Friday, August 7, 2015

8/7/15 - HELLO FAM!!!


Let everyone know I don't have enough time to reply cause I feel bad, they only give us an hr at the mtc, but it's 2 out in the field. Which reminds me!! I'll have a lot more email than expected in the field!!!! 

Haha you could say that the MTC is flying by, the first couple days felt like forever but everyone just said, make it to Sunday, make it to Sunday!!! Haah we did and honestly all the days are sticking together now!! Being out here is such a blessing for all of us!! I'm on such Spiritual HIGH its AMAZING!!!!!! 

Holy cow so this week has been crazy AWESOME!!! IT WAS AMAZING AND TEARS OF JOY IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!!!! So on Sunday, we listend to Sheri Dew for the devotional and Elder Bednar for the movie, called Character of Christ! If you can find it, WATCH it cause it's amazing!!! Sister Dew talked about how "Jesus has rules", best said by a 4 yr old who showed Christlike attributes in his preschool towards his classmates! She invited us to spiritually wrestle with God to come to know....
Jesus is the Christ
The Holy Ghost is real
Angels really do minister
and finally, The Togiola (Atonement)
Ask the Lord for masoli (strength) and help for angels to walk for angels to walk and help minister to tagata sailiili (investigators)!!! And then Elder Bednar talked about how when listening to a speaker, make Your own small plates, not your own large plates (a history of the people), but a recording of a revelation and inspiration!! Turn outward, away from yourself not inward and putteth off the natural man in love, service, and compassion!! THAT IS THE CHARACTER OF CHRIST!!!! Convert to the Lord!! it starts with YOU!!!! Are you deepening your testimony to become converted unto the Lord?? Alma 23:5-6!!! Phenomenal!!! Conversion is being consistently true to what we know!! ONLY SOURCE TO EVERLASTING JOY!!! All this possible thru the Atonement of Jesus Christ!!! Just amazing.

So we have to teach this one investigator named Silau and the entire lesson has to be in Samoan so it's super crazy scary, but so cool to watch the Spirit work, especially when Elder Bickmore and I can barely speak a lick of Samoan!! It's humbling to say the least but we're working hard and putting in work!! We've got to teach Priesthood this week and I'm getting piled with DL stuff, but it'll all be worth it in the end!!! 1 Nephi 3:7!!! 

I love ya all and miss you like crazy!!!! 

Elder Larson
Colby's favorite painting in the MTC

His 'Smolder' look

Elder Bickmore and Colby in front of the Provo Temple
Almost the entire group going to Samoa Apia on Sept 7, 2015

Part of MTC District

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