Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 - MY FAM!!!!! Malo lava soifua!!! Manuia lava le aso!!!!

MY FAM!!!!! Malo lava soifua!!! Manuia lava le aso!!!!

Hey hey hey!!!! Haha not much happened this week again...we cannot find any of the referrals we've been given from our stake president!! He gave us about 13 names of individuals and families and no one has addresses down here, so it's nearly impossible!!! It's been really frustrating, but we've been getting some help from our home boy Daryl Crichton!! He's Samoan, even his  name is straight white. Anyways, Elder Speakman and I are doing great, just trucking through the heat this week! Our bikes broke and we can't seem to fix them as of now, so lot's of walking and finding new shortcuts!!! Yeah and our living quarters are separate from the house which has been bomb cause now I don't feel like we bug the fam, every time we come in at night!! I've only had 1 interview as DL and it was for James, a 10 year old for the sisters, haha and when I asked if he has committed a serious crime, he said yes, but I don't think he understood the question so I had to reword it but it was very funny none the less!!! haha please don't send any McDonald's or Carl's Jr gift cards!!! Haha we're gaining weight like crazy!!! I left my last area at 167, and now I'm at upper 170s!!! We're trying our best to keep it off but we literally don't have enough time to get crazy good workouts in, so we just deal with it and try and eat healthy....! Haha and the pic of the umbrella I sent last week of the umbrella....when I hit the dog, it only bent the bar of the umbrella, the rest was part of my freak out (; 

And congrats on Rachel going on a mission!!! That's dope!! I've been in contact with Talon a little bit which it sounds like he's doing great!!! Man I love that guy!!

And I'm so glad You got my package so quick!!! I sent that the first of Dec I think!! Haha no worrries on reading the letters, they were meant to be read! I can teach everyone how to tie the ie's (lava lavas) when I Skype yous all on Christmas!! And we should be good to be able to Skype with the family that lives next to us!! Speakman said we just have to ask! Elder Bybee for reals was bomb! haha we're gonna try and kick it after the mish, he's going to Oregon State, but we're gonna try and figure it out! And Coco's baby is sooooooo stinking cute!!! Haha that kung fu pic is awesome!! Loved it!!!

So this week, I just want to share a very cool experience!! We were out trying to contact some of the referrals and we're having zero success!! So we decided to go tracting instead, and we were over by a Methodist church, which Crichton told us to just get ready to get bashed by someone when we knocked a door. But I had just finished studies that morning, and had read over Isaiah 41:10 again, and the verse popped back into my head..."Fear not, for I am with thee.." And both Speakman and Crichton really didn't want to go in, but I really felt there was someone over here we needed to get a hold of. So they kind of reluctantly followed, and I decided on a white and blue house, right behind the Methodist chapel...we knocked and found Luisa, a mid 30s lady who had been to our church a couple times, and loved it and had been wanting to learn more about missionary work and such!!! IT WAS A VERY COOL EXPERIENCE!!!!!! Such a testimony builder for me to listen to the Spirit when he prompts!!! Even if it seems like you're probs going to be bible bashed to timbuk2!!!! (Don't know how to spell that)!! Not much happened this week, just getting bigger physically and spiritually!! My ponderize scripture for the week is Mosiah 2:17! I can't remember if it's a scripture mastery or not, but its a good one to ponderize!!!

I loves Yous all and hope this week has been a bomb one!!!!(;

Elder Larson
This pic is way random, as my comp just snapped it of me getting off this old wall, but it looks way dope!!! Don't know why, it just does!!

I tried to take a cool pic of my feet and the ocean, and failed miserably!! My comp got a better pic of me trying to take it!!

We needed to clean out our house very badly cause it had 25 years of rubbish in it, so we took a night after planning and went to town!! This is about a fourth of all the stuff we threw away!!

Pulling rubbish part 2

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