Monday, June 6, 2016

5/2/16 - HEY FAM!!

So sorry not heaps of time and the other computer is busted but I just wanted to email yous all real quick!!!!

Here's this week, in a nutshell!

MATT TUNOA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! So, long story short, he has been the only nonmember of the family he married into since 2002, been to church off and on, but never really committed and has always been saying to his wife, "I'll get baptized when I'm ready!" So its been ages, and we've been searching for him since December, cause he hasn't been to church In a long as time! And E Tuimauga and I finally found him about a month ago, and on the first lesson, extended the invitation to baptism and he said YES!!! Both his wife and her sister were crying and it was just BOMB!!!!!!!! And he just got baptized this Saturday!! WOOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOOOOOOOOOP!! Strong as guy, not EVER going to leave the church!! 

Sorry it's not way long, we only had one computer this week, but I LOVE YOUS ALL AND HOPE YOUS HAVE A BOMB AS WEEK!!!


Elder Colbz Larson
Photo shoot with children from the 3rd Ward.

Another picture with the children from the 3rd Ward.

Matt was baptized!  Yeah!!!

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