Sunday, July 17, 2016

06/13/16 - Baptisms and Hospital


First and foremost!!!!! HAPPY BDAY KEATO!!!!!! YOU'RE 10 BRO!!!!! You're so old!!!! LOVE YOU BRO!!! Hope you and the fam are having fun at the tramp place and have fun at dinner and ice cream!!!! Hope you had a bomb as BIRTHDAY!!!! LOVE YOU MAN!!

And congrats to Garrett on his baptism!!!!! Turning 8 and moving forward, through Faith in Jesus Christ!!!! Keep it up Cuz!!!

Welp, yes, this week was wondrous!!! Tusiga(32), Juliet(14), Hariat(10), Salvation(14), Josie(12), and Toluvalu(11) all got baptized this Saturday!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!! All 6 of them!!! Now we're going to work with the grandma, Mati, and hopefully get her baptized here with her fam!!! We're way tight with the family and they are just the best!!!! Haha they're all hilarious!!! They're from Upolu and so they don't know a ton of English which helped me and my comp out cause we literally couldn't speak English at ALL with this fam!!! Usually if we can't explain something in Samoan, they'll understand a word or 2 here and there, but this fam was straight SAMOAN!! They were all just beaming at the baptism service and when each one got into the font, they were just on fire!! Hariat was so short though haha, she swam into the font, and we did the ordinance on the step cause she was so short haha!! They're bomb as!!! Haha, on another fun note, I got way dehydrated on Wednesday night, and we went to the hospital with Alex Willis at like 1 in the morning haha cause our ZL's weren't picking up and neither were the spiritual parents so we were at the hospital til 7 in the morning haha! I'll send yous pics it's funny as!!

Welp, Daryl is leaving this Friday back to the Philippines so we're probs gonna be on splits all week with him and Jr Faasao, bishop's son, who's an RM! I think I'm beginning to understand why I stayed here one more transfer...we'll see what the future holds, but I'm positive that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves!! We may think one direction or a decision that we want, may be the best, but the Lord will surprise you EVERY TIME!! I honestly wanted to leave this area by last transfer, but the last 2 weeks have helped me understand why I'm still here! Keach and Lucas' baptism last week! Tusiga and fam this week! I've grown such a love for the people that the mission has become an actual joy and wonder for me!! Seeing the beaming faces of them going into baptism and coming out, it's just the BEST!!!!!! They're lives have changed drastically forever and for the better!!! Now, we're all at the point of enduring to the end....and it's up to our attitude and desire to Love God if we are to endure all the way to eternity! It's not easy, no one said it was going to be easy....BUT, it will most definitely be WORTH IT!!!!

I love yous all and have a sweet as week and safe travels!!!! LOVE YOUS!!!!
Elder Larson =P

Here is part of the crew!

We did service this week for a family, that we basically went in and it was like those remodeling shows, where they tear the place apart and then build it back up! It was way nasty, but way cool when we finished!!

Waiting room for 4 hours...woohoo!

Three hours longer and still waiting!

Here is the whole crew!
This is us and Toluvalu haaha!

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