Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/8/16 - What do horses eat........HAAAAAAAY!!!!!

What do horses eat........HAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Haha thought I'd mix things up a bit(; 

Yous week sounded bomb as!! Haha loved the funnies and the spiritual!!! Sweet as!! We're both just kind of maintaining now, haha with how fatty this food is, it's getting quite ridiculous! Haha and we had octopus yesterday...so gross I almost threw it back up..haha they asked if I was alright cause I did everything I could to keep it down...texture, taste, and it was warm too....UUUUUUGUGGGHHGHGH!!! 
Welp, this week was brutally hot! Haha it was around 90ish all week but the humidity made it feel like 105..haha we walked into EVERY visit looking like we just got out of ocean..it was disgusting as! Anyways, funny things...haha so we saw this Filipino guy running and he spoke about as bad English as my Samoan, but he ran past us and he was skinny as, and my comp turns to me and says, "holy cow he needs a sandwich...the wind is gonna blow him over!" Haha and then I yelled in a really weird voice get that man a sandwich, which was kind of funny until he started to punch the air, AND continue running, and the punch the air some more like he was fighting the wind, and then my comp yelled to duck and cover so the wind didn't blow him over, and then he pulled his camera out to get him while he was punching, haha but you can barely see it cause we're laughing so hard and the camera shakes like an earthquake haha!!#windfighter Anyways on to spiritual!! So!! We had a Trial of Faith week (TOF week heehee) cause we couldn't get into a house to save our sorry carcasses. Saturday we had 1 lesson with Vensi at 8 at night, and the rest of the day was just no one home, busy, or didn't want to hear from us anymore...so it was kind of a bummer week, until we got to church on Sunday...we caught up with Lilio again, and guess who is moving out?!?!?!? She is!!!! She's so excited to get baptized so she can go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead!! It's way awesome!!! So she's getting baptized next Saturday!!! SOOOO PUMPED!!! Haha the work is slowly paying off!!!! Patience is a virtue!!!! And I was going back from my study entries and I came across one entry! Helaman 5:9..."O remember remember..." I am constantly needed to be reminded that it's about the people and not how hot or sweaty we are, and so when we saw Lilio at church and she told us that, my heart stopped and it was possibly one of the jaw dropping experiences of my mission!! LOVE IT!!! I know the Lord is blessing us as we do our part, those we love and care about are blessed!!! LOVE YA FAM!!!

Sorry I don't have heaps of time today, I'm going to Apia for a meeting with all the dl's and zl's so I'll actually be able to meet some intake I haven't seen in a while!! Please pray I don't upchuck my brains out this time!! Love yous all!!!

Love Elder Larson

haha and I rolled my pants up and my comp didn't want to take the pic haha but it was hilarious and epic so it's whatev!!!


haha this was with Julian and we went and fed his pigs and cows up in the mountians!! Dope as!!!

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