Tuesday, September 13, 2016

8/22/16 Hey Hey Hey from the 684! ( My area code)

Hey hey hey!!! Sorry this weeks is gonna be kind of short cause there's heaps of things happening!! 

It was a crazy week!! This week Saturday we had our ward cricket game and primary slip n slide and it was such a bomb as turn out!!!!!! Heaps of less actives and ward members came! We had a few investigators turn up and they said they really enjoyed it!!! Hopefully we can get them started down a good path for the other elders!! Fetu is getting baptized later at the beginning of next month in September cause he couldn't get leave off for Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully at the beginning of the month next month!! Chris... we're still pushing him, he's getting better but we'll see where he goes! We're hoping we can push Esau to continue to help him to quit smoking! Holy smokes....so do you remember when I said a couple months ago that probably the coolest transfer would be to get called to Savaii with a native and where no one speaks english.....well, the transfer calls came last night.....and my comp and I are both getting transferred! E Faalogo is going to Lauli'i in Upolu with E Shwenke from my intake and I'm going to Faala in Savaii with E Taulolo, where E Faalogo's dad is from!! We're both stoked but at the same time we're both going to really miss this area! I'm going to miss the members, the investigators, and especially those who we were able to help bring into the gospel!!! George Tanoa, the family of 6, Keetch, Matt, Ray, Lilio!! They're all the BOMB and I'm going to miss them like crazy!!!! Tafuna is honestly might be my favorite erea of all time!! I've learned lessons here from comps, members, investigators, blessings, that I will NEVER trade for ANYTHING EVER!! It's helped me become a better person and come closer to my Savior and I will never forget those I met here!! I feel like I'm leaving home again cause I've been here so long, but it'll be for the better and the Lord needs me elsewhere. My work here in this erea is done. But hopefully my influence stays, but most importantly, all I really wish and pray is that all those I came in contact with and met stay true to the gospel and stay strong with the Lord!!

Anyways, sorry it's super short, theres quite a few things we need to get ready for when we leave but I love You and hope You have a bomb as week!!!(;

Love Elder Larson xoxo

No pictures this week. He forgot his camera...:(

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