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10/26/15 - MALO LO'U AIGA!! MANUIA LE ASO!!!


So glad everyone's safe and doing well this week!! This week I thought I'd just go through a Day in the Life of a Samoan Missionary!!!

6:30-Prayer for the days activities, interpretation of tongues, to not have the runs, and to thank for all the blessings I've received with all yous at home and here on the mission! We then usually get a solid workout in. The food here isn't exactly on the "healthy, better homes and garden health page"! Anyways, we then shower in the cold rain water that fills the tank from the mountain above us, so sometimes we get some leaves which is always fun! Then we get dressed and ready for the day!!
8:00-Prayer to begin personal study, and throughout personal study, faitau le Tusi A Mamona, sauna (prepare) mo lesona ma tagata sailili le aso na (for lessons with investigators that day), then study PMG!
9:00-Comp Study!!
10:00-12 Week Training!! Basically just go over how to become the BEST missionary the Lord knows you can become!!
11:00-Language Study!! Wonder what the heck everyone is saying around me first of all, then usually sing some hymns and read in my Samoan BoM to better understand! Then I've got a fat language study book that I hit up for about 20 minutes or so!
12 noon! We usually get a nice lunch of peanuts, water, and sometimes a muffin! Trying to eat healthy, but sometimes it gets a little sketch! (like Keato said, sometimes we get some pringles and ice cream cause we're way hungry!
Then around 12:30ish, we begin Preaching the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!! We have appts set throughout the day, our first with Pilikaki ma Chris!! (they're getting baptized this week hopefully) We walk around the bend to the next village where they are, Asili! Then we finish the lesson, well my comp teaches most cause I have no idea what they say half the time, then we go to our next apt wth Lui ma Mau, which is about a 20 minute walk to Se'etaga, 3 villages over. We teach him in English, cause that's what he prefers, and he has a way strong desire to be baptized but he hasn't commited to a date yet because he wants to attend church for a couple weeks which is awesome, cause he needs to anyways if he wants to be baptized, but we heard he didn't attend this week, so we'll have to see what happened. (Quick tangent, each week we switch off from Leone 3rd to Amanave branch because our area is so stinking big, so we can only attend church with one or the other so our investigators in the other ward or branch that we're not in sometimes don't come because we're not there, which isn't good, but we're trying our best to work with the members to help our investigators but it's coming along as best we can!) Then when we finish that lesson, we'll try and contact another referral at the edge of Amanave, in a village called Agagulu, but we can't get a hold of her, so we come back to Se'etaga and contact a less active, while he was drunk he asked to have us come over, so we met with him and the bishop has also been working with him we found out, so hopefully we can get him back to church! We then go to a lesson with Mindy, we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leson 3, and she's commited to baptism the 14th of November which is awesome! The family she lives with is all LDS, her husband and his family, and she's been coming to church the past two weeks which is phenomenal! Haha because in Samoa you'll get heaps of people telling you they'll come to church, yet no one will...it's sad because every 1 in 3 people we will meet in Samoa is LDS, (from our mission pres, President Hannemann, which we met with him on Friday which was way sweet!! He's awesome and he served here in 1974, he's a little tougher than Pres. Tolman, but I think they're are missionaries that need that push! Anyways sorry for the tangent!) and there are so many in actives its so sad! They've already made those covenants with the Lord, yet they won't renew them each week and it hurts to see because they don't receive as many blessings as they could, if they came to church and has really opened my eyes and made my testimony grow about the importance of the sacrament each week!! Then about this time, we have our fafaga with a member family in the ward, and we get to eat stuff like taro(a purplish root), pisupo(basically fat and cabbage soup), fa'i (boiled bananas), fried chicken(the fattiest chicken you can find basically), faiapilikaki(basically a tuna and other fish soup that's really good with taro!!), niu (coconuts with the top chopped off and you drink the water inside which sometimes is carbonated), and there's heaps of stuff that I haven't gotten to try yet cause I'm on Tutuila but we don't usually have this all at once usually just a couple but it's great food, heaps of protein and fat so it's a love hate relationship but it's all good! Then afterwards we go to an appoint ment at the edge of Leone with a lady we met getting off the bus named Samoa, she paid for our fair and then we just got to chattin and her entire family is LDS but they're all back in the states, her daughter just got baptized, and we're going to meet with her tonight actually so I'll letcha know if she actually wants to take lessons, we'll see! And then we walk 30 minutes back to our house so we get in before 9, plan for the next day, and then shower and pass out!

So that's kind of a normal day as a missionary in Samoa, at least in our area which it's so big a lot of our time is spent walking to appts which is kind of a bummer, but we look for opportunites to help God's children a long the way!! I LOVE IT!!

Mom Dad- Loves yous both and I cannot believe how much I miss you guys!! It's so comforting to me though because one of the typography quotes I brought from Audrey was one from Elder Holland and I can't remember it exactly, but it says along the lines of, "Because of your faithful call to the response of the Lord to serve Him, He will set You and Your families free!" Something like that but know that I love you both and cannot express the amount of love respect and admiration I have for yous!! Hopefully I'm becoming the son you want me to become!!

Glad everythings going great this week with yous all and glad that the party that went down at the barn wasn't as messy as the last!! I know the Lord is blessing yous all when you serve Him and continue to strive and become more like Him!! Good job on the "ponderizing" this week!! My comp and I are trying, he's doing well with it but I'm struggling a bit just cause my samoan isn't quite up to par, it's like at a +12 over right now but I'm working on it! Training half way done, we finish in Dec 1 I think, and I have a way strong feeling I might train whether it be this next transfer or another but we'll see!! I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded for I know that the Lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save He shall prepare a way for them to accomplish the thing which He commandeth them!!!

Love yous all FOREVER!!! And so glad our family can be together forever with this amazing gospel!!!
Elder Larson

Taking a pic in front of some beautiful flowers

On the road with a flower for a tail

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