Thursday, March 31, 2016

3/14/16 - LO'U AIGA FAAVAVAU!!!!

What's crackin!?!? 
Welp, this week we had possible the most spiritual experience of my far! We have this investigator, Mele, that works 7 days a week, and we met her at the beginning of when E Tuimauga got here, and we were able to teach the first lesson, but we haven't been able to catch her again til Friday night. The day had been running kind of slow and we decided to say a prayer before we went in, just praying the spirit would touch her heart. We went in and had planned on teaching the Plan of Salvation, and the first thing she did when we got into her house was testify to us of the light that was beginning to shine in her life. She said that we began the light when we first met her, and then her daughter, Lydia (16), has been coming to church with her aunties in our first ward, and has been loving it! She brought her brothers the last 2 weeks and they both enjoy it as well! And Mele told us that her daughter has been that shining light to the family and she's beginning to see the light and example and blessings from the Savior! And then she thanked us for not giving up on her, because throughout the 2 months that we hadn't been able to teach her, we'd drop by here and there just to check up on the family, and literally all we did was testify of families, our purpose here on earth, and then testified of the amazing families that we had and how blessed we were to have them and how the center of the gospel is families, to help support, encourage, and strengthen one another in coming closer to Christ! Haha, I'd be lying to you if I said that all of us weren't crying at some point during the lesson, the Spirit was so strong, 150% positive!! She cried during both of our testimonies and we cried during ours and hers!!! We closed and left, and said a prayer of thanksgiving, both of us so grateful for being the instruments of the Lord to help this family!!! It was for reals the sweetest experience ever!!!!!!

And just a spiritual thought from studies!! And it goes along with my experience!!! 
Power of Prayer!
Alma 19:14
I didn't realize and I always thought that things just happened in the Book of Mormon, the big and amazingly spiritual experiences just because! But it says in the scriptures the origin of where it began, but I've passed over it so many times, and finally caught it this time going through the BoM. Right now, King Lamoni has just risen from his first encounter with the Spirit and is telling everyone of the marvelous things that are to happen, the coming of our Redeemer! Then he and his wife "sunk down, being overpowered by the Spirit." I thought this all just happened for the learning of everything, but it had to start somewhere and it was with Ammon! he saw the Spirit being poured out "ACCORDING TO HIS PRAYERS" upon the Lamanites, his brethren....the Power of Prayer. It's so simple that we a lot of the times we take it for granted, yet the power it holds with God...indescribable. And then he immediately feel to his knees and offer a prayer of thanksgiving! So bomb as!!! 

Anyways, that was the week!! Hopefully yous all enjoyed it all!!!
Love yous forever!!!!!!
Elder Larson

Ps. Bros, I was thinking about this week, and I think it'd be cool for yous to study Helaman 56-57 and study what the stripling warriors did and WHERE they learned all the did!!!
This is Jordan on my right, and Venci to the left of my comp!! This fam is the bomb!! Haha they're not members, but we've been teaching them for a while now!

This is our district after saturday night devotional we had for our investigators! It was way fun! We played heaps of games with the ward members and bishopbric and the investigators!! It was basically a big FHE!!!

this is a dinner we had for the YSA that we were invited to and no one is looking but it's the clearest pic we have haha!!

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