Monday, November 23, 2015

11/23/15 - QUE PASA CALABASA!!!!(;

Thought I'd just mix things up a bit! Boom! My Samoan is picking up a little more, it's all I can ask! This week we're in a three some still with Elder Bybee, Elder Lamoreaux and I so it's really hard to cover both our areas seeing as our areas combined is about a 1/4 of the island...but we've somehow worked it out!! The only problem is that this week went at about a snails pace but we're trying! Some weeks just don't fly like others do..the work some weeks doesn't fly like others do..but you learn quickly, you only get what you put in! Something real quick I've learned is now that my training is almost over, I'm kind of leaving the Honeymoon faze as well and you realize really quickly, not everyone comes out for the same reason. Some go through the motions, some come out cause they're parents wanted them to, etc. Yet the mission changes people more than you could ever imagine! I've come to see the change in myself, looking back on me before my mission, I wasn't the greatest at charity or loving others as best I could. With Samoans, they'll give you the shirt off there back if you compliment it while they're wearing it! Literally, you kind of have to be careful with that! But I'm trying my best, I've gotten heaps better but I've got a long ways to go!!

Sounds like it's quite cold over in Boise!! Haha oh please could you send some cold, it would be greatly appreciated!! It's the beginning of summer over here and it's hotter than Zeus' lightning bolt! Haha and Cade, I would like to give you a word of counsel when going to a scout camp....Be Prepared. Haha just kidding, I'm not like that, you'll have campouts like that trust me! Our klondike kind of ended up like that, but it sounds like you toughed it out a lot better than I did! Haha and keep having fun feeding the animals!! Honestly you have no idea what I'd give for under 80 degree weather! Goood to hear the fam is doing great!!! Haha sorry I didn't eat a ton at thanksgiving, I promise I'm getting my fair share over here...every night! Yesterday after church we ate possibly the best BBQ I have ever eaten...Samoan or American!!! Barbequed chicken lathered in homemade sauce, taro in pe'epe'e and turkey rump (all it is is fat)! Come what may and love it! Anyways! This week during my personal study, I'm finishing up Helaman, but when I was in Helaman 5, I just had read the first 3 words of verse 9 that say, "O remember, remember" Being the natural man, I tend to forget the power and influence I have on others, whether it be good or bad! And as a representative of Jesus Christ, I should not be doing anything contrary to what He would do. Also this is why we need to read, pray, and walk by faith EVERY DAY!! It's not a matter of dang it, just to do it, but doing it to come closer to Christ! That is when I have found most peace and joy coming closer to my Savior! 

With investigators this week, we are trying our best with Lui and his word of wisdom problem, but he's come a long ways and has improved immensley! He's cut back from coffee and smoking heaps, only 1 cigarette a day and he's trying to drink cocoa instead of coffee which is an awesome substitute!! The only thing is we can't get him to church and that is probably whats most frustrating, but we keep trying! We'll have a baptism service this week with Mindy, her testimony is solid and she's been bringing her husband back to church which is awesome because he hasn' t been to church in quite a while!! We haven't been able to go to Amanave unfortunationly because our area is so big but we're doing our best until transfers which will split Elder Lamoreaux's and I's area apart so we'll see where we go on Dec 1

That pretty much sums up the week, we're staying alive and doing well! Haha had some cereal this week and it brought back memories with the bros sitting in front of the tv, Saturday morning watching cartoons like That's So Raven, the Replacements, Arthur, it was like when I was 7!! Haha makes me appreciate the times more!! 

Hopefully the bros, yous all got my letters!! If not, hopefully in a couple days! Oh, and for christmas, could I get just a small speaker with an aux plug in, and a container for concecrated oil?? I've seem to have misplaced it in moving houses...OH!! And something really fun that you would all like!! I'm running out of ties because as soon as they get wet, they seem to get alittle moldy and there's nothing to save them, so Elder Bybee's fam did this, is each member of the family picks a tie from D.I. or Goodwill to send, so he has a tie from each family member and it makes thing fun!! 

Loves Yous all and have an awesmoe week!!! I'll be chattin with Ya as much as I can!!!
Elder Colbz Larson

This is their album cover--LOL! Elder Lamoreaux, Elder Bybee, and Colbs!

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