Tuesday, September 13, 2016

08/08/16 Famalay!!

What's the haps fam!?!? 

Well, sounds like you have been very busy lately haha!! Props to you all!! Hope you're enjoying the sun, and how dry it is over there. haha!! 

Well, we saw Sister Anandan on Tuesday with her dad! We're gonna have feed with them on Thursday this week and talk more! But she filled me in on what the haps has been lately!! More on Thursday! 

Then we went and no one was really moving this week, so Elder Faalogo and I decided to take matters into our own hands. President is always quoting from Elder Christopherson, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten." So we're doing something different! We're setting up a ward cricket game for 2nd ward where the leaders are most willing to help and the bishop just got changed so he's super willing to help with missionary work cause he and his wife both served missions in the Phillipines (sp?)!! Super stoked cause our aim for this is for next Saturday and we're going to do breakfast and lunch and we're hoping to bring all the less actives and nonmember friends for more people to teach!! It's gonna be very exciting and we're really hoping if it goes well, we're going to do it for the other wards! 

And on another subject....there's something I want to talk about to future missionaries, missionaries, and RM's....To the RM's and the missionaries now, I think we can all agree that as soon as you are called as a missionary, you are also called as a psychiatrist, wedding councilor, addiction councilor, parent, and problem solver of anything ever imaginable!! Haha I learned that this week with Patrick, active member from Upolu who is trying to get his family back to church because of a situation that happened years ago with the prior bishop, and they're all going to Assembly of God now. So we ended up talking with him almost all night Saturday night and he was concerned because the family doesn't allow him to go to our church on Sundays, and forces him to go to Assembly. But he know is giving a lauga (speech) in their church like 3 Fridays in a row and he kept asking us for help with the lauga, because he wants to share our doctrine in their church, but he doesn't want anyone to help him but us. We tried the bishop, taitai misiona, councelors, isi taitai, anybody, but he won't take any help from anyone else but us. We ended up just telling him to share his testimony for all 3. We can't really help him a ton cause he doesn't come to church on Sundays, but all we could really tell him was talk about repentance and faith in Christ. No one in their church is going to be willing to anything else because their hearts won't be open. It taught me a lot talking with him, because he served a mission, he's an RM, and his heart is in the right place, but the family is just pulling him away from the church. I honestly just wanted to tell him to go back to Upolu, he had a stake calling and everything, and here he's just getting pulled farther and farther away. His family here drinks and smokes now and we think he's even getting into that now from one of his calls earlier. All we could do was bear testimony to him and hope he makes the right decision. It's almost like being a parent. We see all these people who are moving into the gospel and we're VERY HAPPY for them!! Then, on the other end, we see members fall away because of family in other churches and its sad...all you want for them is the happiness they can feel in the gospel and the Pure Love of Christ...but they have their agency, they have their choice, all we can do is love and set examples for them to come back! A scripture for those who feel like they are being hit at every which way with temptations, I have a scripture for you about our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ and His Atonement...
"The Savior hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succor them that are tempted" Heb 2:18
And then as the Savior helps you along take this from a popular hymn, sang often...
"Doubt not the Lord nor His goodness [for] we've proved Him in days that are past"

Love you all and hope you have a bomb as week!!! LOVE YOUS!
Elder Larson

Elder Faalago and I this morning. Getting ready to paint a roof. We'll see how that goes...hmmm!

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