Friday, August 21, 2015

8/21/15 - ALOFA ATU FAM!!!

Holy cow thank You ALL so much for the packages and everything I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!! 

So this week is one for the record books of most spiritual weeks of my life!!! This will blow your mind!!! The Lord is a miracle worker!!!! So, Elder Bickmore and i gave our first TRC today, which I'm not sure what is stands for but it's when you and your soa give a 20 minute lesson to a member of the church that speaks Samoan or whatever language you're speaking, and they're all volunteers!!! AND GUESS WHO ELDER BICKMORE AND I TAUGHT FIRST!!?!?!?! Dallin Tusieseina!!!!!! The brother we met an hr before entering the MTC at In and Out and he served in Samoa 9 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught him about faith in Jesus Christ and how the strength of his faith will bless him in his life!!! The Lord knows how hard we work, and when we work until we can't work anymore, He'll cover the rest!! As with Christ and the Atonement, we repent fully and live and obey his commandments to the BEST of our ability, and then He, through his grace and mercy, fills up the rest so we can make it back to our Father in Heaven!! And oh my goodness, when you think you've got everything on your plate and you've finally been able to get everything balanced and into a rhythm with your reading, teaching, and studying and responsiblities, the Lord says, "Elder Larson, I know you can work even harder!" So me and my soa have now been called as the new Zone Leaders of Branch 52!! We've got possibly the biggest branch, as it covers basically the entire Pacific Island missions, so we've got about 70 total missionaries we're over and it's lots o responsiblity but we can do it!!!! Serving the Lord with all our heart, might, mind, and strength!!! 1 NEPHI 3:7!!!!!!!!!! Haha this week has been nuts, but it'll all be worth it, the trick is looking at the eternal picture!!!! It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

Holy smokes, boys you guys da men!!!!! Congrats on all the sports awards and posititions!!! The Lord will bless You with Your hard work and obedience to the gospel!!!! 

Thank You all for everything!!!!!! Oh and holy cow, the Nashville Tribute Band came and did our Sunday devo and it was off the hizzang!!!!!!! Could You please send me a bunch of CD's with whatever music you can find from them!!! some that were awesome were
"He Walked a Mile in My Shoes"
"The Rising"
"American Dreams"
"Buried in the Water" I think....
But they were so legit and could you send a walkman or something to play CD's too with a speaker!?! I can't have headphones because it says so in the white handbook that we can't and we need speakers for our music! So if you could send something to play the CD's on that would rock cuase I've got Samuel's CD's too that I haven't been able to listen to! Thank You guys!! LOVE YA!!

Oh and MOM!! I forgot to tell you about DearElder last week!! Just look up and You can send me letters during the week that they print out once you write them and i get them same day!!!! So you can keep me up to date during the week with those!!!! Ask Audge if You have any questions cause she just found out about it!! 

Oh my and one more thing!!!! I was praying for you guys this week and my question during personal study for yeaterday, and my question was to please help me find some comfort words to send home(: So I flipped to Ether 12 and I read until I hit verses 26-28!!!!!! I won't tell you what they're on because I want you to read them yourselves, but its awesome!!! oh and go to the footnote for 27d!!!

I love you fam and I hope all is well even though it's a little smokey, make the most of it!!!!! Ou te alofa ia i oulua!!!

Elder Larson
New hair-doos!

With Dallin Tusieseina (met at In-and-Out Burger right before entering the MTC)
New Zone Leaders

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