Tuesday, August 2, 2016

07/18/16 - O Lo'u Aiga Fiafia e Faavavau!!!!

How's everyone doing!!??

Comps doing great!! We're putting in work, like I said this week FLEW BY!! Haha yeah my year mark is coming up, but honestly I'm not as pumped as I thought I was...it'll probs just pass and go and then that'll be it haha! Haha yeah we've been exercising heaps! I'm just getting bigger though, but bulky haha! We haven't had heaps of Samoan food lately which is a bummer, but we had lasagna for our toonai yesterday after church and salad!! IT WAS BOMB AS!!!
This week FLEW by!!! And it was wonderful!! We contacted Tui, a referral from E Tuimauga, a man from Manu'a whose wife and daughter got baptized just recently a few weeks ago!! Tui and his son, Tui, are both going out of town for 2 weeks for a surgery, but will be back by the end of the month!! We talked with him and he really liked the teachings of the church, and has a desire to be baptized....the only problem that still stands in the way is that he holds a really high position in a church over there in Manu'a. BUT, the faifeau has left to the states and he doesn't know if he'll be coming back soon. If not, he'll get baptized! So we're praying and hoping that we can get his lessons and things done before, or even if, the faifeau comes back!
And then we contacted Salele'a, another older man that Pres Lotulelei knows and he used to take discussions years ago, and as a kid, he grew up with his best friends as Mormons, the only thing that held him back was that his dad was a faifeau. BUT, we hope to continue with his kids and hopefully if his kids begin to be baptized, then he will have more support and leeway to come to the gospel!!!
We're working with Fetu and hopefully going to set a date for him for next week!! The bishopric just got changed in 2nd ward, so we don't have a ward mission leader now, but that's all goods, we'll make it work! But anyways!! Chris is doing really good, he's almost stopped smoking completely!!! He's getting help from his recruiter too cause he's going into the marines once he graduates so hopefully he'll be able to get baptized at the beginning of next month!! And Ben, from 1st ward, is doing phenomenal, we're onto lesson 3 with him, and he's loving it! He remembered the Plan of Salvation on Sunday, when we taught it and it totally on board!! Moving the work, seeing blessings in the lives of investigators and members, couldn't ask for a more blessed place to be right now!!
Lovin the work, and pushin it forward!! There are a couple quotes from conference and from a Thomas S Monson quote book we borrowed from a  member!!
"Decision is of little account unless it is followed by action"
"No one is proud of what he intends to do"
"Through the Holy Ghost, we experience "the multitude of [Christ's] tender mercies and miracles that do not cease"-E Robert D Hales
"Blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble"-Alma
Love Yous all and have a bomb as week!!
Elder Laason!!!

This was last p-day after service at Maliu Mai

Me, Josie, Hariet and Amataga....they got baptized in June

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