Monday, June 6, 2016

5/16/16 - Le aso sefulu ma le lima o Me!


And holy smokes, haha Bro Anandan (his daughter is serving in the Hidden Springs Ward in the Boise Stake) just called us over here this morning to come visit this week!! Haha small world!! Please don't sing the song haha(; Jokes! Loved chatting with yous all on skype!!! It was crazy, I think Cade's a man already....I miss yous like crazy! Props to the bros with all their sports and birthday's!! Happy Belated B day Kyle and Happy B day this week Dad!! Haha its' so crazy to think about how old everyone is getting..haha being out here it seems like it should be like Narnia, and when I get back, everything's back to the same as it was but obviously not haha!!

Oh, basically the story about the preacher in Manu'a, is was a long while ago, but basically, the preacher beat the missionaries, went to Upolu, and then died a week later from a "sickness". That's pretty much all I know about it...

Well, bomb dizzy this week, we gots a bap date with Jake, haha the one I was telling yous about for the 28th of this month!! WAY COOL!!! And Ray Meaole, the guy we just baptized a couple weeks ago, is his biggest fellow shipper!!! The Lord works in wondrous ways!!!! And us and Daryl are helping one of his less active friends prepare for her mission!! She's come from way under, lots of different stuff that doesn't need to be brought up again, but basically she's turning her life around and wants to go serve! Her names Florrie! Nothing else crazy really happened this week, but thank yous for everything yous all do for me!! I can't thank yous enough for the blessing from my Father in Heaven!!!!

Love Elder Larson
I drew thsis with my eyes covered with the comp's directions! E LELEI KELE MA VA!!!!!

We went to Coconut Point in Nuuuli with the other elders after a devotional on Saturday fell through.

Another view of the beauty in American Samoa!

My comp really caught the mood in this pic

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