Monday, January 25, 2016

1/25/16 - Malo Lava La'u Aiga Faavavau!!!!

Malo Lava La'u Aiga Faavavau!!!!

I'm alive no worries! Haha whatever it was went away within the next couple days, and we were back at the work!! They called it Ziko, a flu that's been going around the island, where you get the flu and then  a weird rash, but then it goes away after a couple days, I just think mine escalated a bit cause we're constantly out in the sun and I think I got dehydrated that day which probs didn't help but it's all good now!! 
Can I just say one thing??....My new comp is such a skux, Elder Tuimauga!!!!!  He just came from the MTC and is from Kansas City, MO, but his parents are from Upolu and Savaii, Samoa.  He is further ahead than me in the language when I came out because his parents spoke Samoan at home.  He is awesome and I love him!!  We rocked it this week with visits, spiritual thoughts, coming home and falling asleep during planning because we can't keep our eyes open any longer.....LOVE IT!!!! Haha and guess what his favorite movie is...........MY FAVORITE, REMEMBER THE TITANS!!!!! Haha this morning after running 4 miles and lifting, we were doing a core workout and quoting basically the entire movie!! Haha it was awesome and we were laughing our heads off!! I love this guy!!! Haha my son!! Except he won't call me "Daddy" haha which is understandable, so I'm his "Uncle Brother" haha!! But this guy loves the work, loves the Lord, loves football, also played in his all star game, THIS GUY IS BOMB AS!! 

Anyways!! This week!! We put in work!!! We found out Thursday we were going to speak in sacrament meeting in Tafuna 2nd, and the rest is history!! I can't remember having so many lessons, where we just walked out on top of the world!!! The investigator had been progressing, kept the commitment, and wanted to learn more!!! AAAHAHAHHAHAHHAHH!!!!! We found a young 16 year old kid, Venci, a referral from a family and this kid is bomb as!! He loves listening and we just finished the first lesson with him yesterday after church, and he wanted us back tonight!! And he loves it when he can bring his brothers and neighbors to come listen as well!! We're gonna try and commit him to baptism tonight, so we'll see how that goes!! Oh man!! And another visit I really want to share!! So couple nights ago, we met with Lina, an inactive mom, of about 17 yrs, she's got 4 boys and her husband who aren't' members, and she's struggling to come back to church because of the tension it's starting to cause between her and her husband. She asked us what she could do to best help this situation, and neither my comp nor myself, knew what to say. Going into it we prayed for the spirit to help us remember something to help initially Leonard, her husband, but then he was busy so we ended up just talking with Lina, she explained that her husband's parents are way strong in their church, after she finished I asked if I could read a scripture. So as I pulled out the scriptures to flip to one, my mind blanked. I couldn't remember what scripture I had wanted to share. Luckily my comp saved me and asked her another question so she went on to explain how she kind of does a short family home evening with the kids every time her husband does a bbq, but I still couldn't remember the scripture. I went to the bible to get one for her husband but still nothing. We just sat and listened. And then she told us that the prior missionaries had shared a scripture with her from Psalms, "Be still and know that I am God". And then the spirit went to work! I remembered a spiritual thought we had shared with a less active lady the day before, in Ether 12:6. She began to cry a little as I explained how we may not see how much faith and trust we will put in Him to help us. The Lord will never give us something that we cannot overcome, but it may just be a while before the blessings from our trial of faith will come! And as for me...D&C 84:85..."Neither take ye before hand what ye shall say, but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man." She told us as best she could, because we could tell she was at a loss for we challenged her to keep going to church, and to continually pray for her husband and kids! And to continue sharing small gospel principles from the bible to help relate the similarities of this church, and her husbands church! We then left, and my comp and I both turned and just look at each other dumbfounded..he then told me that everything I had talked about in the scripture was EXACTLY what he was going to share!! It was way powerful and such a testimony builder for all 3 of us!! The spirit taught as we as missionaries are the messengers, NOT the teachers. If the teacher (the spirit) isn't there, then no teaching and edifying will be done! I love this gospel and I testify of the power of the Holy Ghost as our comforter to be able to help us as we prepare ourselves to let the spirit guide our thoughts "and it shall be given in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man!!!"

Love yous all and hope yous all had a bomb as week!! And let Ryan and Nat and fam know I got theres too!! Tell them thank yous!! I love getting letters!!

Elder Polbin Jacob Larson
Elder Tuimauga and Colby working hard and losing weight. This is Colby's first training opportunity and he is loving it!!

Colonoscopy -- Elder Shafermeyer told me to stand next to this plumber, a guy from my first area, just to show the kind of service we got at the hospital....haha it was soooo unsanitary, and I totally had forgotten we were in a third world country's hospital!

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