Monday, June 6, 2016


What's the haps happening??!?!?

How's the fam doing?!?!? 

Sounds like yous were busy as this week!! Props for everyone keep trucking through it all!! Awesome Dad traveled safe all week too!! Hope yous were able to get in some BoM reading!!!!

Props to the bros on the sport and jobs!! Keep it up homies!!! 

Welp, this week, Lucas and Keach, George's little brother got baptized!!!!!!!! It was awesome!!!!!!! Lucas has been trying to get baptized since December!!!! And Keach's was sweet as too!!!!! He and his bro are so tight and they I have a feeling they are gonna be the one's that hold each other together in this gospel!!! So sweet as!! I'll send a pic! 

We also had a great split with with one of the youth in our ward, my comp went with Daryl and I went with Esau Murillo. His mom wants us to go out with him more, cause he's preparing for his mission and she is worried about him hanging out with the wrong crowd over the we're gonna work with him over the summer cause there is literally nothing for kids to do over here, that's why they get into the drugs, alcohol, immorality, and all that we're gonna set him on a crash course for a mish! Anyways, he and I went to one of his buddie's house to see if he would like to hear lessons or possibly the family would. Welp we got there and his buddy's name is Chris, and he and his little bros were taking out the garbage, and then we walked with them and just faamasani'ed with them and then we eventually made it back to the house...I thought we would just set another time to come visit, but he invited us in, and then told us to wait a minute and to check with his mom....apparently, from what Esau told me, his buddy's mom is a total bipolar crazy lady! When Esau went over the first time, the mom cussed him out and then 5 minutes later, she apologized and said she's normally really sweet haha! We never met her at the visit though, but we went inside and just talked about families! I guess his dad passed away about 2 years ago, and the family's been struggling a bit since he died...but we just kept bearing testimony of forever families and he started to tear up and then caught himself. Then we set a time to visit tomorrow, and we're gonna go back with Esau! We left the visit, and Esau just looked at me and was like, "how'd you do that?" And I said "do what?" He told me that the Chris he knew would've seen us and told us to come back another time cause they were busy. And that Chris opened up to me and just kept asking questions about the church, missions, was awesome! Haha I just laughed and told him it wasn't me that did any of that! It was the Spirit! Then we just kept chatting away about it, then we went and got ice cream cone's at Maca's and then went back and met up with Daryl and E Faalogo...but overall it was a great split cause I felt like I was able to help Esau do things differently than how I did before I left to help him have the best mission he could! 

Overall, we had a great week and the family of 6 are being baptized this Saturday at 12!!! So pumped for them all!! Hopefully we can get the grandma on board the salvation train!!!!

Love YOUS!!!
Elder Larson
George, Colby, and Keach...George baptized his younger brothers!

Another pictures with the bros.

This is a pic from Manua (from Elder Tuimauga)

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