Tuesday, August 2, 2016

07/25/16 - HEY HEY HEY FAM!!!!!!

HOWS THE LIFE!?!? How's the 208??

Welp, this weeks been another one for the books!! Loving it!!! Haha we did weekly planning and had a really awesome talk with Alex Willis about his mission and questions we had and we went through our weekly planning and are going to keep those who really have a desire to move forward! It was cool cause we talked with Alex and he was explaining to us a talk that Brad Wilcox gave them about how the people they find really starts with when we as missionaries explain the First Vision and Joseph Smith...THAT is when Satan attacks the investigators once we begin to share and if they are receptive to the message of Joseph Smith, You have a sweet building block to go off of...if not, they'll go and start attacking Joseph Smith as a prophet....you'll know where to go from there, following the Spirit, You can't go wrong! 

Ben, from first ward, is getting baptized this Saturday!! He's way excited for it and we're way excited for him!! He's 24 and took lessons ages ago, but then lost contact with the elders, but we found him again, finished and he's ready to be baptized! Hopefully it will bring the less active family back to church as well!! We'll see how it goes!! Chris is still working on smoking almost done, he hasn't smoked for 4 days but the only problem is everyone around him...mom, friends, they all smoke... But he's sticking to it! We've just got to stay with him and keep in close contact during the week! 

Other than that, we're pretty much starting from scratch! We cleared everyone that was just moving in a circle, with no real intent to change, and we're going to start fresh!! It's giving us a new sense of hope that we'll prayerfully be able to find some people ready to go, prepared by the Lord!!!

And to finish...here's a quote that I JUST LOVE!!!!!(;

"Everything will work out in the end. If it does not work out...it's not the end." -Pres Gordon B Hinckley

You's have a great one this week!!! 
Love ya....Elder Larson

Paul Nielson and I on a split
Dabbing...I guess
This is after our split with Paul Nielsen and Taulelei Masima

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