Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Whats up???

Haha loved the emails this week!! Love yous all so much and thanks for the emails!!

Welp, this week was nuts...not really, but I can't think of another intro(:  LILIO is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!! She's finally moving out back with her family in Pavaiai!!!! SOOOO PUMPED!!! She's so excited too, she can't wait to go to the temple and do her family history work!!! AHHHHH!!! Another thing, this is just a little, but SWEET AS experience we had last Pday before our fafaga!! So, as we walked out to our fafaga, E Tuimauga and I were talking about ways we could change things up to better move forward the work! And as we were, we walked by a sister, in her 30s, and as we walked by we said on instinct, "Malo soifua lau susuga! Ma o faapea!" And then she said in English, "Sorry if I pushing, but what happened to my 2 boys?" And we asked her to clarify, and she told us that she had been taught all the lessons, was ready to be baptized, went to church every Sunday, but then changed jobs and began working on Sunday, so she wasn't' able to continue....this was over 2 years ago. This testimony builder of preparing ourselves to be ready to take in ANY of our brethren or sisters in, find the lost sheep, and teach...has changed and strengthened me as an asset in His work!! It was so sick!!!! And then, this morning, my E Tuimauga and I cleaned our house, and then had a water fight as we clean the bathroom, and it was hilarious....it all started with him though...we were scrubbing the toilet and dumping water over it to wash off all the Ajax and then he told me to move the toilet paper so it would get wet, and dumped the rest of the water all over me, and soaked our bathroom haha!! He took off running, and I eventually got him back, and then told him he had to stand in the shower while I poured it, but then I just turned the shower on instead, WOOOP WOOP!!

And just a spiritual thought for the week....and this is just straight from my study journal on Tues, so bear with me....And I encourage yous to look at all the scriptures too!
Alma 7:24 and Ether 12:28...If we have faith, hope, and charity, then we will ALWAYS abound in good works (emphasis added)!! Words like that don't get tossed around in the scriptures!! Promises from the Lord through Alma, if we obtain and continually show our faith, hope, and charity! And each goes into deeper context..
FAITH...Faith in Christ. Faith means acting on promptings, doing good always, and not just believing. "Even so, faith, if it hath not works, is dead being alone...and I will shew thee my faith BY my works" James 2:17-18. (emphasis added). 
HOPE...Having hope in Christ, meaning you have hope that through the Atonement, you can be forgiven of your sins. Hope is the basis of our faith! Hebrews 6:19, then Hebrews 11:1!
CHARITY...Charity is the pure love of Christ. IN order to obtain charity, we must be humble (meek and lowly in heart), "when we serve others, we are only in the service of our God" Mosiah 2:17.
Now what is the foundation of ALL these things?? The first and greatest commandment....
LOVE...To love God, with all your heart, might, mind and strength!
To bring it all home.....Moroni 10:19-20, 32-33!!!!!!!

I loves yous all and hope all goes well this week!!!!!!
Elder Larson

Another broken umbrella....!

This was us, this morning...before we came to email...but its' pouring rain right now

Our companion ship in a picture...

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