Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/21/16 - Another day, Another March, and it's still hotter than a...

Hey hey hye!!! 

Hows the life fam?!?!? Thankyous so much for sending that package!! We finally got the sd card and the little goodies and shirt!! Thankyous so much!! It's for reals a sick as shirt!! All goods about transfers, it's not for another 4 weeks haha! This transfer is the long 8 week transfer!

Welp, this week, yes. 
This week was a blur. Literally. I went on a split with E Faletoi, my MTC comp's dad, so my uncle, sort of haha anyways! Being a ZL over here is way hard, there's so much stuff they have to do over here, their basically like the AP's of this island. Welp, I can't remember if I let yous know about George, but we had another lesson with him and he's getting baptized this Saturday!! Haha and Pres Hannemann was in on the lesson with his wife! Haha they were the members present! (They spoke at our stake conference yesterday and then just stayed with us after to sit in on our lesson) was honestly a sweet as experience because the spirit was so strong!!! He bore just a bomb as testimony of things that have happened lately in his life and work!! He's got a bomb as testimony of the gospel and just an all around skux!!!

Welp, for the spiritual thought this week...I actually wanted to just ask yous to do what I did, and then yous pull out what would best help yous all through anything yous are going through right now!!

1.) Read Joseph Smith History ( and also Oliver Cowdry's testimony after it)

2.) And then LISTEN to, NOT READ, Safety for the Soul by Jeffrey R Holland!

I know everyone is crazy busy, but all I ask it you take 15 minutes of your day to LISTEN to Elder Hollands talk!! I PROMISE it will strengthen yous testimony of the Book of Mormon!!!!

THat was this week, love yous all and have a bomb as week!!
Elder Larson

After thoughts from additional emails:

Over here, everyone believes in Christ, everyone believes in God, but its hard because I think Samoa has the Most churches worldwide percentage to land size!! There is literally a church on EVERY STREET!

Fam we had fafaga with and they were dropping us off at our next appt!

haha another fafaga with the Williams! The little guy's name is Naiya! Sound familiar!

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