Monday, April 4, 2016

04/04/16 - O ITATOU UMA LAVA O LE AIGA (Samoan rendition of "We are Family")

HELLO HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are yous all doing!?!?!? 


Favorite talks were BOTH of Pres Dieter F Uchtdorf's talks and Elder Kevin Duncan's!!!! Those were my top 3!!!!! Some quotes I wrote that I absolutely LOVED!!!!....

Pres Dieter F Uchtdorf
"Let Love CONQUER Pride" 

"We ALL can be Saviors of Strong Families" 

"What Legacy do you want to leave with your posterity?"

"Obedience is the Lifeblood of Faith"

"We are Designed to Become"

"The sheep is worthy of rescue simply because it is LOVED"

"There is nothing good unless you do it"

Abe Lincoln
"Most people are about as happy as their minds can be"

Pres Russell M Nelson
"Live up to the powers of Heaven"

Prophet Thomas S Monson
"May we choose the harder right than the easier wrong"

Welp, those were just  a couple of my favorites!!!! LOVED THEM ALL!! I hope everyone had an opportunity to listen to all of conference!! If not go back and listen to the talks!! If you did, go back and listen to the talks!!You can eat ice cream AND watch at the same time!! 

This week with the work, welp, it was a doozy!! In a good way!! I have never been so exhausted in my life and that is saying something!! We were on a split literally every day this week except for Wed, we were on our own! But George came out with us on Thursday and we did a way big split with another elder, long story short, he needed a home for a couple days before he left to go to Manu'a, and some other youth, it was sweet as!! And we got some sweet as pics too!! I just want to talk about one of our investigators real quick!! Ray, a 42 year old man, smoking and drinking most of his life, married with 3 kids, but the older 2 are in the states and Upolu.And his wife is a member as well as the 2 older, younger one isn't old enough yet. It started on last Saturday, we went to go visit him and he was trying to hide a drink he had in his hand but it fell and he just kept apologizing, but we just kept telling him everything is gonna be all goods! We then met with him again the next day after sacrament meeting and had one of the coolest lessons ever! He bore his testimony of wanting to change. (We've been meeting with Ray for the last 3 months just fyi). He just cried and cried and said he felt something strong, a strong desire for change and it was warm! We've been seeing him every day since then and he hasn't smoked or drank since that Saturday night!! He's getting baptized on the April 16th as of now! He's doing so well and came to BOTH sessions of Sunday morning conference!! This is what the missions about. This is why I'm doing what I'm doing. Seeing the change in these peoples lives as they come closer to their Savior and Redeemer and their lives take a 180 degree turn!!! I love it and bear testament that the powers of Heaven to change people's lives is REAL!!!!!!

Loves Yous all and hope this week has been sweet as for all of yous!!! 
Elder Larson

George is with Colby and Elder Tuimauga as they came back to wait for the ZLs...sadly that is not rain, but sweat!
Taking a quick nap while waiting for the second Sunday Conference session at 9am in American Samoa...the first session started at 5am and then stayed in the chapel waiting for the next session...his companion couldn't resist the temptation of the pic.  That is George behind him too.

George was pretty excited for his dinner this week...looks like KFC, but they like to call it tropical chicken.  Fifteen pieces of chicken, 8 rolls, and some mashed potatoes for the four of them..

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