Monday, December 14, 2015

12/7/15 - Malo LAVA FAM!!!!! 3 MONTHS IN SAMOA TODAY!!!!

Malo LAVA FAM!!!!! 3 MONTHS IN SAMOA TODAY!!!! (So Elder Speakman and I bought a cheap cake and ice cream to celebrate=P)

Haha actually the past couple days have been quite dry! Just really hot! My arms and face are tan, but everything else is quite white (; Yeah, Elder Lamoreaoux and I had to say our goodbyes, so he's my zone leader now with Elder Faletoi from Utah! Elder Lamoreaoux was the bomb!!! Definitely the comp to set my mission on an awesome course and foundation!!! The Lord definitely knew he was the trainer I needed, even if he was only out 4 1/2 months when we started!!! Elder Bybee was the bomb, too! He's with Elder Wilson in Aunu'u now which is a smaller island off the coast of Tutuila! So yeah, I'm with Elder Speakman now from my intake (MTC group)!! We've both been out 3 months today in Samoa, which is quite difficult because both our Samoan isn't quite what it could be, but the Lord has been blessing us according to our work!! So our area now is Tafuna, which covers the tiny airport to get on and off Tutuila. I think square mileage and people wise, we have the biggest area with the biggest population! I think our last area in Leone was just too big cause it wrapped around to the other side of the island and the people were spread out. But yeah this week, we just tried to masani (make familiar with...some Samoan words just don't have a good English translation, sorry) with the area and members! We also went tracting which was probs the scariest thing I've done, cause we can both get by on speaking, but the understanding is not even close!! So we don't know if people totally bag on us or not, we just kind of smile and act like we know whats going on! Haha its kind of fun in a weird way, but we're making it work somehow! We found 2 new investigators door knocking this week, and they both speak English which is PHENOMENAL!!!!!! One is an older couple named Petelo and Visilevo and the other is Maria, an older lady who lives with her daughter and granddaughters behind our house! They're both really receptive of the gospel and hopefully this week when we teach them again, we may invite to baptism if the Spirit confirms it!! Its VERY exciting!!!!! Haha yeah, we've met our mission Pres a couple times now and his wife. They're really gung ho about the work. He's awesome!!  Anyways, I did receive all your pics, THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! I loved em!!! Haha yeah we had a Thanksgiving with the missionaires on the island with the Schafermeiers, the senior couple here on Tutuila, and Pres Lesa and his wife, the area councilor over here! It was all American except for some octopus they got at a the market! Haha but it was very good and we all loved it!! Haha and THANKYOU SO MUCH for sending the packages!!!! I sent mine last week so who knows when it'll get to yous! Props to Kyle for getting all those awards!!!! Keep up the good work, and honestly, if he gets the protien that I was drinking and drinks it with peanut butter and milk every day, he'll gain weight in no time!! Apparently here in Tafuna, every missionary that's served in this area usually stays for a minumum of 4 1/2 months, and leaves almost 15 pounds heavier, so I'm also gaining weight over here, just not good weight haha(; 

Hey! I'm glad yous got my letters!! There are short ones in the package I sent too just fyi! And did Coco have her baby!!?!? Another cuz?!? That's wassup!! That's awesome!! Papa is definitely been with me a couple times, I can feel him helping!!! Such a blessing!!! Yeah I'll double check the emial and look for it. 

Oh and I'm also district leader, I forgot to mention that. I've get to report weekly numbers for my district to the zl's and then do baptismal interviews which hopefully they can speak a little English!! We'll see how those go, I've got one for the sisters in the district this Friday, so we'll see!!

Honestly all I really want are letters, and I've got everything else so everything is going great!!

I wish I was there too, it's getting a lot harder as Christmas rolls up, cause now since we're kind of in city area, people play Christmas music everywhere and it makes my heart hurt cause I'm not home with yous all, but that's one sacrifice I'm willing to make for the Lord!! Blessings in the long run right?!? Anyways, I LOVES YOUS ALL, and it was so awesome to hear from yous this week!! LOVE  YOUS FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!! 

Elder Larson

I broke my umbrella while protecting myself from a dog...and it had been kind of a long day, and I lost it a bit, so this was aftermath of what happened......haha

This is equivalent to a mall while we waited for our family to meet us there for our fafaga that day! MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!!!!! I LOVES YOUS ALL!!!!

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