Monday, November 2, 2015



How's Ya'lls week!!!??? I LOVED THE PACKAGE and so did my comp!!! Not gonna lie though, I did cry a little bit, but my comp was in the bathroom so that's alright! I want to send some small packages to You guys, so I'm gonna try and work that out cause I have extra money from the money we got reimbursed from the plane ride over here!

So honestly, my comp and I did not have a very good week, it was a struggle. but first I'll hit Ya with some funnies...sorta!
I got bit again by a stupid dog around my calf
We got a ride home from a drunk guy, we didn't die though thankfully
We had to break into our own house cause we left our key inside
And the dog by our house that we've fed a couple times, (we call him Stupid Disgusting cause the poor guy is flea ridden and just hair is falling out all over), BUT...these two other dogs we have to pass to get to our fale(house) attacked us, and he came riding so valiantly around the corner and took out both dogs and bit one of em on the neck and so they took off and he rode behind us til we hit the main road and then trotted back so valiantly to our house, so we now call him Valiant, or Stupid Disgusting the Valiant!

But for the week, we could'nt get into any house hardly, almost all our appts fell through for the week, everyone was drunk Saturday for Halloween so it was way sketch. But we did have Pilikaki's and Chris's baptisms on Saturday which helped the whole week get better! They we so excited and you could totally tell after they came out of the water they just seemed so peaceful and clean!!! I had the priviledge to baptize them but I want to get something straight that I don't really like that most missionaries say, is that "I got MY first two baptisms" or "I have 56 baptisms so far!" you don't. The Lord has chosen us as missionaries to go out and find the people HE has prepared for US to find! Now I understand missionaries have a big impact on the converts, but they're not converting to US, they're converting to HIM! I'm hope I don't sound like some preacher, because I'm not trying to sound like that, it's just I've made it my own thing not to say that they're MY baptisms cause they're not. Pilikaki's family has been trying to get him baptized for 10 YEARS we found out after the baptism! We were just the missionaries who had the priviledge to finish off what other missionaries had planted and the Lord led us to them. This is the Lord's work, not ours! Let's do it His way cause He does it BEST!!!!!! 

Sorry if I sounded like a ranting preacher, I didn't mean to be, it's just something that stuck out to me when people asked me if I got my first two baptisms. No but I had the priviledge to baptize 2 children of God, so they can fulfill their coventants with the Father! Anyways, Sorry for ranting, I just want to get that out there! 

It's kind of a wierd week, but I LOVED THE PICS Ya just sent!!! 

Elder Polbin Jacob Larson

Ps.THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!! Even though I cried a little bit, it was so awesome to get that package!!! LOVED IT ALL!!! Especially the little cards from all the fam and the awesome quote from Elder Bednar!!! it's the centerpiece for my desk....or what is like our desk!!
Colby with Pilikaki and Chris on their baptism day - Oct 31, 2015

Colby and Elder Lamoreaux taking a pic while emailing on p-day

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