Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey hey hey!!!

How goes it?!?! Whats the haps?!? 

What's happening with everyone?? Congrats on the wins!! Sorry this is a very late email, we went to Salelologa and got back, comp emailed and then I just got on...

This week was quite wonderous!! Sale, Willie, and Viliamu were baptism 2 days ago, and we are working with the dad tonight at FHE and the whole fam! Mom is a member, less active, and the dad's not a member, so we're praying that tonight goes well! We have a couple fun games to play with them and we're excited to teach this great family! We're going to focus on forever families and the BoM and just pray that the Spirit is very strong with us! The dad wasn't able to attend the baptism, but the mom did, and was crying afterwards, and thanked us... so we're really hoping and praying for tonight!! Honestly, these kids are awesome and we love em!! Haha and the little sister, Rina, (5) funny! She's such a crack up! We play all these hand shakes, games, you name it with these guys, we've known them for a week, but it feels like we've know them for AGES!!This gospel is true. It doesn't get more simple than that! 

On another note, we are having so much fun just talking with people on the road, visits. We had one night where we were just singing songs with the kids in front of an abandoned store, just sitting on the benches, it was awesome!! Absultuely loving it here! It's going to hurt when I leave this erea. We've gotten really close with quite a few people!! Love em all! 

Played rugby for the first time in a while! Well, my comp played and I watched cause I'm still waiting for my feet to get better haha! But it looked very fun! We play in front of Sale and his bros house! 

We'll I've been getting B_U_R_N_E_D this past week, and finally peeling, but it's all good! People ask about my face in just about every visit ..."What happened?" haha! Apparently red isn't a very common color for a person's face! I look like a raccoon!! 

Praying for you everyday! Not a day goes by when I don't think about you all! Keep up the amazing... everything!! Can't say much more than that!
Shasta down in 5 seconds flat!

This great family was baptized last week!

I LOVE this gospel!
!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Love you all!!
Elder Larson (; God bless!! xoxox

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