Tuesday, March 28, 2017

I'm Back!! (We haven't heard from Elder Larson in 1 month...ahhh!!!) This is his first email since Feb. 14th. YAY!!

Hey fam! 

Sorry, the internet went down in our area for a while and I just got ET to Upolu! I'm in Siumu now with an Elder Clark, he hasn't been out very long and we're white washing the area so it'll be a new adventure, but definitely people have loved serving in this area so I'm excited! 

haha, I'm really sad to have left Faala and the work, but I'm just glad that E Leatigaga and Griffiths will continue it! I just want to bear my testimony real quick on exact obedience! The first transfer E Leatigaga and I were together we were both looking for changes in our mission, and really quickly we found that one of the fastest ways to miracles was exact obedience. But that whole transfer, we did not get one soul saved. We had set a goal of 10 believing that that was a goal that we could reach through exact obedience and hard work. But we ended up with not one soul saved. The next transfer began and we were super excited to continue hopefully start reaping our sowing efforts! And with exact obedience, miracles began to happen. The first week, we had 2 baptisms. Then next week had another 2 baptisms! The week after that we had 1 set but because of it being a ward conference week, it got pushed to the next week, then we had 2 baptisms on the 4th of march, then another 2 this last week, and then we have 2 set for this week! My 2 most favorite investigators Faamaga and Felolini! They are a small little family of 4 who used to be lotu LMS, and were looking for a change! It began with the wife Felolini and for a month and a half we worked with the family to get them married and then the husband turned his life 180 through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and they got married and are set to be baptized together this Saturday. Then when the ZL's called that I was gonna get ET, this was the first moment on my mission, where I truly felt Christlike love for this couple because being able to be apart of their conversion process, it was beautiful! They have completely changed the village. All they want is blessings for the people, themselves and their two little ones! Faamaga and I cried like kids saying goodbye, not being able to attend they're baptism, but I told them that I would attend in spirit, and that will do! I bore my testimony to them that I hope and pray they continue to faithfully serve in the church and next year, plan to go to the temple and be sealed together as an eternal family! These 2 wonderful souls would complete the 10 beautiful souls saved for that transfer, our goal for the transfer before! Exact obedience brings miracles, and not just to me and my comp but to those we were blessed to be a part of their conversion to Jesus Christ and His Atonement and Gospel! I love this work, ready to work here in Siumu with Elder Clark, and work miracles with the Lord! I say these things humbly is the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I was so sad leaving Faamaga and Felolini and missing their baptism this Saturday, but the Lord obviously has other plans for us, and we just need to trust! I wish I had my camera I forgot it back at the house so next week I'll send pics of this sweet fam! Honestly, my favorite fam on the mission!!! So great to be a part of their story!!! I love and miss them so much!! 

So sorry its' been ages since I've emailed, internet went down, but we're all good now with the internet over here! Love you... sorry no pics, but next week definitely!
Love Elder Larson :)

This is my zone with President Henneman and his wife.