Sunday, July 17, 2016

07/04/16 - Happy American Samoan 4th of July!!!!

Haha chess chess, they do celebrate the 4th over here!! Haha but I don't think we'll have fireworks haha! 

Welp, this week, just as crazy as the last!!! We've really been utilizing the members and it's working wonders!!!! Haha I wish I would've learned this WAAAAY earlier in my mission!!! We went on crazy amounts of splits with young adults and our taitai misiona's and we're finding and teaching heaps of new peeps!!! We found 2 old men, Toa and Fetu, one in third and the other in 2nd, but getting the opportunity to teach people this old is unheard of because they are usually WAAAYY strong in the church they go to!!! But they both have great fellow shippers and Fetu accepted baptism, and we're going to set a date for him this week!!! And Toa's whole family is going to move down here from Hawaii and hopefully we'll be able to teach them as well!! It's going crazy good over here!!! On another note, Pres is coming this week, so some may get transferred cause that's what usually happens, but we'll see!! I'm praying for Upolu or Savaii!!! But we'll see what the Lord has in store!!! Chris is doing good, loves the gospel, his only thing is smoking so we're gonna really try and help this kid out with that!! He loves the church and knows its true, now it's just a matter of doing!!

We actually in our last island conference with Pres, that's what we talked about and I want to apply it to us as members as well!! It starts of with a triangle, and then each side has a word linked to side says, Know. Another is to Feel. And then the last one is Do. Most of us KNOW the gospel is true, because we FEEL it!! But what are we DOING about it??? Heaps of us get stuck at the DO part, either we don't know what to do, where, when, etc!! But it's honestly not as hard as we make it seem!!! I have a challenge for everyone to watch Elder Jeffrey Hollands talk called, "The First and Great Commandment!" It is BOMB and it will explain a lot of this HEAPS better than I can!!! 

Love yous all and have a sweet as week!!!!!

Elder Larson!!!(;

An investigator took this pic....and it just looks awesome


We were supposed to do a bonfire with the YSA and we brought Fetoai with us, but we ended up not doing anything and just taking pics with George, Lani (stake pres daughter, RM, getting married in like a month!) and then Fetoai

Words can't really describe this one...its just SWEET.

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