Monday, June 6, 2016

5/23/16 - WAZZZZZUUUUUPPPPP???!?!?!?!


We didn't have a bap for last week, this week we have one though with Jake!!!!

This week was amazing!!!!!!! It finished amazing as well!!!! We have set for this Saturday a baptism with Jake, whom I've talked about in recent emails!! Well, we help re-haul his yard and side of the house for him while he was at work!! It was awesome!! Because the first thing he said when we met up again was, "How could this church NOT be true??" He said he's never had people love him like this before being so kind and helpful!! The only thing he has now to quit is smoking and he's cut back tremendously!! And then, Sunday, we met up with Keech, George's younger brother and taught him lesson one and he's getting baptized on June 4th!! This kids such a stud!!! He wants to follow his older brother, in hopes that it will bring his family together to know the truth!!! And THEN!!!! We went to bishop's to see if he had any families he wanted us to visit, the daughter was there and said the family that lives in front of them they brought to church last week and again this week!!! There's 8 of them in total!!! We met with them after church, taught lesson 1, and the spirit was so strong that we invited them to be baptized and 6 of them accepted!!!!! One little guy isn't 8 yet, and the grandma/mom is still a little skeptical, but we're meeting again with them on Tuesday and going to extend the invitation to the grandma again!! So then the whole family can be together!!! Forever!!!!!!! Such and amazing week!!!!!!!

And then this Wed, we're meeting with Pres Hanneman, transfers might be made on Thursday, cause that's what usually happens, but if not then transfers will be next week!! I really really want to stay one more transfer!! Just one!! But we'll see how the cards play out.,..

Elder Larson
This is by Maliu Mai, a little resort in our area that Daryl Crichton took us to.

With Daryl, who will head back to the Philippines for his mission.

Pretty cool picture

Service the old fashion way

Another sunset in paradise

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