Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/31/16 - Extra Pics and Story from Elder and Sister Schaefermeyer

Story from Elder and Sister Schaefermeyer upon meeting Colby when he arrived in American Samoa.

Elder Lamaroux - right (from Idaho, a trainer who has only been out 4 months, we met him in the MTC)

Elder Larson - left (from Idaho via the MTC) - His is a great story.  He get motion sickness very easily and the small plane ride from Apia to Pago was very rough.  He got sick and the fellow behind him kept handing him barf bags and patting his back.  When we met them, the Samoan fellow who had been behind him came up and asked, "How you feeling Kolipoki."  It was so cute.  Well, he was green all day.  We finally got him and Lamaroux to their home on the far west end of the island.  This is an area they whitewashed so they are both new to the area.  It gives us something to do, to keep in contact with them.

Playing rugby with his zone.

Playing a little towel volleyball.

Trying to eat an Oreo cookie from his forehead...we assume he failed with no cookie in his mouth.

One of the first photos of Colby on the far right in his first area.

American Samoa missionaries - Colby is second row, third from the left

Eating Thanksgiving dinner - you can see Colby's head looking at the food near the front of the table on the right.

Same picture as above, but from a different angle.

Colby is standing to the left holding a cup and either eating or licking his fingers.

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