Monday, June 6, 2016


What's the haps happening??!?!?

How's the fam doing?!?!? 

Sounds like yous were busy as this week!! Props for everyone keep trucking through it all!! Awesome Dad traveled safe all week too!! Hope yous were able to get in some BoM reading!!!!

Props to the bros on the sport and jobs!! Keep it up homies!!! 

Welp, this week, Lucas and Keach, George's little brother got baptized!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! Lucas has been trying to get baptized since December!!!! And Keach's was sweet as too!!!!! He and his bro are so tight and they I have a feeling they are gonna be the one's that hold each other together in this gospel!!! So sweet as!! I'll send a pic! 

We also had a great split with with one of the youth in our ward, my comp went with Daryl and I went with Esau Murillo. His mom wants us to go out with him more, cause he's preparing for his mission and she is worried about him hanging out with the wrong crowd over the we're gonna work with him over the summer cause there is literally nothing for kids to do over here, that's why they get into the drugs, alcohol, immorality, and all that we're gonna set him on a crash course for a mish! Anyways, he and I went to one of his buddie's house to see if he would like to hear lessons or possibly the family would. Welp we got there and his buddy's name is Chris, and he and his little bros were taking out the garbage, and then we walked with them and just faamasani'ed with them and then we eventually made it back to the house...I thought we would just set another time to come visit, but he invited us in, and then told us to wait a minute and to check with his mom....apparently, from what Esau told me, his buddy's mom is a total bipolar crazy lady! When Esau went over the first time, the mom cussed him out and then 5 minutes later, she apologized and said she's normally really sweet haha! We never met her at the visit though, but we went inside and just talked about families! I guess his dad passed away about 2 years ago, and the family's been struggling a bit since he died...but we just kept bearing testimony of forever families and he started to tear up and then caught himself. Then we set a time to visit tomorrow, and we're gonna go back with Esau! We left the visit, and Esau just looked at me and was like, "how'd you do that?" And I said "do what?" He told me that the Chris he knew would've seen us and told us to come back another time cause they were busy. And that Chris opened up to me and just kept asking questions about the church, missions, was awesome! Haha I just laughed and told him it wasn't me that did any of that! It was the Spirit! Then we just kept chatting away about it, then we went and got ice cream cone's at Maca's and then went back and met up with Daryl and E Faalogo...but overall it was a great split cause I felt like I was able to help Esau do things differently than how I did before I left to help him have the best mission he could! 

Overall, we had a great week and the family of 6 are being baptized this Saturday at 12!!! So pumped for them all!! Hopefully we can get the grandma on board the salvation train!!!!

Love YOUS!!!
Elder Larson
George, Colby, and Keach...George baptized his younger brothers!

Another pictures with the bros.

This is a pic from Manua (from Elder Tuimauga)

5/30/16 - FAM in the 208!!!!!


Loved the emails this week!!! Haha feels like I haven't gotten one in ages from the bros! Haha the dog bite is fine no worries there! (He got another dog bite--it happens often apparently) It's slowly healing with the hippie salve!!! (Thanks Holly and Mike!!!!!) 

Here's a couple sentences for Garrett!!
"GAAAARRRRREEEEETTTTTT!!!! haha I love ya bud and hope that as you continue doing good things and following the perfect example of Jesus Christ, your parents will be proud of you and so is you Heavenly Father! Congradulations bud and keep the faith!! And take care of your brothers too!!!"

Welp, this is whats the week has been like.....
Wednesday-We had a conference with Pres Hanneman, his wife and the APs! Cool as experiences too!!! The whole morning the APs and Pres H and his wife taught about Find, Teach, and Baptize! And then the ZL's, the other DL, and I all taught a little 20 section through kind of like a station thing, and then we went on a blitz in the Leone elders area, back to the first area!!!! Welp, E Faalogo and I went with Pres H and his wife, and we were kind of in the back behind the rest of everyone going to the blitz, but we decided to take a different road, we began with a prayer, and then was off! The first house we came to a lady and a younger guy were sitting out front..and then we just went! We got to familiarize ourselves with them and then found out the lady wasn't a member, but the guy was, just less active for the last 12 years with his wife and kids...the lady and him are cousins, and she works for the first lady over here in American Samoa! The guy, Mayne, got beat up and looked in pretty bad shape a couple nights before and wasn't able to work to help his family out....BUT! We taught a little lesson on Plan of Salvation towards the woman, cause her dad passed away, and her mom is in Irie, or Irvis in Cali right now having treatment cause they cant' get good treatment over here cause the hospital stinks! We sang Families Can be Together Forever, and then while we were singing, we saw that Mayne, the guy, starting singing with us, mouthing the words, and then she was way crying at the end it was soooooooooooo spiritual!!!!! Cause to top it off, she told us afterwards she saw us walking, then saw us turn around to come down this road, and wanted to call out to us to stop by, but didn't want to interrupt or sound rude or anything, but when we ended up coming around the corner, she was so grateful, cause she wanted us to stop by!!!!!! Hopefully the elders there have followed up with her and his family!!!!! 

Jake wasn't able to get baptized this week, cause he still hasn't quit smoking, but he's reset for the 18th and he wanted to pay tithing so we helped him pay his tithing this week and it was sweet as to see him, not even a member yet, but still wants to help contribute to the Lord!!!!! WHAM!! And then Keech, George's little brother is getting baptized this Saturday fo sho!!!!!! George is gonna baptize him, it's gonna be cool as!!!!!! He's been such a skux and wants to follow his older brother, and hopefully bring his family back together and hopefully all of them into the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp, as yous can see as well, I'll be staying in Tafuna for another 6 weeks, which I actually pretty stoked so that I can see all these peeps get baptized!!!!! I'm stoked!!!! But THEN I'll be ready for Upolu or Savaii or something new!! 


Love Elda Laason!!!!
Not expecting the picture to be taken when I turned around


Me, they call us the 3 Wise Cousins

My comp

The Zone

5/23/16 - WAZZZZZUUUUUPPPPP???!?!?!?!


We didn't have a bap for last week, this week we have one though with Jake!!!!

This week was amazing!!!!!!! It finished amazing as well!!!! We have set for this Saturday a baptism with Jake, whom I've talked about in recent emails!! Well, we help re-haul his yard and side of the house for him while he was at work!! It was awesome!! Because the first thing he said when we met up again was, "How could this church NOT be true??" He said he's never had people love him like this before being so kind and helpful!! The only thing he has now to quit is smoking and he's cut back tremendously!! And then, Sunday, we met up with Keech, George's younger brother and taught him lesson one and he's getting baptized on June 4th!! This kids such a stud!!! He wants to follow his older brother, in hopes that it will bring his family together to know the truth!!! And THEN!!!! We went to bishop's to see if he had any families he wanted us to visit, the daughter was there and said the family that lives in front of them they brought to church last week and again this week!!! There's 8 of them in total!!! We met with them after church, taught lesson 1, and the spirit was so strong that we invited them to be baptized and 6 of them accepted!!!!! One little guy isn't 8 yet, and the grandma/mom is still a little skeptical, but we're meeting again with them on Tuesday and going to extend the invitation to the grandma again!! So then the whole family can be together!!! Forever!!!!!!! Such and amazing week!!!!!!!

And then this Wed, we're meeting with Pres Hanneman, transfers might be made on Thursday, cause that's what usually happens, but if not then transfers will be next week!! I really really want to stay one more transfer!! Just one!! But we'll see how the cards play out.,..

Elder Larson
This is by Maliu Mai, a little resort in our area that Daryl Crichton took us to.

With Daryl, who will head back to the Philippines for his mission.

Pretty cool picture

Service the old fashion way

Another sunset in paradise

5/16/16 - Le aso sefulu ma le lima o Me!


And holy smokes, haha Bro Anandan (his daughter is serving in the Hidden Springs Ward in the Boise Stake) just called us over here this morning to come visit this week!! Haha small world!! Please don't sing the song haha(; Jokes! Loved chatting with yous all on skype!!! It was crazy, I think Cade's a man already....I miss yous like crazy! Props to the bros with all their sports and birthday's!! Happy Belated B day Kyle and Happy B day this week Dad!! Haha its' so crazy to think about how old everyone is getting..haha being out here it seems like it should be like Narnia, and when I get back, everything's back to the same as it was but obviously not haha!!

Oh, basically the story about the preacher in Manu'a, is was a long while ago, but basically, the preacher beat the missionaries, went to Upolu, and then died a week later from a "sickness". That's pretty much all I know about it...

Well, bomb dizzy this week, we gots a bap date with Jake, haha the one I was telling yous about for the 28th of this month!! WAY COOL!!! And Ray Meaole, the guy we just baptized a couple weeks ago, is his biggest fellow shipper!!! The Lord works in wondrous ways!!!! And us and Daryl are helping one of his less active friends prepare for her mission!! She's come from way under, lots of different stuff that doesn't need to be brought up again, but basically she's turning her life around and wants to go serve! Her names Florrie! Nothing else crazy really happened this week, but thank yous for everything yous all do for me!! I can't thank yous enough for the blessing from my Father in Heaven!!!!

Love Elder Larson
I drew thsis with my eyes covered with the comp's directions! E LELEI KELE MA VA!!!!!

We went to Coconut Point in Nuuuli with the other elders after a devotional on Saturday fell through.

Another view of the beauty in American Samoa!

My comp really caught the mood in this pic

5/9/16 - HAPPY MOMS DAY!!!

Nothing to share on this day as we got to spend time Skyping with him on Mother's Day, but he did send some pictures.

Sounds like a great theme for a mission--NO LIMIT!!!

this is Daryl, he comes on splits with us before he heads back on his mission in the philippines!!

This is after church last week heading to our feed!

This is part of our district, the sisters in Mesepa and Faleniu and then us and Daryl after I went and did an interview for them on Friday.

5/2/16 - HEY FAM!!

So sorry not heaps of time and the other computer is busted but I just wanted to email yous all real quick!!!!

Here's this week, in a nutshell!

MATT TUNOA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! So, long story short, he has been the only nonmember of the family he married into since 2002, been to church off and on, but never really committed and has always been saying to his wife, "I'll get baptized when I'm ready!" So its been ages, and we've been searching for him since December, cause he hasn't been to church In a long as time! And E Tuimauga and I finally found him about a month ago, and on the first lesson, extended the invitation to baptism and he said YES!!! Both his wife and her sister were crying and it was just BOMB!!!!!!!! And he just got baptized this Saturday!! WOOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOOOOOP!! Strong as guy, not EVER going to leave the church!! 

Sorry it's not way long, we only had one computer this week, but I LOVE YOUS ALL AND HOPE YOUS HAVE A BOMB AS WEEK!!!


Elder Colbz Larson
Photo shoot with children from the 3rd Ward.

Another picture with the children from the 3rd Ward.

Matt was baptized!  Yeah!!!