Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Hey to the 208!!!
Looks like I caught you at a good time!! How's everyone doing?!?! Got the email... loved it!! Glad you guys are killing it on the field! Heard what went down!!

Well, first off.....Monday, sa ou pe'a se niu...haha ma makuai leaga a'u vae le vaiaso akoa! Ae, aua ke popole leai se isi mea ua faalekogu!! Kalai malosi, ai malosi, moe vaivai!! se'i vagaga e iai se faafekauli haha! 

Yeah, I climbed a Niu (a mountain) on Monday and almost Kuli-ed a niu! Messed up my feet really bad though so we were off and on throughout the week, but all is well, because we found these 3 youth that want to and are getting baptized this week!! Their whole fam is inactive, but we're doing a FHE tonight because the parents want them all to be baptized, because they love the teachings of the church for the kids! Lessons too! So yeah!! Tonight we're gonna do some magic and card tricks and talk about how the Book of Mormon can show us the mysteries of life if we pray and ask in faith! The dad isn't a member, but the mom is and we're hoping to bring them all back to the church!! 

Nothing much else happened, we were home hit for a couple days cause of my feet and everyone is calling me Kolipoki (Elder Groberg's Other Side of Heaven movie) now haha! It's a crack up, but we're loving the members and we're getting referals like crazy! It's so exciting and this week we're going to contact and hopefully be getting more into this amazing gospel!! 

I just want to bear my testimony, because it's the only way to faamautinoa....not sure the exact English translation...'make firm' my testimony! Besides studying and such!
I know this church is true with every fiber of my being. I KNOW, because of wonderous experiences I've had in my life, not just my mission. I've felt the love of God at times when I've been at my lowest. And I know the Lord knows us PERFECTLY!! He knows us better than anyone, especially ourselves!! As much as I miss you, I know this is where I need to be!! It brings me so much joy and happiness to see the joy and happiness in others!! Making them smile, laugh, come into this beautifully perfect gospel!! I LOVE IT!! Bros!! You HAVE to serve missions!! If I were to even attempt to sum up a mission in a few words...it would have to be ETERNALLY CHANGED!! Why? Because serving a mission puts you in a different state of mind! All your life you've had school, sports, friends, homework, T.V., phones, etc. Kind of blocking your progression. BUT, for 2 years, you put EVERYTHING aside and 24/7, you are learning more about the love of Christ, Christ himself, and helping others gain testimonies of their own in Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon! It's Eternally Changing!! And one more thing...on your mission, I'm going to tell you right now, at least once on your mission you will feel hopeless, helpless, lost and alone...but at this point in time, there is only one who you can turn to...and that is our Heavenly Father. He IS the ONLY one you can turn to! He, through the Spirit, will soften and strengthen your heart and testimony! I promise, because it's happened to me!! I know that He lives. I know that He's there. I know He sends the Spirit to soften and strength our hearts in Him and His Only Begotten Son!! Missions are WONDERFUL!!! You gotta GO!!!

Haha so funny for the week, I was talking in my sleep and then I woke my comp at like 3am while talking, he replied cause he thought I was awake, and then which kind of woke me up halfway, then we just completely woke up and talked for like an  hr and a half then went back to bed haha! My comp says Iv'e been talking in Samoan in my sleep which he thinks is a crack up! 

But anyways, that's us for the week! Not much, but so much at the same time! Love you all and hope it's all going well in the 208! (208 is Boise area code.)
Love Elder Larson xoxo(;

Ps. Don't worry about any packages really!!! Don't worry about any Christmas stuff or Birthday!! Really I don't want anything else!! Thanks so much for the rugby ball!!! 

I just love this pic!! No idea where my comp got it, but he said he got it from the states! 
A little "Kolipoki" moment from climbing a mountain!
Guess who I met in Savaii? Elder Reece a GREAT missionary & new friend of mine from back home!
(Elder Reece is my cousin Collin's good friend from Meridian, Idaho...SMALL WORLD!!!)

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