Tuesday, December 8, 2015

11/30/15 - Hey Fam!!!

Hey Fam!!!!

Haha loved them email!!! Sounds like this week was a blast!!!
Welp, my week has been crazy weird with everyone transferring before transfers and such!! Elder Bybee was supposed to leave with his new comp Wilson, on Tues, but then ended up staying cause we had a hurricane this week which luckily only skimmed the tip of the island where us 4 were, but they're saying that it will be the first of many before April comes so we'll see how those fair!! Lots and lots of rain and wind, but it only got up to 60mph so thats good!!! We also had a mission tour this week with Pres Hannemann, his wife, Elder Haleck of the area seventy, and his wife do a conference for each island! It was way cool and the Spirit was so strong when Elder Haleck got up and spoke!! He's such a down to earth guy, even though he owns like half of Tutuila, and heaps of companies in food, cars, hotels!! Yet he's so humble and puts God first!!  He took us through heaps of scriptures and answers the question..."What seek ye?" from 2 disciples and Christ said, "Come and see"! I can't go through the whole talk but these are the scriptures so You can kind of put them together with the story!!
1 John(all of it)
2 Cor 3:2-3...epistles of Christ from Pres Nelson
Mosiah 5:1-2
Jer 31:33
2 Nephi 31:3
2 Nephi 31:12
And he closed with the statement..."We are all a work in progress, so make every minute count!!"
I LOVED IT and it was so humble and AWWWWW....I JUST LOVED IT!!! 
Anyways, that was pretty much the week, it was hard to proselyte because of the rain this week, but Mandy got baptized on Saturday, and we're not worried at all about her being a lasting convert to the church, her testimony is SOOO strong and it'll get her husband back to church so they can go through the temple in a year!! Oh and also, Elder Lamoreaux and I's companionship is coming to a close, he's becoming my Zone leader in the west side of Tutuila and I'm transferring over to Tafuna, near the middle of the island with Elder Speakman from my intake!!! Both our Samoan is not even close to where we need to be, so we are going to be praying and fasting like crazy!!! 2 palagi's (foreigners) and they've only been out 3 months!!! Definitely going to test our faith!!! But the Lord doesn't give You something You can't overcome so we're going at it with open arms!! That's pretty much my week for ya!! 

Know I LOVES YOUS ALL SO MUCH!!!! And hope everyone has a bombtastic week!!!!! LOVE YOUS!!!
Thanks heaps!!!!

Elder Colbz Larson

Colby's attempt at Mary Poppin's flying...fail!

Colby being crazy...Samoan version of the opera Carmen

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