Monday, January 11, 2016

1/4/16 - MANUIA LAVA LE TAUSAGA FOU!!!!! Happy New Year!!!


Hey hey hey!! I loved yous emails!!!! Got the cake you sent, but we had gotten a little bit of a chocolate craving and ate it all in one day....about 8000 calories we counted each after our fafaga haha, no wonder I'm tubby! And I got the bomb pic of all yous after midnight!! Haha but yeah didn't do much partying for my bday, just split an entire cheesecake in half and ate out of a gallon thing of ice cream haha!! And then the next day, Maria, the investigator behind our house, the older lady, brought a turtle pie and spaghetti over, and then the Willis' gave us a new tie each and more fruitcake, so until today, we've been eating junk as well!! I LOVED BOTH PACKAGES!!! Haha yeah the boxes were opened both before Christmas but I didn't open the presents til Christmas and New Years eve. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOUS SENT!!! I LOVED IT ALL!!! Loved to hear about the week too!!! Sounds like the party was a total blast!!! Haha we played the card game Idiot and Sweepies after we planned and went to bed around 10:15ish, so exciting!! 

Welp, this week was better than last week with trying to contact people...mainly because about half were hungover from the night before but we contacted em!!! This is my journal entry Jan 2nd...Heaps of people were home today and yesterday and we had opportunities to share heaps!!! Haha and I'm becoming to really LOVE the mission as I learn the language better, the people and conversations become more real! Just messing around with kids in the street, to joking around with old ladies about going to go gamble at the bishops house! Haha, it's a total crack up!! It makes the work more enjoyable to joke around because that's how Samoans are....hilarious!!! Today we waited at the fale sa (chapel) for 45 min for a no show on the ward council of a ward, so we were kicking with these kids while we waited and they were hilarious! haha we gave em chocolate that we got from our fafaga that night, and they loved us!! Way fun!!......
And when we got to fast Sunday, we wrote down all of our investigators and specifically fasted for each one of them to be able to progress in faith towards baptism! Whether it was reading the BoM, or coming to church, or quit drinking, any situation, no matter who it may be, we knew that the Lord would bless them with the faith they put forward!! With investigators, we gave Maria the Ensign to read about the talk Why the Church by Elder Anderson! It's a bomb as talk and definitely a re reader!!! Haha read again talk!! They all are!! Haha just do it!! Alright I'm done.....with another investigator we have, Lilio, it hurts me because she's so unhappy with where she's living and her boyfriend she's not married to, but they have an 8 month old, is a total jerk and abusive drunk, and she wants to move out but can't because the family wants her to stay and do all the cooking and cleaning while they're gone at we've been talking with her and her little guy TJ is way cute and she really wants to be baptized so she can go do baptisms for the dead for her family, but she either needs to get married or move out, and she doesn't want marriage, but can't move hurts because all she wants is to be happy and she finds it when she comes to church even though the family wants her to stay and clean so they can have food when they get back from church...but she comes to church anyway because she knows the Lord will bless her and her son when she puts God first! She has such a powerful testimony and it strengthened me to see her struggle yet overcome each and everyday! Her grandma is coming for a funeral and when she gets here she's going to go visit Lilio and when the grandma sees the situation, it'll be the window Lilio has been looking for to move out, so please pray for her to overcome all this!! This is when missions become more than just baptizing, but helping people overcome and strengthening our own testimonies!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

Hope all is well back home and love YOUS ALL!!!!!
Love Elder LarsonπŸ˜¬πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹πŸ˜

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! PS>>>>>>>> Maybe hold on the package and don't send it yet, because I just found out if I get transferred over to Upolu or Savaii, I won't get the package for  a few months! They won't ship packages from here to Upolu anymore cause its too expensive....the new shipment address if or when I get transferred is 

Elder Larson
Samoa Apia Mission
PO Box 1865
Apia Samoa

And this will also be the address to send letters to, when I get transferred off this island!!! Just FYI!!!
This was last pday!  We found some blow holes and got some skux pics by the ocean!
Another pic from pday
Colby, Elder Loto, and Elder Speakman...This is us and Elder Loto from NZ!! He's so skux and funny as!! Haha he's bomb as and just a fun dude to be around!!!
We got a bomb as salad from Maria, behind our house and mom and Audge, yous'll never gues what was in it that I actually ate!!?!?!? Peppers! Haha it's not way exciting but I'm appreciating healihier food more out here!!!

Haha and then there's the cheesecake and ice cream we ate for new years eve....and I wonder why I'm comp and I for the rest of our missions will take pics of how we look at the end of each transfer and watch our bodies either go to the dogs or....yeah pretty much just how chubby we get(;

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