Tuesday, March 8, 2016

3/7/16 - WOOOP WOOOOOP!!!

Hey hey, I've got nothing much to say, hay hay hay!!!!

Not really, jokes!!

Life is going great! Not much happened this week, lots of our investigators have been too busy, so this week was spent a lot tracting and helping less actives and members out with service and such! I know, it's crazy thinking about it!!! It's flying by!! This transfer is still 6 weeks away though cause this one is a long one, which is dope as cause I don't want to leave E Tuimauga! This guy is just so fun to be around a just a stud missionary! Haha its hard in this area to grow in the language, just cause so many people speak English to us, no matter how much Samoan we try and speak, so the language is sort of hitting a wall, but we're trying! Loving the food still!! Haha I dropped a little bit for a couple days, and then we got hit with heaps of food for fafaga the last couple days so I'm probs sitting around 195 now heehee! Speaking of Lilio, she bore her testimony yesterday, and it was so cool, because the entire time, all I could think was that the Lord placed us in her path to help her get out of this whole catastrophe! Her testimony is so strong, and I have no doubt, that she is converted to the Lord!!! It's just been so cool to see her progression, coming closer to the Savior, and it's just so AMAZING!!! And Mom!!!! Haha that talk from Elder Holland is my favorite talk too!! Haha the quote I always say from him, is from that talk!! It's the one I used in my farewell!! 

Welp, this week, kind of a struggle, like I said, lots of our investigators didn't have opportunities this week, BUT, I do want to share a way cool analogy I made up during Wed Personal study!!! I need to perfect it, but this is just kind of a rough draft!! 

"Life's Song"
We can liken our lives like a guitar, God being the creator of us, and learning how to play music! When we first begin, we're not super good and every time we strike a string, it shakes, but doesn't give off music. We're just trying to get used to things. Likening it to us, we look at the strings first. They sit still not giving off any sounds, not progressing! But as soon as it's struck, it's kind of like our trials...we're still everything's going great, we're on the right path and then a trial or bad thing will hit us shaking us. BUT we will always make it back to that still moment, back moving towards Christ! But, we're still not playing music right? So we need to tune the guitar, kind of like ourselves....fine tuning, not making drastic changes to our lives, but just fine tuning, learning more of the Savoir, and how to become more like him. But trials will still come with every strum of the guitar...BUT, as you practice, those trials don't sound terrible anymore, you begin to play music, you see the good things out of the trials, and music begins to be played! But sometimes we trip up, we make mistakes, our strings break! We need the Atonement to help mend us, before we can again "play". But pretty soon, we're able to play our "Life's Song", on a pretty beaten up old guitar, BUT the lessons learned, the music played, and the peoples lives touched surmount all of that! 
I know this is really rusty, but this is just my rough draft, any one can use it for a lesson if they wish or fine tune it up, or use it however they like, just music for thought!!

Loves You's all!!! Have a bomb as week!!! 
Elder Larson

not sure what this pic is....haha not sure what I was going for...but...anyways!
We stumbled upon this in our tracting....SICK!!!!!

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