Tuesday, September 13, 2016

8/28/16 Se Tama Samoa

Sorry this is going to be super short, I don't have a lot of time, but I just wanted to let everyone know we made it safe over here! Haha no sickness, no nothing! I thank my Father in Heaven for keeping us safe! I had such a blast in Tafuna and I already miss the peeps like crazy!!!! It was like I was leaving for my mission again, we had such a close bond with members, investigators, and recent converts it was hard to leave! But, the Lord calls and you gotta go! Nough said...So far, I've spoken to 2 people who know English, and everyone's Samoan here is like 3x faster than ANYONE spoke in Tutuila!!! Its nuts!! My comp doesn't speak English either so I'm speaking Samoan 24/7...literally!! My comp, Elder Taulolo said the first night I was speaking Samoan so that's a start I guess! haha We cover 3 wards over here again!!! Faala 1st, 2nd, and Vaitoomuli!! So far so good! Faamasani with families and the bishopric! So far so good! Patience is a virtue! Especially with yourself! And Prayers are being said constantly for help!! If you think you can do missionary work by yourself, learn the language by yourself.....your dead wrong!! We always need God, no matter what circumstance, good or bad, we need never to forget Him and His infinite love for each and every one of us!! Love you all and hope you all have a bomb as week!!!


Elda Laason!!!(;

This little guys name is Bryan...it's a family that lives right behind our house.

This was at the airport, I'm going to miss this guy like crazy!!! He was like another little brother! My luggage was too heavy, so I gave him some of my stuff...Capital Football shorts!

This is my study desk....LOVE IT!!

We got to eat fish and noodles with this family... Isn't he fun?

This is the court outside of the church building...second story. Beautiful, huh?

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