Monday, October 19, 2015


So glad the weeks' been legit!! Holy cow Mom, when You read later in this, You sent almost the exact thing I wrote!!! If thats' not the Lord really trying to nail in a point, I don't know what is!! LOVE IT!!

Sope, this is my week! Haha thats not Samoan, just me(:

Wow, words cannot describe how today went. Today I found out for myself what I must do in this amazing work of the Lord, to be able to feel successful, no matter how hard the day was, how cruddy the weather, how non inviting the people were, appts falling through, nothing will hold You down. When I can go to bed at night knowing with all my heart, that I gave my perfect effort that day, that I have no regrets!! While in Zone meeting today, one of our ZL's Elder Robertson, was talking to the other ZL during the week, and he told him something that he relayed to all of us that will stick with me forever..."At the end of the day, week, month, year, mission, we are the only one's on this earth who will KNOW if we were a successful missionary or not." Just me, and the Lord. Can I look back with no regrets and say to my Father in Heaven, I gave you my all, no matter how many baptisms, referrals, contacted, new investigators, anything it may be, it may not have been and seen immediate blessings, but I know that if you look back and say, I gave it my all, THAT is what Heavenly Father asks of us!!

Boom!! So next week, Pilikaki and Chris are being baptized on the 31st!!! We didn't get to meet this week cause they were way busy, but there still progressing!! And we met with Taua this week and taught her the Plan of Salvation!!! WOW. She knows it's true, without a doubt this week, both Elder Lamoreaux and I could feel it and hear it in her voice! The problem with here in Samoa is that people care a lot about what other people think!! We're having the same problem with Lui because he's been going to another church for so long with his family that he's still worried about what others might think. Both he and Taua know they need to be baptized, it's just a matter of when. Elder Lamoreaux and I can only do so much, they just need to have the faith and act! They have their agency, which sometimes can be a little frustrating, but we can't control them so we don't worry about it. We just continue to invite and hope they feel an undeniable answer from the Spirit about the truthfulness of the message we shared! And we're teaching Ma'i tomorrow...well, he asked me to teach cause I didn't say too much in our first visit so I'm freaking out, but that's what studies and role play are for!! THankyou for all Your prayers, it's such a comfort for me when the Lord blesses you all at home, and continues to bless this work as I strive to be the best missionary I can be! 

Yeah my soa and I are doing great, still kickin and puttin in work!! We go to an actual building when we're in Leone, but in Amanave we still meet in a members house, but we;re working with Ma'i though cause he has land that he wants to give the church, so we just need to contact our stake president and have him get a hold of him! BUT....we had 5 investigators at church which was unreal!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad I can chat with ya'lls for a bit while we're emailing!!! LOVE IT!! Continue to strive to become like our Savoir and the Lord promises to bless us INFINITELY!!! WE WON'T HAVE ROOM ENOUGH TO RECIEVE IT!!!

Love yous all!!!!!!
Elder Larson
Memorial of the 2009 Tsunami - close to his home

They found the end of the rainbow!

The only dog that wouldn't bite Colby until he picked him up....

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