Monday, August 1, 2016

07/11/16 - July 11th!

HEY HEY HEY!!! How's the fam?!?!

So sorry this weeks is gonna be really short, we're low on time, but know I love yous!!!!

So this week, we met with President on Tuesday and E Tuimauga was there!!!! It was sweet as to see him!! Haha and he's still losing weight!! Haha but the training with President was way amazing!!! I learned so much, and this is one of the coolest things I learned.....each companion had to teach 3 principles from a chapter of the doctrine of Christ we were given! E Faalogo and I got 3 Nephi 27 and our 3 principles were Faith, Prayer and Repentance. But one of the coolest things I wanted to share was what I was pondering while another companionship was teaching! I was thinking about Prayer......and I am so guilty of it, at night and in the mornings, we are so tired that we just get up on our knees, say the same prayer we always say, and then pass out or get and get ready for the day...but I want to give to those, including me, a little way that I was thinking of prayer that day. 

Every time you kneel and close Your eyes, I want You to picture You're in a perfectly white room kneeling, You haven't' begun Your prayer yet though....a door opens to Your right and a Perfect Someone, in a Shining White Robe, and  walks into the room beaming. Neither of you say a word yet...You watch as He comes and kneels down in front of You, still beaming, like a proud father of his son...yet no words are still said. Then You begin and address Him as Your Father In Heaven, Your Creator. You thank Him for all that He has given You and blessed You with and You give an accounting of Your day. He stays sitting there, yet to speak a word, still smiling, as You also ask for help in the coming days for those around You, family, friends, and THEN for Yourself. And then You close in Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten, Amen. He never utters a word but as You finish, You feel His embrace around You as You finish and it's just a warm comforting feeling that everything is going to be OK. And then You open Your eyes and Your Prayer is finished. Now I don't give this as a must, but I've found that as we really picture what we are praying for and what Prayer actually is...Prayer is our ONLY COMMUNICATION with our Loving Father in Heaven and He desires to help us, but it's all according to us. He has every means to help us, but if we don't ask, we will never receive. "Ask and Ye shall Receive, Knock and it shall be Opened unto You"!!!!

Elder Larson!!

Sorry this is way short, we're short on time but I love Yous!!

This one is for you Mom! (Papa used to call her "Famous Amos")

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