Monday, January 11, 2016

1/11/16 - MALO LAVA FAM!!!!


Sorry we just got on a little later this week...

Hey hey hey!!! Welp, this week has been quite fast actually as well!! We were pretty busy with meetings, visits, and other things which was awesome!! I found out for transfers though that my comp is going to Leone which I'm really bummed cause Speakman's the BOMB!!!! Haha we sat up talking, just "bro"ing it up the last couple nights, went to bed a little later but man I missed those days!! Haha I'm staying here with my weight...and my new comp is a native from Upolu I think...doesn't know a lick of English and hates it when people speak English cause he can't understand any of it...haha so we'll see how this next transfer goes.../: But this week as busy as it was, we didn't quite get the results we were looking forward to. We wanted to get a bap date set with 4 investigators, but 1 we just found out doesn't like the church at all and has been kind of a pity visits with us cause she feels bad, 1 has a drinking problem we didn't know about, we didn't get to meet with one cause she was busy as, and then one hasn't come back from Manu'a yet): Haha so it was quite a struggle but what can ya do? Transfers tomorrow and I won't be speaking any English for the next 6 weeks at least, so you'll probs catch it in the emails! I do want to share a thought from personal study though....
We're teaching Maria today about the power of prayer and promptings from the Holy Ghost!! We had her read 2 Nephi 32 and Moroni 10:4/5, so we're going to go over in these GC talks, I began reading Elder Erying's talk, "The Holy Ghost as Your Companion" and I highlighted 2 phrases that stuck out most to me..."You have had times when you have felt the influence of the Holy Ghost...[and] you can treat those moments of inspiration like the seed of faith that Alma described (Alma 32:28)" and "As you obey, the impressions from the Spirit will come more frequently, becoming closer and closer to constant companionship. Your power to choose the right will increase." I've found power, conviction, and courage in these verses because just listening to a John Bytheway talk, the adversary will continue to come: and when we get stronger, he works harder, so as Alma says, "...give place that a seed may be planted...[and] it beginneth to enlarge my soul and beginneth to enlighten my understanding"!!! BOOM BABY!! 
Haha word for word!
I've realized this week, the adversary will throw just about anything at you to get your mind off the work, and it's been a testimony builder for me as I strive to continue to be obedient, that it becomes so much easier to teach, testify and invite people!! Now I am so not perfect at this, I'm continuing to work on it, but it's helped me so much and I'll need it going into this next transfer cause my new comp doesn't really like to love, lead by example, and attempt to communicate haha(: It'll be lots of learning!! We were talking with Alex Willis last night and he said that "ya don't have for very long, the comps you really get along with" which is so true!! Speakman's the man!! I wish I had a least another transfer but alas, I don't so lots of learning this transfer!!! Welp, pauaga!!

That's been my week, not too shabby, I'll be sending Mark and Conner emails no worries!! And I'll thank Buddy and Grandmama as well!! Send em a letter probs!! Haha loved the story of the bros at bball with Jarett!! Haha that's bomb as!! Sorry not much to write this week, been kind of crazy getting ready for transfers, but know I love yous all and hope you have a bomb as week!!!

Elder Larson

Ps. Could I possibly get a jump rope and like a charger that chargers regular like AA batteries?? Batteries out here are way expensive and I don't think they even sell them in Upolu or Savaii....if not no worries!! I'll be here at least another transfer so yous can send the package now(: Thank you so much for doing that, love yous all!! 
This is Elder and Sister Shafermeyer!!! Haha we had to drop by after district meeting and get bus reimbursements and we got to pick their lemons in their backyard for some service!! I'm gonna miss em they're bomb as!! Makes me so pumped to serve another mission later with my wife....(;

This is us this morning...Speakman got his work out bands and we pumped and we actually feel sore which is phenomenal cause I haven't felt sore after a workout in ages!! Haha we're gonna try 6 weeks to sexy and compare at the end of this transfer at zone meeting haha! we both gained over 10 lbs this transfer aaaahahhhh!!

Haha so I kind of ate for this fafaga a large nachos from CJ's, large fries, and a 1/2 pound mushroom burger in 30 min!!! I'll send you a pick of the food baby!!!

haha I wasn't pushing my stomach out at all....I look about 3 months along(: After this though, it's made me realize I really do need to stop gaining weight...when we were over at the shafe's, we weighed ourselves and I'm 184....about 12lbs this transfer...oops

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