Saturday, August 29, 2015

8/28/15 - MALO LO'U 'AIGA!!!!!


I'm so glad you found DearElder it's so nice to hear from you during the week!! 

Dad, thanks so much for the travel tips, it's gonna be a little sketch but we're all going down as a bunch of elders so it's gonna be way fun!! Hopefully be able to teach a lesson on the plane or in the airport!! 

Mom, thanks so much for unconditionally loving Audrey, you don't know how much she appreciates all the things you've been doing for her and so do I!! Thanks so much for sending those, it's totally fine that they get sent Monday, just hopefully they get here before I leave! 

So, this week has been literally crazier than the Wild Mike off of Barnyard on caffienated soda!!! Elder Bickmore and I are just praying we're covering everything we need to finish as Zone Leaders it's nuts! We have to plan for 4 priesthood meetings every Sunday, companionships to teach the lessons, differetn companionships to teach the ordiance, getting interviews with all the District Leaders done before we have meetings on meetings on meetings each Sunday.....wooh sorry just needed to get that all out. I know the Lord will bless us though when we do all this with a happy heart so we're trying our best! I'm sorry I haven't been able to write in my journal almost at all this week cause we've been setting up for the new Tongan districts that just came in, cause the last Tongan district just left Monday and the new districts came Wednesday, so there's that and our other ZL stuff, so I apologize if there's not a lot this week! But, Elder Bickmore and I taught another TRC over skype this week with a brother in Samoa!!!!! We couldn't hear him very well and our screen was black cause he didn't have a camera at all so he could see us, we couldn't see him and barely hear him, but we gave the entire lesson on Revelation through Prayer and it was way sweet even though we couldn't hear him, I believe he felt the spirit!!! We shared the First Vision with him, Moroni 10:4-5, and attempted a personal experience but our Samoan isn't quite there yet so we had to bail on that for this week, but it was way sweet!!! AND HOLY COW!!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? Our travel plans came in yesterday and we're actually leaving Sept 5th now at 1 PM!!!!! It's gonna be a hectic week but thankfully we have all of friday, which is Pday to prep for it! Everyone is way excited and we've been meeting some more Samoan elders here and they speak to us, but it's way fast and my prayers are only going to increase in faith and number to My Heavenly Father, cause there is no way any 18 19 year old kids could learn a completely new language without the Lord's help!! And honestly more important than the gift of tongues, if the gift to bring the Spirit into each and every lesson! Even if You have the language, if the Spirit is not present, You can't teach. It's as simple as that. Pray continually for the Spirit to be with You in lessons, plan accordingly and fervently cause some of the best lessons Elder Bickmore and I have taught have been we planned to teach our investigator one thing, and the Spirit prompted us as well as the investigator to talk about a completely different topic! It's been such a blessing and way cool to see the Lord's hand in it all!!! I LOVE SERVING MY SAVIOR, IESU KERISO, MA LO'U TAMA FA'ALELAGI!!!!!!! 

Kyle, keep puttin in work homes!! Read Alma 26:12 before you hit the field!!

Cade, my man, I hear the football is getting a little crazy and the homework is starting to pile up?  Continue with faith uso and the Lord will help you!! 

Keato!!! How's school been dudey!?!? Let me know how you've all beeen doing with some DearElder's cause I've only got a week more of those!! 

Thanks for sending all your prayers and love, I can most definitely feel it all!!! 

And for all the stuffs I need before I leave, I'm actually set, I don't think I'll even wear contacts once I get down there cause lot's of elder's get eye infections from them, so I'll either stick with glasses or go without so I may be blind when I get home but that's fine haha! 

Haha Audrey told me the whole story of her surgery, Colbz Bear, and how Dr Lowder was the one who did the operation and how he delivered Cade and Keaton! Small world! (Please don't sing the song, I can hear it if you do even though I'm in Provo) I'm not sure if she'll be able to send a pic, she sent them via email but I can't print them out and I really want one so and I asked her but I don't know if she'll be able to but I wouldn't mind 2 sets!! Oh and can you send recent pics of you all, either football, just around the house, doing crazy stuff, I don't know just some recent one's to keep you close!! 

I love ya all and hope everything is going well!!!!!!!! Even though I'm the one out on a mission, we can all be missionaries with your wonderful example's of following the Savior!!! 

Elder Larson

Elder Hosea (serving in Tonga) and Colby

Elder Shwenke's mother sent all missionaries in their district lava lavas.

Elder Dallin Chuggs (from Colby's soccer team when he was 13-14 years old)
with his companion going to Fiji. They are in Colby's same zone, the
Pacific Island Zone. Colby and Elder Bickmore are also in the picture.

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