Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10/12/2015 - MALO LAVA!!!


Thanks for the photos You sent this week, I took pics of all of them so I've got em kept!! Haha I don't need toilet paper they sell it here, on Upolu, and even Savaii, I think....we'll see! I can load up in Upolu if I end up getting transferred over there... The food is really fatty but we're trying our best to eat as healthy as we can! I got a little chubby for a bit and hated it so our workouts got more intense! The langauge is still a struggle...it's just way frustrating right now cause I'm rolling into the weeks where I can't even speak english let alone, samoan. I'm hearing words while people talk, but I can't put it together and it's just really frustrating cause as soon as they ask me a question, I sound like an idoit cause I don't know what they asked...definitely keeps me close with prayer though cause I cannot do this by myself!! 

So this has kinda been my week!

We set 2 baptismal dates this week with Pilikaki and his son Chris!! So excited for them to take the next step to our Father in Heaven!! And we're working with anohter guy named Lui and he's not a member but his wife is, and we're meeting again this week to see if he really does want to be baptized, he's knows it's true, he just needs a little more faith to take that step!! And I want to invite You do do something this week that has been making my days a lot easier and way more Spirit filled!! I finished the Book of Mormon this week and I was reading in Moroni 7:45-48!!! And it speaks of the Pure love of Christ, charity!! I've seen and testify of the blessing and power that come from serving others with a positive attitude! My soa, the people, anyone!! I promise it will brighten Your day and it with definitely brighten theirs!! That pure love of Christ will shine through as you serve those around you, even if i'ts way small, they appreciate more than You know!!  Don't let the opportunity pass You by, it will bless you as well as those you serve!! It will stregthen not only your testimony and faith, but the way that you see God's children will be so much brighter!! 

And we were'nt able to meet with Taua this week, thank you so much for praying for her!! We found out from the High Chief, Ma'i, that Taua is the only person who is holding back the church building from being built, because Ma'i who isn't a member, (but we're going to start teaching him this week;) is willing to give up some of his land so the church could build a chapel there!! And we're teaching her the plan of Salvation this week so please please pray she will feel the Spirit!! WE're going to extend the invitiation to be baptized to her this week too!! We know Heavenly Father has been preparing her because she's letting her family, who are members, do the work for her husband in the temple, who passed away a couple years ago, and she really misses him, so hopefully she'll feel the spirit and know with a surety that families can be together forever in this wonderous gospel!!!!
And yesterday in Stake conference we learned we are entering hurricane season, which lasts til the end of March so let's hope we don't get hit too bad(:
That's kind of been the week though!! 

I'm glad everyone's kicking muli in the football pads!!
Kyle-keep the work my man!! You'll be blessed for stickin with it! You man not see it not, but it may come at the end of the season or maybe even during rugby! 
Cade-Good job with sticking with your work during school! Props for the grades! THe Lord's blessing you for being obedient!! 
Keato-I'm so sorry to here about Po. SHe's up in heaven though right now so no worries, you'll be able to play with her again! And I'm glad Shadow is awesome!!

I sent yous all a letter yesterday, I wrote it last Monday, but the spiritual parents that come weekly didnt come til yesterday instead of Tuesday so it'll get to you within a little under two weeks! Keep up the good work, I know the Lord is blessing you all for Your faith in Him and obedience!! Come what may and LOVE IT!!

I'm trying to catch you on the pic email to talk with yas, hopefully your still on!! I LOVE YOUS ALL!!!
Alofa atu,
Elder Larson
Under a mango tree waiting for the rain to subside
Studying in their hut (Colby meant to grab his scriptures before the picture snapped, but the closest thing to his seat was a can of Pringles). 

Colby and Elder Lamoreaux found some pretty flowers and wanted to show them off.

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