Monday, November 9, 2015


Just thought I'd send some English your way!!! How's the American life?? THankyou for the pics, haha I loved em! But mom, where was you at?? Haha still working my flowers off as they say, and yes my comp is athletic. He did gymnastics and football before he came out so we're both on working out terms. Taua and Ma'i we haven't been able to meet with this week, cause being Matai's and everything, they're way busy so we weren't able to contact them this week but we're going to try and get them this week!!! This week we set goals to put more effort into FINDING people! We don't have a ton of SOLID progressing investigators and so it's been a little harder these past couple weeks, but we're working hard!

And I want to send just kind of like a spiritual thought, spiritual, testimony grower, that sounded really weird in English, I'm sorry, my English is kind of going down the dirt. anyways,
Saturday night, my comp and I went down to Poloa i lalo (Poloa down below) to visit 2 investigators, Alafua and Pacifika! Alafua is really interested, really loves conversin with us about our message, but doesn't want to change churches. So we testified to him of how there is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, (Ephesians 5:4 or 4:5 I can't actually remember, I get a little confuzzled) and either The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church, or it's the church he attends. he's going to pray this week about it and we're going to keep up with him reading the Book of Mormon as well!! And then after, Pacifika kind of bailed on us cause he was with a bunch of buds and they were only on their first beer but he politely asked to reschedule because he didn't want to say anything disrespectful while we were there so we're meeting with him tomorrow.....hopefully(: So afterwards, one thing in Samoa is that it gets way dark around 7:30ish, and it was about that time when we were walking back up to Poloa i luga (Poloa above) and we just kind of sat down in the middle of the road halfway up, we didn't have any appts to go to for the night and we were way tired so we stopped for a bit on the mountain, and just looked up at the beautiful sky and stars and peaceful night...that sounds way cheesy but that's how it was!! And we just got to talking about blessings, (sorry tangent real quick, I've made it a goal to learn a Chirstlike attribute from each of my comps and with Elder Lamoreaux, it's been patience. Not because he bugs me or anything, he just likes to sit and think some times and honestly, with me before the mish, I would have bumped some music while sitting there, but the spirit has able to hit me more because I don't have that, and so I'm grateful for it cause honestly, while we sat there, it was like the Lord was there just looking over us, giving us a thumbs up and a pat on the back for the week saying, "Great job this week my sons". It was honestly like a Alma the missionary moment with the Lord, I'm not trying to sound sacreligous or anything, it was so spiritual and testimony builder!!! I LOVED IT!!!!

I loves Yous all and thankyou for the updates!! I'm finishing your little packages I'm going to try and send tomorrow! it's nothing huge, I just wanted to send you some fun things from Samoa!!


Elder Larson
Posing while his comp is grabbing a baby coconut on the beach that has naturally carbonated water in it.


Found some popsicles that melt faster than they can eat them.


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