Wednesday, December 21, 2016

12-18-16 How's the 208?!?! Miss you all like crazy but I get to see you on Christmas! SO STOKED!!

Hello Family!!

Well, this week went by very slow, but so full of wonderful miracles... it was the BEST!!!!! So first, a miracle that happened this week! We went to Vaitoomuli to go recontact a lady named Pili who we hadn't seen in a while because we've been working in Faala a lot and because of my feet... a while back! So we went to go see her and her husband on Wednesday! So this is how is has been...she's been being taught for the past 2 years, and has been going to church every Sunday, but has continually said that there will be a time for her to be baptized, but she kept saying now is not the time. So we've been fasting, praying, hoping something will spark her desire to be baptized! Well, this Wednesday, we went and we sat down with the husband, Paepae, and we just started talking and he went into a HUGE explanation into how we as members of the church should never force anyone to come into the gospel otherwise, it will fall on us later if they fall away from the church. And then Pili came in and sat down with a HUGE smile on her face! Haha then Paepae, the husband went again into how the bishop was trying to force Pili to get baptized for some time now, and then said there will be a time for Pili to be baptized! And then Pili butted in and said, Hey, enough of talking like that! And then Paepae laughed, and explained that they were really glad we could make it today, because and his words were, "we are excited to let you two know that Pili now has the spirit and desire to be baptized." And then she just beamed again! I was speechless. This daughter of God, since I got here in August, and has been going to church the past 3-4 years, more often than some members, and since we had fasted and prayed, it just came out of no where! She then explained that she wanted this to be her gift to the Savior, the sacred Infant this time of year, as we remember him and what he did for us! And I could not have said it better! What a fantastic gift to give to the Savoir than to enter into the waters of baptism and covenant to take upon his name and follow him!!! And she said she wanted to get baptized this Saturday, and we got everything together somehow, made it work, and she was baptized 2 days ago and confirmed yesterday!! It was amazing!!

And then the day before, we went to visit Tanielu who really wants to be baptized, but hasn't been able to because his wife's divorce hadn't been finalized...but miracle number 2 for the week, we go to visit cause we had just gotten back from the bishops the day before and he told us that Tanielu wanted to be visited again! We hadn't visited in quite a while cause we could do nothing but wait for them to finalize it and every time we went over... before they would continually say that they couldn't get married, cause the wife's divorce wasn't closed completely, and so he couldn't be baptized. But low and behold, we went this Tuesday, and we start talking with his wife and asked again, if the divorce was completely closed. She said quite confidently, that's why we wanted you to come, because the case is completely closed so we can get married and Tanielu can get baptized! Holy miracle!! Same thing with Tanielu, its been like this, couldn't get married til this week, 2 has seemed like eternal investigators, both made it to the waters of baptism this week!! So Pili, Tanielu, and Fuaiupu all got baptized this week!! It was a crazy day, but with such a  spirit that only miracles can provide!! It was FANTASTIC!!! 

I testify that Christ lives. He was born and performed the Atonement for each and every one of us if we come to him with a broken heart and contrite spirit! He is eager to reach out to us, and as we come closer to him, he will raise us and we will have strength to overcome anything with his help! 

Love you all!!!
Elder Larson

Hey, so Pili's baptism, my Christmas tree, and my MTC mate!!!!! Back at it again!! He's my new ZL!!!

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