Monday, February 1, 2016

02/01/16 - WATTUP!!!!???


Hows the fam?!?!? haha loved all the pics!!! Recovered completely! Losing weight! Ran 5 miles this morning! Got some dope as pics!! 2 Bapt dates this week!! I'm on top of the world!! Still living with the Willis, weather hotter heehehe!!

It's honestly flying by! It's already Feb and I left at the end of July last year!! NUTS!! Honestly my first 6 weeks was probs the longest 6 weeks of my life!! But it's flying now!! I semi know the language, haha sorta, and my vocab has been moving up so I've been able to joke around a little more with kids and adults! It's bomb as!! And I feel like they trust us more and the Spirit is able to do his thing!!! LOVE IT!! And this week we got 2 bap dates!!!!!!!! Vensi and Julian!! 17 and 18!!! The biggest thing now is getting the members to help fellowship!! And we're gonna start working with Vensi's fam, cause there are no members over there, and with Julian, his entire fam is in active so hopefully we can activate the rest of the fam!! WOOOOOP WOOOOOOP!!!!!! And this week for a spiritual thought!!! This is my chapter 10 PMG personal study on the 28th..."LISTEN" So not just with missionaries but as members we sometimes don't really listen when teaching a lesson! When we teach, how can we better LISTEN to those we teach....I came up with the 3 P's!
First and foremost, PRAY. Pray for help from the Lord! "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be given you"
Second, PREPARE, with following the promptings of the Spirit, LISTENING to our investigators (or questions from members)
And third, PATIENCE. While listening to our investigators (or questions from members) we need to be patient with also listening to the Spirit "Treasure up in your minds the word of the Lord, and it will be given you in the very hour that you need" (sorry not word for word but close enough!!)
I've been trying to apply it as much as I can and it's doing work for us!! I LOVE IT!! Do it His way cause He does it BEST!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and is alive haha!!! Glad to hear from you this week!! I love yous all and hope this week is bomb as!!! 

Love Elder Larson
Posing this morning during our 5 mile run!

This was just me walking down the street one evening doing my thang!

This is just a dope pic we got this morning in the middle of our run! This is the sunrise!

I told my comp to take this pic, these two dogs were watching us while we were taking pics by the ocean and after he took it, I told him to look at the pic and imagine it's us haha!

This is me this morning after the run we did, and we found this way cool like "buddha" area, so I needed a pic!

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