Monday, June 6, 2016

5/30/16 - FAM in the 208!!!!!


Loved the emails this week!!! Haha feels like I haven't gotten one in ages from the bros! Haha the dog bite is fine no worries there! (He got another dog bite--it happens often apparently) It's slowly healing with the hippie salve!!! (Thanks Holly and Mike!!!!!) 

Here's a couple sentences for Garrett!!
"GAAAARRRRREEEEETTTTTT!!!! haha I love ya bud and hope that as you continue doing good things and following the perfect example of Jesus Christ, your parents will be proud of you and so is you Heavenly Father! Congradulations bud and keep the faith!! And take care of your brothers too!!!"

Welp, this is whats the week has been like.....
Wednesday-We had a conference with Pres Hanneman, his wife and the APs! Cool as experiences too!!! The whole morning the APs and Pres H and his wife taught about Find, Teach, and Baptize! And then the ZL's, the other DL, and I all taught a little 20 section through kind of like a station thing, and then we went on a blitz in the Leone elders area, back to the first area!!!! Welp, E Faalogo and I went with Pres H and his wife, and we were kind of in the back behind the rest of everyone going to the blitz, but we decided to take a different road, we began with a prayer, and then was off! The first house we came to a lady and a younger guy were sitting out front..and then we just went! We got to familiarize ourselves with them and then found out the lady wasn't a member, but the guy was, just less active for the last 12 years with his wife and kids...the lady and him are cousins, and she works for the first lady over here in American Samoa! The guy, Mayne, got beat up and looked in pretty bad shape a couple nights before and wasn't able to work to help his family out....BUT! We taught a little lesson on Plan of Salvation towards the woman, cause her dad passed away, and her mom is in Irie, or Irvis in Cali right now having treatment cause they cant' get good treatment over here cause the hospital stinks! We sang Families Can be Together Forever, and then while we were singing, we saw that Mayne, the guy, starting singing with us, mouthing the words, and then she was way crying at the end it was soooooooooooo spiritual!!!!! Cause to top it off, she told us afterwards she saw us walking, then saw us turn around to come down this road, and wanted to call out to us to stop by, but didn't want to interrupt or sound rude or anything, but when we ended up coming around the corner, she was so grateful, cause she wanted us to stop by!!!!!! Hopefully the elders there have followed up with her and his family!!!!! 

Jake wasn't able to get baptized this week, cause he still hasn't quit smoking, but he's reset for the 18th and he wanted to pay tithing so we helped him pay his tithing this week and it was sweet as to see him, not even a member yet, but still wants to help contribute to the Lord!!!!! WHAM!! And then Keech, George's little brother is getting baptized this Saturday fo sho!!!!!! George is gonna baptize him, it's gonna be cool as!!!!!! He's been such a skux and wants to follow his older brother, and hopefully bring his family back together and hopefully all of them into the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welp, as yous can see as well, I'll be staying in Tafuna for another 6 weeks, which I actually pretty stoked so that I can see all these peeps get baptized!!!!! I'm stoked!!!! But THEN I'll be ready for Upolu or Savaii or something new!! 


Love Elda Laason!!!!
Not expecting the picture to be taken when I turned around


Me, they call us the 3 Wise Cousins

My comp

The Zone

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