Sunday, July 17, 2016

06/20/16 - Happy Belated Father's DAY!!!!!

Happy Belated Fathers Day DAD!!!! 

WELP, this week FLEW by!!! We got a baptismal date with Chris Rose, one of our youth's best friends and he wants to serve a mission too!!! So pumped for him, we set his date for the 9th of July!!! He's got  a Word of Wisdom problem, but he has a sincere desire to change and with the big group of friends, the others hopefully will come in close pursuit!! One's less active, another one isn't a member, but has been at all the lesson's and from what we've been told by Esau, he likes having us over and learning!!! So excited for them!!! The only prob is that Esau's other buddy, his dad is an aoao in the Methodist church, so he may not get baptized in the near future but planting the seed right?!? Daryl Crichton also left this week, back to his mission in the Philippines! Props to him, cause if it were me, being off for three years is tough, and he has stuck it out and gone back and the stake president bore a testimony at his setting apart that was cool as! But overall, for being here for 7 months, I've gotten such a  close relationship with all the members, it's gonna be hard as to leave this area...but I'm loving it and having a blast teaching with them!!

I actually just wanted to bear my testimony real quick, about how much help the ward is when the missionaries and the ward work together!!! I know that the power from member testimonies are usually more powerful for the investigator, cause especially here, everyone thinks that the missionaries are perfect, even though we all have faults, none the less, that's the culture. But when a member they know testifies to them of the truthfulness of this gospel and the eternal joy that it brings to their families, friends, and personal lives, it's staggering!!! Loving the work and loving working with the members in bringing their friends and family to this auala sa'o ma le olioli atoatoa ma le fiafia atoatoa!!!! For reals, for all the members, YOU DO NOT REALIZE THE POWER OF YOUR TESTIMONY UNTIL YOU SHARE IT WITH OTHERS!!! That's the ONLY way to strengthen Your testimony! The 12 apostles and the first Presidency get together and have a big testimony meeting with each other....why?? Because that's how we strengthen ourselves as well as others!! I challenge You to bear Your testimony to a nonmember this week and see the power it has on You and them!! LOVE YOUS!!!!

Have a good one this week!!!

LOVE YOUS!!! Elder Laason!!!

Haha so, took a spill this week in the dark...we were running food over to Jordan cause we promised food and we were trying to hurry over, but we hurried over too fast.

Daryl is set apart!

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