusi...can't remember what that is in english...couldn't get a hold of him. So we're closing in on 12:30 as we've all been waiting for an hour and a half, finally get a hold of the failaukusi around 12:45ish, and he tells us that pres doesn't have all the papers to do the marriage and is going to we had to back and apologize to Kuinise and Pano about everything, it didn't hurt any of us, we were just worried about Pano, who just lost her baby. So Sunday comes around and the entire family doesn't show up to church. We went over yesterday night, and the dad, (the whole family are member converts form "09) and explained to us why none of them went to church. He was quite mad at the stake pres because he first, pushed the time forward within like an hour of the time he set to do the marriage, second, we all waited there for 2 hours for him to come, third, we couldn't get a hold of him because he shut his phone off, (we found out later). So we explained our end of the story, and we all got on the same page, but he was right, everything that I just explained about the stake pres happened. It was way sad because they were both so eager to get married and start fresh, but was completely shut down because of the miscommunication from the stake pres! Bishop was quite furious too but we'll have to see how things go in the next few weeks. The stake pres is getting released next month at stake conference so I think we're going to wait til then to do it, because of the riff that he has caused. But we're on good terms with the family still, they knew we and the bishop did our part and duty so were having FHE with them tonight and were super excited!! 

Well, spiritual thought for the week, I've gotten quite deep into my studies since reading Jesus the Christ, and a lot more things and doctrine make sense I was near the end of Jesus the Christ, and reading as well in the BoM, and I just got the 3 Nephi 11-27 again, where the Savior appears and teaches the Nephites. And I came to the conclusion, that
"Any sin, no matter how far you trace it back, with almost 100% of the time, begin with Selfishness...this is why we put so much emphasis on the Pure Love of Christ, or Charity. When we are continually thinking of others and the goodness and well being of them, we begin to find that our lives become fuller with joy and happiness and we see and partake together of the happiness and joy of those around us" Which also goes to the first and second GREAT commandments....Love thy God with all thine heart, might, mind and strength and Love they neighbor, like unto thyself...I think I messed up the wording but yous remember!! Challenge to do the LITTLE THINGS to help someone matter what it is, it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE and JOY to the person you'll help!!!

Love yous all and have a bomb as week!!!
Elder Larson (;

PS. For reals, don't worry about a package!! All I really want is letters! Really the only thing I need is stamps!! And I can get by with everything else!! LOVE YOUS!!!!

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