Tuesday, September 13, 2016

09/11/16 WHAT'S UP MY FAM?!?!

What's the haps going down in the 208!?!? 
I miss you all sooooo much!! Letters are getting sent, just trying to get envelopes from the store first! 

How's the week been!?!? School?! Sports?!?

Well, another week in Savaii for the books!! I absolutely love it here! I clicked with a few families now so I don't feel like such a foreigner even though, I'll always feel that way because I'm white but whats new?! Well, all is good with investigators, the only problem with ALL of them is that they're all living with their partners and not married...so we've got lots of marriages to set up! We're like marriage councilors and hooking up the marriages instead of people haha! We've got a marriage this week with Togise and his partner, Pano. Pano just had a baby pass away, only 5 months old (along... we think) and born premature. So the Plan of Salvation right now is what she's clinging to! It happened like right before I got here...but they keep coming to church and are doing great now!! Not really anyone else is moving, like I said last week, I'm trying to keep my comp from going trunky cause he's only 4 months left, but there's stuff I need to work on so I'm working too haha! 

Spiritual thought...I'm almost done with Jesus the Christ, and it has been so amazing to read because it's going so much into the Saviors life and teachings that the bible could never give you all of it!! James E Talmage did an AMAZING work in putting it all together! It's testifies so powerfully of the Savior and his ministry here and earth and after! And this one goes out to anyone preparing for missions....ALMA 17-19!!! I want yous to first begin with a prayer and then STUDY YOUR TESTIMONY OUT OF IT!!!! And instead of reading Ammon, put your name Elder...or Sister...and I promise and more importantly the LORD promises that its is an INCREDIBLE tool to help prepare for yous missions!!

Love You all and hope you are having a bomb as week!!!

Elder Larson (;

So this is literally me turning and taking a pic next to the side of the road!!! It feels like I'm in a Doctor Seuss book!!! 
Its soo cool!!!!(;

Thought I'd send some throwbacks...cause I don't have any good pics from this week!!

The Crew!! Elders and members going on splits!

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